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For over 6 years, our team has been building mobile solutions. Starting from mobile Internet sites and up to augmented reality, mobile coupons, mCRM and location-based services. We employ our experience in order to deliver you only fully integrated solutions. In the development of apps, we have the expertise to utilize SMS and MMS, Bluetooth, QR Codes, GPRS and the newest technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication).

Working with us

We know the importance of collaborative development better than anyone else since we’ve come to this knowledge after many years in the mobile industry. To determine the best solution for your budget, we simply work alongside you. To ensure your app has t he best chance of success, we take care that you are involved in the development process every step of the way – that is how we are able to meet all your requirements and objectives.

The mobile operating systems into which our expertise and knowledge branches are as follows:

Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has transformed the smartphone market. It is a device that millions of people worldwide now rely on and that has changed the way people communicate with each other. Its screen allowing for particularly detailed graphics and high resolution makes iOS ideal for a wide variety of applications. When developing apps for the device, designers meet few limitations, just because the iPhone can support very advanced technology. Overall, as long as new ideas emerge the variety of apps available will undoubtedly continue to grow.

In the Big Battle of the Operating Systems, the exciting OS by Google is an indisputable leader and powers up to 69% of all smartphone market, including the app developers UK sector. Being generally favoured by app developers London, it runs most of the major smartphones in the world today – and this open Android ecosystem receives full support from Google. Do you want a chance to tap into this huge market? Choose this platform and get an application developed for your business.

Windows Phone 7, the newest smartphone OS, was released In October 2010. Admittedly, among familiar Microsoft software products, its potential could be huge with a user-friendly interface and convenient mobile versions. Further opportunities for the increase in the number of devices running this OS appeared due to the partnership with Nokia announced in 2011. As the mark of 50,000 was hit at the end of 2011, the number of apps within Windows Phone Marketplace strives to grow further.

The mobile strategy of companies worldwide now includes mobile web solutions as an obligatory integral part. The showcase of the true potential of this new and exciting cutting edge HTML5 technology combines years of industry experience – first and foremost, with the Magora Systems, this technology should deliver mobile web solutions. Most important of all, HTML5 includes a storage database allowing offline use and significantly improves user experience by incorporating various gestures such as zoom and swipe, as well as video and audio embedding. Amazingly enough, as all the latest browsers fully support the new features of HTML5, there is no need for plugins to get all these features.

The newest OS by the tech giant Microsoft was launched on 26th October 2012 – and Windows 8 is already touted to be one of the biggest shifts the world of technology together with app developers UK will probably need to engulf. An easier and a more free approach to using their PCs & laptops was given to users by the fresh UI. The already existing ecosystem, which contains Windows Phone, Skydrive, Office, XBOX, and Skype among many others represent part of Microsoft’s strategy to completely integrate desktops, laptops and tablets.

A consistent user experience, therefore, will be provided across all platforms. A controlled environment in Windows 8 is mainly useful for the distribution of apps, as compared to earlier versions of Windows, thereby giving a chance for app builders and app developers UK to monetize their product/services via the Windows Store more easily. On the Windows Store, application downloads have already crossed the several million mark.

Our expertise guarantees that Blackberry apps will satisfy the particular needs of business professionals – and Blackberry apps are designed with business in mind, indeed! Before your app is developed and released into the marketplace, Magora Systems with its best app developers London can offer appropriate advice on the ideal technology and the best design to use within it. The diversity of the Blackberry means it has been accepted rather favourably by a wide audience and the app developers UK, and has been chosen as the smartphone #1 amongst business users. As a matter of fact, around 37% of British teenagers owned a Blackberry according to an Ofcom survey conducted in 2011. Magora Systems will work with you to ensure it is of the highest standard and quality no matter whether your app is for business or entertainment.

User Interface Design

If it is not a great design, what’s the use of having great functionality in an application? Our consumers will enjoy the visual experience and the ease of navigating through with our innovative designs, ensuring that the user experience of your app is, simply, excellent. In order to ensure that the app meets the strictest guidelines and that your brand works in an application framework, we can also work with your brand team on the advanced level.

