Hereby, we channel our expertise and genuine passion for an innovated technology into every product we create. Over the past six years, Magora has launched hundreds of custom applications and studied all theoretical and practical aspects of application development, design, promotion and delivery. We have provided innovated application development services to both the private and public sectors, including even several government departments. Therefore, we have a splendidly organised team of trained specialists, who work in harmonious synergy with each other, endeavouring to build first-class software applications. We use both time-tested design strategies that have already demonstrated their great usefulness, and latter-day development approaches.

Of course, we understand perfectly that our clients wish to receive exceptionally the superlative products, loaded with useful functions and handy features, free of bugs or glitches.

When investing resources in modern digital products, our clients need a multi-purpose highly effective approach, which can completely satisfy all their demands. Various software development companies UK solve this problem in their own ways, by involving independent experts in the design of the apps or creating parallel design projects. However, these approaches cannot be considered highly effective. In the lion’s share of these cases, their clients receive mediocre suitable-for-all applications, which cannot boast of a high efficiency or a sufficient number of specialised functions. Therefore, we have invented and tested another strategy equally beneficial both for our clients and for us, which allows us to prevent mistakes in the creation and design from the very start and offer our clients the precise embodiment of all their concepts. From the initial discovery stage to releasing the application and post-launch evaluation, we always allow our clients to monitor and estimate all phases of the started project. In fact, that is why we prefer, not to say our ‘customers’, but rather our mobile partners.

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Our consultants acquaint our clients with all the stages of the design process and determine all specific nuances of the role of modern software applications for their needs. Our clients obtain an opportunity to monitor and discuss all phases of the app’s development and even ask about additional changes in the initial plan or extra corrections if they consider that these things are necessary for the superlative quality and effectiveness of the finished app. By adhering to this strategy, we receive a chance to focus on the design stage and create working prototypes for the testing phases.
Taking into account all these facts, it is quite logical to assume that cooperation with such a trustworthy team of developers, as Magora, is the best option for those who wish to receive excellent results, without sacrificing the quality or time. We believe that the only one essential key to the notable success in the market is the trustworthy connection between our clients and us. Hence, we are genuinely interested in your cooperation. Choose us among other software development companies UK and get the best apps, which will inevitably exalt you at the summit of success.

Once we have successfully launched the mobile app, we then continue our cooperation with the client, evaluating and advising on how to achieve continued growth and financial success.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Advantages of our unique time-tested planning strategy

To allow you understand much more about what operations we actually do and how exactly we do it, we propose you examine in details our standard development process. Usually, we divide our projects into several interim phases, which permit us to monitor and change all initial goals and specific nuances of the development and design of your application if the need arises. First and foremost, we start each project with a discussion, initial planning and a system design.


After we receive your orders, we mobilise our project team. Our trained specialists begin a discussion with our client, trying to understand all significant goals and specific nuances of the client’s demands. Unlike ordinary development companies, here at Magora we never start with a demonstration of our capabilities, trying to impress the customer with an amount of already finished projects. On the contrary, during this phase, our primal goal is to listen to your requests, create a complete picture of future work and take into account all your expectations and visions. Next, we formulate the most crucial points of the Discovery Plan. The team of experts who perform all these operations includes Lead Developer, Finance Manager, Lead Designer, Project Director and, obviously, representatives of our clients. Our experts develop different proposals for the optimisation of the project, identify tangible areas where we can add value, find the developers who will be able to better the project and determine the composition of the research team.


Next, our specialists perform another crucial step in the development of your doubtlessly classy app, by determining the costs and resources necessary for this project. Surely, this stage must be finished before confirming the general budget of the project, general financial plan and team requirements. In addition, we also analyse the all stages of this phase and compare the received results with the initial Plan to guarantee that all significant papers, such as the Project Brief, User Stories, Plan and Scope of Work are ready to be signed off. As a result, we gain confidence that all nuances are absolutely clear for our clients, supplying them with a 100% reliable guarantee about the terms of the development. Once our clients accept this contract, we move on to the new phase of development. Of course, we can also provide supplementary expertise or additional checks to assure our clients that the technical documentation, as well as the financial documentation includes all the necessary items. The team that organises this stage includes the same specialist as the previous one: Lead Developers and Designers, Project Manager and Project Director along with the Client Services representative.


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System Design

This stage is led by the Project Manager who establishes a deep analysis of the initial project plan and studies all integration requirements surrounding the mobile partner or the third party platforms. Additionally, during this stage, our experts prepare key milestone documentation.

The most essential part of this phase of work is the preparation of models, representative materials and technical documentation. Thereby, we specify all features of the software application and create wireframes in order to determine the information hierarchy of the design, and finally, the UX to show user journeys. We also develop User Flows, which determine user stories to provide detail to developers. After we get the UX, we work on the UI that involves creating a complete set of designs. Finally, we confirm all the Technical Docs, Wireframes, UX, UI & Prototype, and Test Strategy. We also review the Start and End dates to make sure that our developers are able to deliver the application on time.

Naturally, by performing all these phases of the development process, we create a complete plan of work and coordinate with our clients all features of the final product. We attempt to differ from all other software development companies UK by creating exceptionally the best products that completely satisfy our clients and this planning strategy allows us to maintain the level of quality of all our products at the highest level, eschewing all possible mistakes and misunderstandings with our customers.

Final Stages of the Development Process

After our developers receive all the documentation created during the previous phases of the development process, it is time to start the most labour-consuming phases of work. The creation of a modern app includes three main stages:

During this stage, our coders create the ‘body’ of the project. Our developers use neoteric collaborative tools to deliver all of the chapters. Of course, all results obtained during this phase will be verified and checked by specially trained experts. Once the application is ready for viewing on the chosen devices, we check the compatibility of the app according to the Plan in order to confirm its readiness for the Deploy.

During this phase, our experts provide various QA tests in order to eliminate all errors, glitches and further bugs. We test all elements and extra components, and create full reports about all stages of the conducted expertise. If we find some things that must be fixed, we perform all the necessary corrections and repeat all the tests, trying to eliminate even the slightest possibility of any mistake, which may occur during the further exploitation of the software application. Needless to say that all operations and tests are conducted by the perfectly trained professional experts who have a notable experience in the development of various apps.

Once all the necessary tests and corrections are finished, we allow our clients to consider adding supplementary features. If our clients are satisfied with the obtained results and the quality of the almost finished custom software application, we begin several tests that permit us to analyse the reactions of ordinary users. According to the results obtained during this tests, we make all necessary changes and launch the finished app.

However, our work does not end at this point. Of course, various software development companies, which are not interested in the prosperity and success of their clients, discontinue the cooperation with their clients, after the release of the product. In contradistinction to these software development companies, we continue our cooperation with the client even after the application has been launched, evaluating the product, user experience and feedback, seeking the new ways to increase its efficiency, identifying all potentially beneficial corrections or possible improvements. In addition, we always support our clients with different advice about the management and exploitation of the finished software application. By maintaining the ongoing support of our launched products, we receive a priceless professional experience and guarantee our customers the quality of all applications created by Magora.

Therefore, if you wish to get the first-class applications, then contact the experts from Magora and place your order.We will create perfectly designed and amazingly useful applications especially for your needs, and offer you beneficial support with all your apps.

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