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Our task was to build a live chat for customer support for use on multiple car dealer websites. The owner of a UK startup providing SaaS chat solutions came to Magora with a partially ready code that lay the groundwork for their ongoing chat development project they wished to continue with the help of Magora’s developers. Upon closer examination and after an interview with the client, it turned out that the code provided wouldn’t be able to cover the client’s requirements for the software’s broad remit. As a result, Magora’s experts set to work on developing the project from scratch.  

The client wished to provide a wide network of car dealers and companies with a customisable SaaS solution that would allow all visitors on their multiple websites to consult an expert on any question they may have and get the answer within seconds. The startup was looking to distribute the app as SaaS with the option of outsourcing chat operators from the same vendor.


Magora developers immediately started work on recoding the app, adding a brand set of new features along the way. We designed a flexible solution that can be customised to keep in line with the dealer’s branding and adjusted to fit each particular website and web page. The biggest challenge was creating architecture that connects the visitor with the operator, storing all the data and providing for fast and secure correspondence. We applied our extensive knowledge of advanced technologies and designed a complex system based on two backend databases and running on Amazon Web Services.


We optimised the system for heavy load, ensuring that it seamlessly adjusts to increases in traffic.

The lengthy list of technologies we utilised includes: 


Tools and Programming Languages 



NodeJS, socket.io

6 Git repositories

PHP (Laravel, Lumen)

8 EC2 instances

Nginx, Python

Postgres RDS

Postgres, MongoDB

Public API

Docker, Ansible 

Internal API, Zabbix

The key feature of the app is its robust and user-friendly interface that enables chat operators to

  • Quickly and easily connect to customers with multi-channel connection lines;
  • View the page that the visitor is browsing and redirect visitors to relevant pages;
  • Use ready-made templates to answer customers and chat with multiple customers;
  • Communicate with other operators and hand chats over to them;
  • Close chats, entering the client’s contact details, which are automatically sent to the account owner;
  • Automatically track all the website’s visitors and chats;
  • Report on all statistical visitor information: location, country, number of visits, etc.;
  • Generate reports that are personalised to the client’s needs.

Another major advantage that distinguishes our chat solution from hundreds of others available on the market is its robust analytics made possible by integration with Zabbix. It not only tracks standard metrics, but also creates advanced visualisations, consolidating information on the current number of connections and number of chats, leads and conversions organised by date, dealer and operator. This analytics module allows car dealers to better know their audience and understand how traffic converts to chats and leads.


The Visitor Chat app is already used by two nationwide car dealers in the UK with more than 250,000 car offers. Since the deployment of the system, operators have handled 13,000 chats. The 3000 registered dealer accounts handle 600,000 queries and 5 million messages every day, accounting for 4GB daily traffic and around 600 simultaneous WebSocket connections.


The client is looking forward to maintaining their partnership with Magora, expanding the service’s functionality with video and SMS chats, as well as developing mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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