To make sure we always adhere to a brand’s guidelines and tone of voice, we have put our immense skill of managing an array of brands with different styles and content into use. Those are the years of experience in UI design that allow us to advise and work with established brands and adapt to any given guidelines to suit the mobile space, as well. We will make sure your application is sending the right message, from the brand inception and to the final destination of the application.

From the initial capture of their requirements for the project to a detailed wireframe of the solution, we take our clients through a full process of wireframing. Every click and swipe of the user’s journey through the application will be reflected in the basic blueprint of a project.

Our app developers London endeavour to make user interfaces that not only look elegant and clean but also are connected with the brand and purpose of the application – and it’s our design experience across all platforms from iOS and Android to RWD that allows us to do quality work. We work with our clients collaboratively - from concepts to high fidelity final designs – with an eye to creating beautiful yet functional designs.

In order to document every interaction the end user will have with the application, all our projects go through the process of wireframing. Documenting the user journeys and the architecture of a project starts with a basic site map of the application and finishes as a full blueprint of the entire project.

The parts of any application or website that cannot be left sloppy are the interface elements the user will be interacting with: nothing should be omitted, from the launcher icon to the logout button. Every element needs to be placed with the user’s experience in mind - and crafted by app developers UK to suit its purpose.

We design the most intuitive, elegant and engaging user interfaces for all platforms, following the most recent trends and newest methods. Something that will supply the end consumer with the most refined experience starts from working with the existing brand guidelines and customers’ preferences.
Mobile Marketing

Even the most viral apps need a little help to get started and that’s why the successful launching of any product is highly dependent on a well-thought-out marketing campaign. The right marketing strategy counts for everything, mostly because app stores are over-saturated marketplaces. Nobody wants forgotten apps laying at the bottom of the list – and we know what separates successful apps from the abandoned ones.

We have the expertise to deliver the full marketing
mix to ensure the success of your app, namely:
Mobile Advertising
Operator Relations
PR & Publicity
App Reviews
Specialist media
Marketing Analytics
Social Media Placement
To announce the launch of your application and arrange for it to be reviewed, we can conduct a full media outreach campaign. We can supply media with your demo video or we can write a compelling press release – all this to maximize the desire to buy and use your product. And the best app developers London are ready to distribute this to a minimum
of 100 tech and games magazines, specialist app, websites and blogs.

To receive comments from journalists and provide links to published articles with interesting quotes, we arrange three fortnightly reports for you.

Search marketing

To target both online and mobile consumers who are in search for relevant phrases and keywords, our app developers London will manage a Google Adwords campaign for you: all advertising will be tracked, analysed and optimized.


The three ways for your project to hit the ground running:

  • In-app: we deploy an in-app banner and video campaign;
  • Online banner ads: both recommendations on how to leverage editorial awareness and where to buy space are included in our specialist advice;
  • Social Media: we target users by their profiles on Facebook to raise awareness, we reach out to bloggers for reviews and creating online buzz and we reach out to key Tweeters to generate reviews and increase followers.
  • Search marketing: to target both online and mobile consumers who are in search for relevant phrases and keywords, our app developers London will manage a Google Adwords campaign for you: all advertising will be tracked, analysed and optimized.
App Store Optimization

The four ways to get your purchases optimized:

  • Search optimization: to improve the discovery of your app on both the App Store and traditional search engines such as Google, we help you write a compelling App Store description that is optimized for search.
  • Media quotes: we provide some positive media quotes that can be included in your App Store description and also arrange for a selection of publications from the most popular app developers UK to review your application pre-release from the moment the app is launched.
  • User reviews: during your app’s first week of release, we organize 25 early user reviews to be published in the US and UK App Store. What might otherwise be putting off for tentative browsers due to a lack of user feedback is encouraging here.
  • Microsite development: before channeling users onto the App Store, we can assist with communicating your app’s selling points in the environment that is controlled. To allow you to earn an extra 5% commission on sales (another opportunity to reinvest in additional marketing), we can utilize embedded App Store affiliate links to track conversion effectively.
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