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App Development for Transport & Logistics

As an industry-leading, worldwide application development agency, we have a comprehensive technological expertise that spans across a number of industries. Applying our knowledge from a range of projects, we develop bespoke software and mobile apps for our partners in warehousing, logistics management, container shipping, transport and courier delivery markets.

The key benefits

How we help logistics companies get ahead using our solutions:
  • Creating operational excellence in the delivery and intake of shipments;
  • Improving field productivity using localized communication;
  • Fostering better customer relationships;
  • Saving time en route to a destination;
  • Optimising warehouse space, vehicle resources and routes;
  • Using paperless documentation to streamline management and bookkeeping.

For almost a decade, Magora has leveraged a modern approach and an innovative use of technology to deliver bespoke application solutions to the leaders of the logistical industry. Our portfolio is bolstered by the successful delivery of complicated and time-dependant projects, a few of which you can see for yourself below.

What That Means For You:

Mobility & Innovations
The creation of bespoke software provides your staff access to corporate resources and databases 24 hours a day, removing borders and time zones and allowing you to make critical operational decisions supported by real data in the palm of your hand.
Cost efficiency
Before bringing any idea to life, we think about efficiency. That means automation, transparent reporting, scheduled reminders and the integration of existing or newly developed software to streamline your operations and simplify your bottom line.
Our Competitive Advantages
Better Customer Engagement means direct contact with all of your clients, integrated into one system providing quick access to a client's history and even live data about the status of a particular delivery, both of which improve customer satisfaction and build long-term customer loyalty.
High-Quality Service with Cost-Saving Technology optimises routine operations, transport, delivery coordination and warehouse usage, while simultaneously managing client information and engagement data. We offer solutions which hone your business's competitive edge.

On Time and On Budget

We support our clients with innovative and bespoke applications that advance their businesses to the next step on their journey forward. Give us a call or write us a message so we can provide a personalised portfolio of some of our past work that matches your business goals and will help structure and develop your idea.
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