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Here in the Development Blog Section, we have decided to close the gap between businesses and the developers they rely on to keep them competitive in the rapidly developing technologies of the 21st century. Keep yourself informed and you will be able to see the full measure of opportunities these waves of change can provide your business, as well as how you can ride them to the forefront of your industry.
How is the development process planned and implemented? What do development agencies actually do? How can you choose a better developer to complete your work professionally? You can find all of those questions answered in great detail here. Every project have certain commonalities and steps they must go through on the road to completion. Our staff tackle these in a straightforward style, so you don’t need a degree in Computer Engineering to understand what your developers have in store for you company.
These articles are often responses to the real queries we face in working with different companies, such as choosing a platform, determining the best operating system and judging the costs of a full development operation. We invite you to join this discussion and submit your own questions, comments and concerns around software and app development, and we can then answer them in later posts.
Enjoy reading, and we look forward to answering what matters most to you!
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Code red: Bespoke solutions for CleanTech - developing clean energy technology.
Alex G.
July 25, 2022
Why do you need a Product Owner
Alex G.
April 01, 2022
IoT solutions in our domain
Elizaveta G.
August 13, 2021
mobile application development life cycle for beginners
Application Development Life Cycle: A to Z
Julia Gavrilova
December 03, 2020
how to develop an Android app
How to Develop an Android App from Scratch
Pavel Pashkevich
September 17, 2019
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Code red: Bespoke solutions for CleanTech - developing clean energy technology. Why do you need a Product Owner IoT solutions in our domain Application Development Life Cycle: A to Z How to Develop an Android App from Scratch Artificial Intelligence Programming for Beginners What Developers Think of iOS 13 Scrum and ScrumBut: what’s the Difference? Agile Scrum is not a Methodology, but a Framework How to Write Great User Stories Ultimate Agile Guidelines How to Choose Appropriate Technology for Business Software Development Getting Acquainted with Magora’s Tech Stack: Angular in the Spotlight 4 Mistakes you Should Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development Nuts and Bolts of Waterfall Software Development 5 Reasons App Developers Fail their Clients Hot 5 Software Security Recommendations for 2019 Top Frameworks for Web Development in 2019 Software Requirement Specification - a Foundation for Building a Successful Application 10 Top Questions about Web Developers Monolithic vs. Microservices Architecture: How the Software Structure Can Influence the Efficiency 6 Features to be Implemented in the Document Management Software Your Business Needs Database Application Development to Organise Your Data Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Development Architecture Pop-ups to Increase Conversion of Your Website Planning an App for Wear OS Beginning App Development: Get Prepared for Your First Project Is it Easy to Transform an Android app into an iOS application? How to Choose a CMS for your Site App Gamification: 5 Points to Remember Manage Your Project like a Pro: ProductPlan vs. RealtimeBoard Roadmap Software Agile Roadmapping: Our Software Development Strategy to Deliver Top Quality Where to Find Mobile App Developers: Expert Advice from an Insider Social Media Integration: Should You Connect Your Site with Social Networks? How to Get Users Engaged: Best First-Hand Strategies 5 Building Blocks of a Successful Mobile App How to Create a User Journey Map Under the Hood of the App: Writing Backends in Ruby How to Get the Maximum Benefit from a Software Development Estimate Final Checks Before Release: Make Sure Your App Is Ready Discovery Phase for your Software Project: Setback or Necessity? What You Need to Know About Developing a Cross-Platform App Mobile App Development Companies: How our experts make it happen MongoDB: a Fast and Easy Way to Calculate Aggregated Values without Map-Reduce Access to Oracle Data from SharePoint 2010 Using Business Data Connectivity Model Mobile Software Development: Key Steps to Success jQuery EasyUI in Web: Tips to Make it Work in all Browsers Using Canon EDSDK in .NET Development Scrum Invites you to Take Part in Development Process Custom vs Ready-Made Software: The Advantages of Bespoke Development Handy CSS Tricks for Responsive Design Open Graph Meta Tags: Sharing Content Like a Pro Software-based Video Stabilisation on iOS Using OpenCV Framework Through the Thorns to High Load: Clustering on Amazon Web Services Top 25 Frameworks for Mobile App Development Using UI Tests to Improve Your App Tricks to Fix Google Play Service Bugs Styled QR Code Generator Development Getting Started with AngularJS: 3 Main Rules How to Develop a High-load System Based on Node.js, Cassandra and Redis Ensure Secure Data Transmission without a Secure Channel Getting Started with AngularJS: Working with Forms Tips and tricks for mobile apps and software We Entered the Deep Web, and This Was What We Saw Hybrid vs Mobile Web vs Native Applications: an Insider's Look How to Create an API-server on Yii PHP Framework Medical Apps and Software: a Technology-driven Approach to Healthcare Using JavaScript for Data Processing iOS Development: Apple Maps vs OpenStreetMaps How to Convert a Web Experience to a Mobile Application How to Build a Bubble Chart Using d3.js? Improve Your Efficiency: Checklists for Software Testing QA Testing: How We Do It iOS 11 & Android Oreo: What To Expect? Choosing the Right Developer WordPress or Custom CMS: Which Is Better for Your Website? Analysis in bespoke software development Android Communication: Use of COM Port for Data Transfer Mobile App Quality Assurance: The Role of QA in Project Success
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