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A bespoke solution could streamline back-office processes, technical support, automate tests and diagnostics, simplify troubleshooting, ensures high-quality testing and 24-hour monitoring for your software system and much more.

How Magora can help IT businesses

When your main IT resources are involved in revenue, and you are under pressure with time to begin and create the program yourself, our team is ready to cover your internal developments needs. To show our level of proficiency we are glad to provide you our code for your professional estimation.
Familiar with the high-level programming languages and machine code, our developers are working according to international standards. We can also easily implement local coding syntax, and add to the programming code any directives or remarks, which are in common use for your team.
With our wide experience, across a spectrum of industries, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company work or just serve as additional hands for your in-house team. We could implement any created code review, if you need to control a local team or outsource the task to someone else.

Key areas for Telecom industry to be covered with bespoke app creation

Of the most valuable requirements, which are needed to keep your competitive edge in the telecom industry, we’ve gathered the following list:
  • Operations support system, which ensures networks run smoothly like clockwork.
  • Security testing services and monitoring.
  • Maintenance and modernization of existing IT solutions for telecom business processes.
  • Fast and secure portals to help your team benefit from business workflow, project and task management, workforce, procurement etc.

Advantages of working with Magora for Telecom company:

We implement a full cycle of project development process including planning, conceptualization, development, support, and maintenance. Here are some of our services:
Business support systems (BSS)
Create your own highly efficient business model, which incorporates all your customer and service management needs. For example, implement new billing systems, with flexible and real-time charging solutions, and give your subscribers instant control over their plans and offerings. Aggregate data from multiple sources into a simple and secure database. Take control of your charging and revenue management, loyalty and churn, recharging solutions, and more.
Integration of hardware and software
We have successfully implemented the integration of hardware devices, like special sensors, detectors and IR dongles into the work by our bespoke software. Data mining and reporting of failures, signaling and automation of connection can be realized by our developers to streamline your working operations and increase the level of security for any Telecom system.
Our bespoke solutions allow for efficiently supervising multiple operations. Performance and fault management, data and predictive analysis, advanced reporting, which helps you to predict churn, to identify areas of improvements, and keep check on your network resources inventory. Manage your troubleshooting, and policy control for broadband services.

Portfolio of our cases:

Here we’ve collected some of our cases, where modern technologies and automation has changed the daily routine of our partners.
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Mind Manager
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