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Here on our blog, we want to offer to anyone interested in bespoke software and mobile app development tips and tricks which will help them to understand the mobile app creation process in general and to get some useful advice on how to implement the best solution for your business needs. Our collection of articles is targeted at business managers responsible for organising software development for their companies. We try to avoid a lot of technical details, the kind necessary for developers, and instead want to offer you a comprehensive look at every stage of the process. Here you can keep up to date with the latest trends, learn cost-saving and value-adding tricks, and just help you understand this rapidly evolving technology more effectively.

Our blog is organised into several categories:

We excel at developing business apps and corporate bespoke software, because it’s the main part of our business. And we are ready to share our expertise in this field. Our team continues to work on creating valuable articles for you, based on our own and our partners knowledge and experience. Delve deeper into the Magora business blog section and browse ideas about how to apply the benefits of mobile application development to your enterprise.

When it comes to software or app design, it’s so much more than a pretty colour palette and the right font. Investigate the ways top developers create a holistic user experience when they design an app or software that leaves users satisfied. You can read here about the latest trends in design and the best examples of creative work. Find out the KPI for your future software success.

Magora developers’ blog posts can offer you an understanding of some specific aspects of this type of work. Here we try to explain technical aspects in a simple and clear way to prepare you for discussion and make certain you are able to come to a mutual understanding with any programming team quicker. Web, Android and iOS app development, as well as about bespoke software solutions for desktops and tablets, are all found here. You can even pose questions about technical aspects and the pros and cons of different platforms and program languages, and we will answer in our following articles. Learn how to follow the latest trends in iPhone and Android development, and much more.

What’s developers do exactly, and what does “bespoke” mean? Here we explore a bit of the more nuanced questions you may have asked yourself as you explore the world of software and mobile development. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned coding expert, or simply someone interested in versing yourself with some of the technological topics of this realm, you’ll find interesting reading material here.

Follow Magora’s latest news to keep on top of what the company is up to. Each day brings news in projects, partnerships and beyond, so be sure and keeps tabs on what we’re up to. You’re bound to come across something that’ll peak your interest.
Whether you are looking to create app features to outdo your competitors, looking for a software or app developer that can speak the language of business as well as they can JavaScript, or just curious what all the fuss is about, the Magora blog is the place for you. Peruse our library of articles and become an expert in how technology can revolutionise your business!
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