Financial Software and App Development

Financial app development: we specialise in taking concepts and bringing them to the market so that you can reach the widest audience with the highest-quality application available. At Magora we seek to acts as guides at every step of the process, assisting you to take your idea and convert it into a lucrative reality.

A bespoke financial app is perfect for:

  • Easy Data Analysis. Visualisation of big data: sampling, clusters and grouping will help financial analysts to review trends, dips and extremes
  • Automation of Reporting. Reports concerning cross-currency calculations of differences in exchange rates, multi-currency profits and losses and nuances of financial legislation for different countries can be easily integrated in any app. Routine reporting on a weekly, monthly and annual basis can be easily and quickly completed with the help of automated app calculation.
  • Improved Customer Services. Integration with an existing CRM or creation of a new client-oriented solution for your company will help your finance company to increase client loyalty. Managers can monitor employee timesheet, update responsibilities, schedule current and next-day financial activities, etc.
  • Better Decision Making. Real-time flow of information helps financial experts and business owners make better management decisions, having all necessary information on hand.

Stay Competitive with Magora

We have gained a strong position in financial development thanks to:

  • More than 6 years working in the fields of financial statistical analysis
  • A long track record of developing financial apps from scratch
  • Additional experience in data mining app creation and analytical instrument development
  • Dozens of API creation projects that have connected partners internal and external program solutions with existing software
  • Numerous financial apps in which web and mobile applications work as one system, providing customers access to corporate financial data anywhere on both mobile and desktop devices in a synchronized mode

How Magora Developers Guarantee Results

We begin every project with a full assessment of an idea, checking its competitiveness, marketability and financial feasibility. Magora is in the business of creating value-driven application, so we work with our clients to determine which steps will lead from finance app development to finance app ROI. These discussions determine the course of development and where to refine and expand functionality, features and reach, as well as fashion an application that delivers winning user experience and intuitive use.

Moving from idea, our programmers begin coding, a time when they leverage all their experience and skills into forging new paths to financial returns. However ambitious a project might be, the team at Magora is always ready to rise to the challenge.

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Share your ideas and we will compile a personalised portfolio of past projects that match the scope and success you seek, as well as give you a vision of how your project can be realised. Schedule an appointment and let’s share our thoughts.
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