In order to advance in the way both personnel and customers meet new information, we offer our hand for businesses, knowing we can turn on the true power of mobile platforms.

Our immaculate strategy to verbalise clear objectives and provide results is the best example of how we make an exclusive use of our insights at Magora. Supporting in-house delivery of your firm, we know how to assist you with both transnational and domestic mobile strategies.

What does triumph looks like and what exactly are the metrics of the iPhone app development UK that you are being ranked with? During the entire stage of plan creation, we will agree on the decisions that are most likely to supply what you need from the iPhone development.

This is always about increasing the speed and swiftness of prospects, flowing throughout the sales funnel: we are looking at request generation while minimising missing opportunities and drop-outs, maximising engagement and constructing sales readiness sustained by London-based venture management.

The Key Components of Success



When all the major shareholders can be engaged, this always gets together best of all with a cup of coffee in hand.

Often this may include sales, account managers, the board and technical support team, thus, extending outside the advertising department.

If you are eager to find out if this can radically boost the advancement and the outcomes, we can set out a short workshop to provide guarantees that everyone is totally focused on the process and goals.

The listening phase always works provided you haven’t run out of coffee and smart heads around you.

We believe that a chief aspect of any iPhone development project is concluding the loop between delivery and consultancy and we welcome you to assess us on this.

We are delivering results and we are always on the right track; to ensure this, we will report repeatedly against the key metrics of your firm in this way, helping facilitate your success. We can supply any digital creation you may need, thanks to our tremendously talented team.

To guarantee your project has determined success, we literally do everything.





We are ready to implement all the stages: from mockaps, program architecture, coding and testing to exploration of data sources, development of creative input, mobile and online marketing support.

Starting from the emblem and finishing with individual menu buttons, our expertise ensures you will know how to see your brand through your software.

Employing every bit of our wide-ranging experience in UX design, we will analyse and hone the usability flow in the software.
Programming for the Apple smartphones Design for the iOS mobile devices

iPhone App Development UK: Responsive Design

Surely, RWB is now turning into mainstream, especially with the growing number of portable devices, browsers and platforms that sites need to work on. Irrespective of the device used, a responsive website permits users to have an optimal observing experience.

The user interface gets adapted automatically to any type of screen it is being observed on, no matter whether it is a PC, palm device or a smartphone. Instead of watching a scaled down form of a website, this design gives the consumer a chance to see all the information offered.

How Exactly Can We Increase Your Reach
to Mobile Device and Tablet Audiences?

The driving force here is, first and foremost, the propagation of web applications portable mobile devices.

Today, one site can be applied across various devices, whereas traditionally, browsers would be redirected to a website that is device specific.

What shows us that RWD has never been more significant is that tablet sales may go above 100 million this year.

Giving a pronounced commercial need to adapt and accommodate mobile screens in a more or less unified design for iPhone and iPad.

Many sites are already undergoing up to 40% traffic increase from portable mobile devices.

Improve Your Visibility

You can be managing one particular website using a single group of links – that is what Responsive Design truly means. With a SEO strategy associated and united across devices, this allows a businessman to put an emphasis on link outreach.

Simultaneously, your ranking page positioning on a search engine is being improved by worthy content, which is frequently released. The probability of a higher ranking for you increases due to fewer resources being misused in low-level replication of content across websites. Additionally, in localised results of searches for iPhone app development UK, Google considers responsive and mobile-optimised sites as more valuable.



Enhance Consumer’s Offline Experience for Browsing

Websites can be easily gained access to (on-the-go technology) due to the offline browsing features of HTML5. Even in the lack of an internet connection, web applications that contain hybrid HTML5 will be consumed increasingly on the move.

To be kept abreast of the trend, you should be devoted to Responsive Design. Development and upkeep costs, better conversion rates as well as visibility in various search engines must be addressed by iPhone app development UK on a par with other important implications, for the burgeoning of the demand for media-oriented mobile internet and software.

