Bespoke App Enterprise Solutions from Magora Developer Team

Bespoke Enterprise development

Our team works with corporate partners to help you increase revenue streams and improve your competitive edge through the use of bespoke products and technology.

Corporate Mobile and Web App Development and Support

Magora automates business processes and unites teams with our purpose-built apps that perform on both web browsers and mobile devices for enterprises worldwide.

With years of experience developing bespoke software, Magora has delivered many projects designed to increase business efficiency with IT products. The assistance we offer takes many forms: the streamlining of inventory management, service automation, digital reporting and analysis tools, and enhanced customer experience analysis.
Communication and Interaction
Whether for social or professional purposes, our applications foster digital dialogue anywhere and anytime, promoting greater collaboration.
Conducting business online and reaching a larger audience has never been easier.
Database Management
Accessing and organising data is made simple with the intuitive and easy-to-use designs of the Magora development team, allowing you to analyse and grow your business to reach your goals.


Magora works to keep you focused on what matters most: your business. Our developers excel in providing rapid, high-quality technology that improves your business performance by bolstering already existing work flows. Digital solutions help businesses stay at the top of their industry and see a better return on their investment.

Cost Reduction

Technology promotes efficiency with the integration of cutting-edge tools that:

  • Improve the overall management of data, customers and staff;
  • Automate routine processes to save time and resources;
  • Provide real-time analysis and oversight to help you maintain consistent cost control.

Competitive Advantages

Bespoke software propels you ahead of the competition by:

  • Offering remote access to vital information whether you're on site or on the move;
  • Organising schedules and workflow with custom-made tools;
  • Connecting staff and clients with built-in messaging services that can deliver reminders, announcements, or essential support for desired recipients;
  • Managing sales and strategy planning;
  • Automating essential tasks;
  • Analysing expenditures, initiatives, customer interactions and other crucial data in real-time;
  • Strengthening management oversight with performance metrics ready wherever you are.

Magora unifies diverse departments of large companies by consolidating existing resources and removing obstacles to your optimal work flow. We take complex technology and make it accessible to employees so that they can perform their duties using the best practices. Whether you are looking to integrate or update existing software or create a new interface entirely, Magora is fully equipped to take charge of your business's application project and deliver it on-time and on-budget.
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