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Modern Business Environment Requires a Robust Online Presence

Mobile app developers from Magora have:
  • A wealth of online experience and technical skills;
  • An opportunity to create interactive and usable digital products that combine native and desktop solutions;
  • Advanced mobile app development practices to provide you with first-class software;
We meet the most demanding goals with a professional approach, thoughtful design and responsive engineering.

Web Impact on Business

Online technologies have taken root in every aspect of our lives, and they have a significant impact on how businesses and consumers interact.

The presence of a website allows retailers, who are entering the online market, to take care of existing physical businesses. Whether it is a start-up entrepreneur or a well-known brand, it provides companies with the same capabilities.
Companies, which are used to operating in a traditional way, must accept these changes before they can effectively conduct their business on an online platforms to benefit from new opportunities, or face serious challenges and fierce competition.
To meet the needs of viewers, who quickly adopt web technologies and their advantages, the company must re-enter the next phase. In the digital era, entrepreneurs are encouraged to innovate and compete in today's online race.

The types and number of options and features have increased drastically. Whether it is a service provider or a messenger, users have the opportunity to reach all the companies owning the site and compare with others the quality of their information. This availability and affordability have led to increased online competition.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Hire Mobile App Developers to Change Your Company Performance

As a trusted technology partner, our mobile app developers have helped a lot of businesses to go online and simplify their internal workflow, sales and management processes by seamlessly integrating complex IT solutions.

We are always ready to help you use web-based apps. Qualified developers will listen to your business needs and offer flexible digital products to help you get off the desktop for greater accessibility of organisational resources. With an intuitive and easy-to-use online solution, you get more customers and better service. Let qualified developers help you innovate your business.

Online Mobile App Developers, Oriented to Result

Integrating data-based intelligent systems based on business needs can significantly improve decision-making practices. Learn more about real-time data and metrics, possible expectations, and other factors that affect your current actions. If you meet the communication challenge, developers will create a social networking platform for synchronization. Or we can give a set of advanced management tools to accelerate and automate internal operations and processes. It can also be an online system that improves customer relationships and offers better data management. All these and many other options are available to your business with a team of trusted mobile developers. Working with many industries, we can help you measure key performance indicators and increase your return on investment and productivity.

Promotional Websites

Supply essential information about your company, products and services to the public online. Thus, you can increase credibility and ensure that your potential customers can find you at any time from their mobile devices. Whether it is a small business or a large company, any organisation should have a website. An elegant and intuitive site gives you a lot of opportunities to promote the brand online and increase brand recognition. A microsite will also be a convenient tool to introduce new products and services, offer promotions and sales. With an impressive mobile web site, you can improve your marketing efforts and supply necessary information to potential customers on the go.

Advanced and comprehensive app can help companies collect large amounts of data on a global scale. They will connect the user directly to the data source, to ensure real-time access to data sources, and provide the ability to manage required information. Our developers have expertise in data-based tools to design and develop better data collection, storage, and security management platform.

Our main goals are:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Scalability

We customize the digital products according to your specific IT needs, your functionality and third-party software needed to be integrated. Processing and visualizing data you need through a mobile program, you can create more opportunities for analysts to build your future.

Mobile apps are not only your company’s online representatives, but also online points of sales which provide your customers with relevant information about your products and services. Companies create such a portal to facilitate communication between stakeholders. Working with back-end developers, you will be able to promote the transaction, while getting an in-depth understanding of successful promotions and marketing campaigns. Our team can provide a powerful dashboard, and access to Google Analytics (analytics) functions, so you can collect information about user behavior on your site. We will help you customise the mobile e-commerce platform to meet the business objectives required, and integrate visual brand identity.

We have several examples of cooperation with other programmers. So we know how to bring to life SaaS projects.

We help the client’s internal developers at all stages:

from the project planning and UI design strategy to development and further deployment. We can design a user-friendly and responsive mobile user interface, build scalable architecture, and integrate the functionality needed to create a comprehensive management panel. Or, if you prefer, we can do all these operations, and send the code to your internal maintenance developers. We follow quality standards and best practices, give clear code, and ensure that the SaaS solution is fully customisable.

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Let's build a progressive web app

Magora, progressive web application developers, provide software solutions, combining the best of mobile sites and apps, and which, together, benefit digital products. This solution requires no installation and can be easily accessed through a browser and the Internet. They remember the user, and gradually customise their needs, their store-specific information, and display personalised data.

The considerable advantages of progressive apps are:

  • Fast loading;
  • Push notifications;
  • Full screen experience;

An icon on the home screen, so users don’t have to search an online app every time they need it.

apps designers magora

How do you benefit from a progressive web application?

Progressive apps run on all browsers, so their functionality can be accessed by any user. In addition, they can adapt to any screen. So if you, or your staff, are working on a desktop computer or using a tablet or a mobile phone, the progressive application will be adjusted to any size and screen resolution, thanks to the responsive layout.
Although mobile web applications can be connected to the Internet, incremental mobile solutions can also work offline or use partial files stored in disk. It is also safe to work with HTTPS. It ensures that the latest data is always available. And they can also be shared through URLs and accessed without complicated installation procedures.
Progressive mobile app developers ensure a native-like feel, with the help of a shell model that separates the functionality and content of the program. In addition, progressive apps have the ability to reconnect with push notification and to place icons on the home screen.



Tech Stack

Web developers primarily build software solutions of two components: front- and backend. Both parties require completely different mobile technologies and knowledge of various tools and programming languages.

Front-end development
Frontend is about client-sided scripts, which aims to create code that is executed online by the browser. The results can be seen by all site visitors. Our team of web and mobile app developers has a high level of front-end coding in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Microsoft Silverlight, ActionScript, jQuery and various Java Framework libraries.
Back-end programming
The back-end development is also known as server-side encoding. The main difference is that it is interpreted by the web server, not by the browser. The general public can not see or access it. Among our developers, there are highly qualified PHP programmers who are also familiar with MySQL databases that combine these technologies. We also demonstrate the ability to work with other high-level programming languages ​​such as Perl, Python, and Ruby, as well as being proficient with Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, and other frameworks.

The Best Mobile App Developer

We create responsive and adaptive mobile sites and apps that provide our customers with intuitive user experience and a high level of engagement.

We strive to increase scalability so that small businesses and large organisations can handle the large amounts of data without downtime. Just contact Magora mobile app developers, and we'll help you go online and sidestep the competitors.

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