Tablet and smartphone sales literally are growing with the dynamics of an explosion. Content intake on portable mobile devices will only carry on increasing and responsive design is crucial.

Magora’s talented developers and designers have operated on a great lot of design projects with the responsive web. We will make certain it’s done the right way – no matter whether you want your currently running website to be available on every possible device or are considering the development of an amazingly new responsive webpage.

A solution that seems tailored for all the aspects of the enterprise mobility lifespan from end to end is something enterprises experience a severe need for. Enterprise mobility is meant to fundamentally transform the IT landscape and at Magora, we fully understand that.

In today’s elastic working environment, from tablets to smartphones, to equipment that does not appertain to the belongings of the enterprise, more and more workers choose to use a great variety of different devices.

To ensure data safety and protect connectivity from anywhere, our Enterprise Mobility and iPhone app development UK solutions go together with leading management controls and security. MDM solutions that facilitate the accomplishment of enterprise mobility steadily and effectively are also included in order to secure contacts to corporate data.

Business specialists stay connected to company contacts, e-mail, timetables, and assignments from anywhere they are – and our solutions completely ensure that. Business users can develop and finalise productions together with ease as well as seamlessly join forces from remote locations. Using the fully equipped with smooth usability tablet to collect and reap the paybacks of collaboration, participants can participate in highlighting and discussing the points through the process.

Business experts can start the discussions of business issues and resolve them from virtually anywhere, thanks to our portable and mobile solutions.

According to the principles of iPhone app development UK, users can be involved in effective collaborations with real-time and dynamic decisions due to the opportunity to make business documents shareable during conferences and accessible for the participants.

Now business users can combine efforts for better outcomes in real-time with the help of this combination of a potent mobile device and partnership tool.

While permitting quick and plain simple access to dashboards on the portable mobile device together with business reports, records from across the entire enterprise can be organised and analysed with the help of additional integration.

Out Achievements

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iPhone App Development UK: Industries

Magora - the expert in Finance app design

Potentially, advisory services along with applications supporting client interaction will turn out one of the utmost industry-disruptive for iPhone app development UK.By supplying multimedia content, actual and fresh information, and the most recent ways of communication, such mobile solutions are increasingly valuable for both advisor and client.

Two unalike categories of consumer, the advisor of the capital management or other management assistance, company and their clients represent the most valuable targets, which needs have to be bridged by mobile business solutions. Consequently, here we face a completely altered order and level of complexity of the information that is required by most consumer apps and that must be handled.

Magora - the leader in enterprise app development

Your industry of choice is a vast growth area for using mobile technology within. How best to use mobile solutions within their business is something every global enterprise is currently evaluating. To examine, design, improve and deploy an answer that best fits their questions and needs; Magora is presently cooperating with many various enterprises.

We are working in the most difficult areas: from mobilising your sales force and customer services to corporate communication and productive cloud computing, with no exception. Please drop a line to us, if you want to increase sales, enhance communication, improve productivity, or any other flexibility solution.

Magora team creates education mobile phone projects

From software for colleges, teachers and parents interested in the iPhone app development UK, to teaching apps and mobile learning, the platforms have a lot to propose to the world of schooling.

And, apparently, learning should no longer be bound by the classroom. That is sure a way to make learning fun: smartphones and tablets are useful for measuring progress and have the full potential to encourage significantly more interactivity. To be at the forefront of this revolution, Magora is operating within several educational institutions and academies alongside high schools.

We are ready to support your game programming projects for iPhone

The mobile games business is, undoubtedly, booming. We have the principal and most varied audience to aim at due to the great number of mobile devices connected with iPhone app development UK and being used everywhere around the globe.

Our dedicated and passionate team of games designers and developers will cooperate with you, whether you have developed a conception of a splendid gripping first-person shooter or a children-friendly immersive puzzle game – we are those who can bring your gaming visions to life.

Get in touch with our professional IT agency to get a profitable mobile solution for your business.

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