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Our team includes highly expert programmers, testers and designers united by one goal – to make quality IT solutions

Attention to details

We ask our clients tons of questions about their needs, tasks and wishes to provide a solution that fully meets their requirements


We are very careful with the client’s information and do not share it with any third party

Fast development

We scrupulously observe deadlines and create solutions in the shortest possible time

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We research your competitors and discover existing solutions according to different criteria (convenience, functionality, design, compliance with user requirements and search requests). We create user stories, form the app’s logic and determine essential features. On the basis of this discovery, we compose a functional software requirement specification (SRS), estimate the cost and timing of the project.

About 2 months
  • Documentation (SRS and contract)
  • Design concept
  • Plan with stages of work and price
Prototyping and design

We thoroughly define how your app will operate and design all the interface elements so that they are user-friendly, accessible and convenient. We build a clickable mockup to show how users will interact with it. Our designers extend the prototype and create the visual design for each screen. Every detail of your future app, including icons, buttons, pop-ups and tips, is scrupulously tested for usability.

About 2 months
  • Design of all app’s screens made in colour
  • Interactive prototype with clickable buttons
  • Technical specification

Development and testing

Our programmers write applications in small sprints, while experienced project managers keep the client up to date at every stage of development. We undertake comprehensive multilayer testing. The application enters the market only if we are 100% sure of its performance and quality.

2-4 months
  • MVP
  • 4-9 months
  • Application with all features

For mobile apps
We consider all the store’s requirements for new developments on iOS or Android to make sure the application will successfully pass the moderation. After Apple or Google experts run performance tests, our developers introduce modifications (if needed), and the app is available for download for ordinary users.
For desktop apps
We deliver the app to the client for final tests and feedback.

about 1 week
  • Application in App Store or/and Google Play
  • Source code


We provide technical support for the product, based on the growing needs of the client. We can implement additional functionality and release updates according to the Feature Map.


professional advice and support

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Real Cases

Vessel Perfomance Solutions

Vessel Perfomance Solutions is a web app designed and upgraded for a large shipping analysis company, Denmark. It receives data from special sensors installed on a ship, analyses it and helps schedule cargo ship maintenance and control its condition. This automated monitoring system has been successfully deployed and is used by major Danish fleet operators.

Organic Response

Magora’s team helped the leader of the smart lighting industry Organic Response to design an integrated solution and implement multiple new features. The smart system consisting of two mobile applications and a web portal provides full remote control over the lighting system to offices. We worked directly with the Organic Response software department to design the UI for the web-based connectivity portal from scratch. The upgraded mobile apps are now available for download in stores.


Our company developed a cross-platform app for the multinational food corporation Danone. It helps the quality control department to monitor product quality and collect information on product placement in the retail environment. The app is designed in line with corporate branding and is rich in comprehensive reporting functionality.


StarBuffet is our custom app development project for a self-service catering restaurant chain, Australia. The main task was to reduce the mess caused by human factors, so we proposed to equip the employees, who were responsible for maintaining food availability, with a bespoke app. Our iOS solution backed up with a handy admin panel, helped to optimise internal processes and cut expenses.

Medical Treatment Coordination

Magora developed a mobile app for a tourism branch responsible for coordination of medical treatment abroad. It helps in search of health centers and medical experts in different countries and facilitates communication between a medical center, a client and an insurance company. The app has already passed the in-house testing by our client’s company staff and is about to be launched to the public.

From the horse's Mouth

Thanks to Magora we get a constantly updating management tool which is absolutely indispensable in our workflow today. The solution was well-thought and delivered just in time.

Magora is the right choice if you want to keep up to the highest standards. They help you build the business logic of the app and don’t just do what you are saying. I appreciate their approach and happy with the result of our work so far.

Magora helped us to make our software system more manageable, convenient, and easier to maintain. Many times they suggested better solutions than we had, and with their excellent communication skills, I always felt that we were on the same page.

We get excellent engineering expertise, endless enthusiasm and creative ideas from the Magora team. They really love what they do and put quality first. I appreciate their professionalism, attentive service, and reasonable pricing.

Magora helped us to revise our system, create an excellent design and make it more user friendly. We are very satisfied with the final product we get, and we would like to highlight the efficiency of communication, the flexibility in work and the high level of expertise of every member of the project team.

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