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We Have the Expertise to Meet Your Highest Expectations

Since its establishing at the very beginning of the smartphone revolution, Magora has been growing fast to become a leading app development company in London and across the UK. For more than 7 years we have been honing our skills, accumulating knowledge and pushing the boundaries of technologies to deliver innovative solutions for various industries. We strive to empower businesses with efficient software that perfectly meets the requirements, as well as keeps within the timeframes and the project’s budget.

We Provide Business with a Wide Range of Digital Services

  • Native iOS and Android development
  • HTML5 web-based applications
  • Third-party service integration
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies
  • Outstanding UI/UX design

Impressive Track Record That Makes Us Stand Out

We have developed software apps for many local small businesses, internationally recognised brands and ambitious startups. We are equally proud of working with large corporations and bringing creative ideas of newly-born startups to life. Moreover, we always aim at establishing long-term relationship with our clients, many of whom become our loyal business partners.

Native Mobile App Development

We prefer native application development to other technologies because it enables us to utilise the capabilities of different devices and operating systems to the most, meeting the high standards set by the manufacturers.

  • Native Application Development
    • Most secure
    • Slickest experience for users
    • Best performance
    • Offline mode
    • Access to phones hardware
  • Hybrid Application Differentiators
    • One code base with multiple platforms
    • Faster initial speed to market
    • Reduced development costs
    • Easy to create a web version

iOS App Design

At the very beginning of the iPhone era all iOS application were written in the Objective-C programming networks. Three years ago Apple introduced Swift, which was created as a simpler version of Objective-C with an aim to increase efficiency and improve security, recommending it as a primary language for the new iPhone and iPad apps. Nevertheless, programmers still can write iOS apps entirely in Objective-C, combine Objective-C and Swift, or write code in pure Swift. Magora’s developers are equally proficient in the both languages.

Android and Hybrid Apps

Speaking of Android application development, Java is the language number one for native Android programming. Moreover, to design a perfect user interface you need to follow Android design guidelines, which are called “MaterialDesign”. Another widespread mobile app development technology is hybrid apps, and to eliminate any ambiguity, let’s make it clear - HTML5 applications can also be published to App Store and Google Play, but they have the structure of a website, which only looks like a native app.

Hybrid Development Frameworks

The ionic is the most important framework used to create web-based applications. The framework is open source, so anyone can use it to create HTML5 cross-platform programs.

The ionic. This framework is the leading, open source framework for HTML5 hybrid applications. The developer builds the app’s architecture and programs the functionality with the help of ionic, and them compiles it all using the Cordova framework, which can turn your HTML-based program into an app for Android or iOS that you can submit to application marketplaces.

How to Develop a Cross-Platform App

By combining the capabilities of ionic and Cordova, your app can utilise the native hardware and software of the devices such as geopositioning, camera, accelerometer, compass, phone calls and others. This is exactly why HTML5 apps are called hybrid or cross-platform: combining various features, while using a single programming language, you can create an app that can run across many platforms.

Who Needs Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are not as stable and performative as native apps, but they can be a great solution for those who need a simple app with basic functionality that does not require a lot of smartphones resources to run. Moreover, sometimes it is almost impossible to tell a cross-platform app from a native one as they are getting more and more alike with the technologies constantly improving.

Integration of Third-Party Services, APIs and Databases

Magora has time-proven experts at programming and integrating legacy systems and databases into brand-new software solutions. Our engineers will work close with your digital team to ensure that your existing programs fit perfectly into your new bespoke software. It does not matter where you store your business data, Magora will help you manage it smartly and keep it secure.


API (application programming interface) is a set of HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests, functions and procedures and response messages typically written in XML (Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Magora has a solid background in working with various APIs both created by our own software development teams or third-party IT specialists. If you do not want to get confused because of many different APIs, it is always better to create comprehensive documents that specify all aspects of development.

Keep Your Data Safe

Our experienced programmers can either work out a brand-new API from scratch or modernise an existing one based on your wishes. Every API we create meets the highest standards set by the IT industry to ensure stability and security. Moreover, all APIs are stored on a server with a high level of security provided by SSL certificate, which guarantees you that nobody can access the data while it makes it way from the app to the backend thanks to a strong encryption. To add more, our APIs use multi-factor authentication, granting access only to authorized users.

Database-Driven Apps

As your business grows, you are likely to feel that your basic application that now only offers information on your company needs more functionality to engage to the customers, and therefore requires a backend database. With a backend database, your app’s users will be able to add and modify information any time they need it, because the database will serve as a bridge between the database where the information is stored and the backend. By the way, many database apps offer customers to browse the database to find necessary information.


  • How does the communication between the application and the database happen?
    • The app connects to the backend database through an API either powered by SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or JSON.
  • What types of database technologies does Magora focus on?
    • Over 9 years in the development industry, Magora experts have utilised a wide range of databases. Here are our favourite databases that we use most often in our work:
      • MongoDB
      • MS Access
      • MS SQL
      • SQLite

iBeacons and NFC Technologies

In the digital era we live in, people use their smartphones and tablets to increase productivity and automate routine tasks. At Magora, we strive to change the world to the better, empowering people with user-friendly technologies that would streamline many tasks and utilise the rich functionality of the modern mobile phones to the full. Over the years, we have designed apps that use the nearest Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to make fast and easy payments, access shop vouchers and take advantage of various deals.

What Are iBeacons?

iBeacon is one of the latest technologies created by Apple that enables mobile apps for iOS and Android to perform certain action when they are closed to a hardware transmitter called beacon. Then, the user receives a push notification sent by the backend with a useful information about related to the particular location. For example, a guy enters a bookshop and the iBeacon sends him a digest of this week’s bestsellers and offers a deal of the day for a set of books by foreign authors.

What Are the Advantages of iBeacons?

This technology offers many advantages to retailers, allowing them to track the location of consumers and directly provide them with relevant content about their products and services, as well as boosting sales through contextual ads. Another example is an application that uses iBeacons in a pub, so that the customer's friends can see who is there and offer them a free glass of beer while they’re waiting for them to arrive.

Let’s discuss any ideas you have and find out how we can contribute our broad expertise to your project

We believe that a great app combines outstanding designs and user-friendly functionality. Rich feature and intuitive interface are key to any mobile app’s success, that is why we pay such a great attention to polish every detail of the user interface and craft an unforgettable experience for your program’s users. First-class apps are more than the pretty looks - they should bring tangible value to their users. Our experts will be very happy to talk to you and offer you a free consultation without any obligations. Even if you finally decide that you won’t work with our software development team, discussing your project with us, you will be able to crystallise your ideas and better understand app requirements. Contact us if you want to chat with real IT professionals.

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