Apps for Catering & Tourism

We understand that running a catering business demands a lot of responsibilities, and sitting in front of a computer to handle everything doesn't really help. Based on the collaboration of your business knowledge, and our experienced team, Magora developers can design a bespoke software solution for your restaurant, cafe, bistro or any food point. Applications can improve and streamline the essential processes for both businesses and customers.

Bespoke Catering app

Key areas for catering to be covered with bespoke app creation

  • Provide direct booking and add convenience to your staff and clients
  • Invite your customers for special events and make your place more popular
  • Provide advanced booking with clear pictures of any catering facilities
  • Increase client’s loyalty via special bonus codes and speed up your ROI
  • Advertise new menus and thematic events and get more new orders
  • Organize online deliveries via an app, while keeping your venue free for other visitors and maximise profit
  • Get auto reporting and save your time on profit and loss analysis
  • Have a business transparency and calculation for each and every working day operation

Bespoke applications from Magora are made specifically to solve all your challenges, tailored to your requirements; streamline operations, free up time, cut costs, boost revenue, and bring a whole new level of innovation into your business.

Some of the top functions we’ve implemented:
  • Menu Creation
  • In-App Ordering with Paypal Payment Gateway
  • Loyalty Card feature for repeat customers
  • Coupon feature to offer discounts
  • Reservation using the Appointment Feature
  • Event Calendar showcasing Special evenings with Google Calendar
  • Promote Offers & Events via Push Notifications.

Whether your order systems are struggling to cope with the increased volume, or your need to improve client interaction, we are here to help you with our years of cross-industry experience and IT expertise.

Advantages of creating an app for Catering with Magora:

We can create an app that will cover all your client needs; an effective and easy to use online ordering system, which allows users to manage and search meal choices and for business owners to maintain a log of historical money flow data. Implement an attendance control system that gives managers a real-time view of how many staff are clocked in and where they are.

We can help you improve client interaction; keep them informed in real time, allow them to receive orders via a touch of a button, provide them with personal service, and engage them with deals, offers, and services.

How you can benefit from creating a tourism app with Magora

  • Provide valuable information in different ways, add filters, searches, maps, navigation and structured places of interest for all your target groups
  • Provide more facilities for your customers by working with your app in online/offline mode;
  • Include location recognition and custom maps to provide quick directions for places of interest
  • Structure the places by categories and by customer's wishes;
  • Realise expansive ad campaign facilities from promo codes, QR-codes and special actions for old and new subscribers;

What we can do to streamline your tourism business operations

Take full control over your business, identify bottlenecks in your operations, and streamline processes of tourism routine operations. Reduce paperwork, and save time, and use better reporting capabilities to help improve efficiency and planning. Do away with the clipboard, and start distributing and sharing reservations and event sheets on your mobile.

Why Magora?

Over the years, we have developed a lean approach to app development, which enables us to deliver quality software within strict timeframes and budgets. With such a wide experience, across a spectrum of industries, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company work, by implementing modern technologies and automation into the daily routine of your company.

Portfolio of Magora software development cases

Here we’ve collected some of our cases, where our clients, with the use of our bespoke tourism and catering apps, have gone ahead of their competitors.
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