App Development for Transport & Logistics

As a leading app development agency, working worldwide, we’ve gained comprehensive technological expertise and cross-industry knowledge. Accumulating ideas from different project cases, we’ve implemented them in bespoke software and mobile app solutions for our partners in the warehouse and logistics management, container shipping, transport and courier delivery spheres.

The key benefits

What can help transport & logistics company to get ahead of competitors
  • Operational excellence in the delivery and intake of shipments
  • Improved field productivity
  • Better customer relations services
  • Saving time in transportation
  • Optimisation of warehouse space and vehicle resources and routes
  • Overall management and reporting improvements (paperless documentation)

Since 2010, Magora has implemented a modern approach and innovative technologies to tailored app solutions for transport and logistics industry leaders on their most complex and time-sensitive projects.

How Customers Benefit from Our Expertise

Mobility & Innovations
The creation of a bespoke app can provide your staff access to corporate resources and databases 24 hours a day, removing borders and time zones, and allowing you to implement new solutions quickly based on actual data so that you can measure the costs and benefits of each decision.
Cost efficiency
Before bringing any idea to life, we think about how to streamline your daily procedures, which can be done via automation of work and transparent reporting, scheduled reminders, and integration of existing and newly developed software. All these lead to a decrease in operational costs and an increase in your ROI.
Competitive Advantages
Better Customer Engagement: direct contacts with all clients, integrated into one system with quick access to interactional history and actual data about the status of each delivery, all improving customer satisfaction and increasing long-term customer loyalty.
High-Quality Service with Cost-Saving Technology: optimisation of routine operations, transport schemes, delivery coordination and warehouse space usage, as well as client’s information and engagement, will all enhance your overall competitive superiority.

Cost Efficiency

We are here to support your company with innovative bespoke applications that will lead your business to a new stage of success. Give us a call or leave a message here, and we will provide a personalised past projects portfolio that matches your business goals and will help you to structure and develop your idea.
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