What we do

Our mission is to help you to achieve value through bespoke software and apps, whether that means pushing you to the front of your industry, earning you greater profits as a market leader or assisting you to realize long-standing projects and plans

We understand both technology and business, so we apply the approaches of both fields to our process

Together with the customer, we determine the proper solution for our client’s problem. We build an app or software, and then implement it while sticking to our collaboratively developed strategy, which seeks to maximize desired value and ROI, as well as equip our client with the full set of instruments to attract more clients and commerce.

Our solutions take as many forms as they serve functions, increasing sales or reaching new markets. Whatever form our solutions take – optimization of an existing process, launching a start-up or the development of a completely new set of services – they turn into clear, tangible benefits. And what’s more, they turn into profits.

Just as we understand business, we understand technology. Our specialists develop mobile applications on iOS and Android, in addition to web and software services. Regardless of what medium we are working in though, our priorities rest in full security and quality assurance by default.

Meet our professional team

We at Magora can boast a brilliant team of website designers, developers, project managers, testers, marketing specialists and other experts. All together we are one strong team, proud of what we do and motivated to be the best of the best.
Artem Efremov
Team Lead/ Senior Software Engineer
Pavel Shevtsov
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Alex Galaktionov
Director of Operations and Business Development
Alexander Bessudnov
Chief Product Officer
Ekaterina Mironova
Senior Project Manager
Andrew Volgin
Marketing and Business Development Manager


We develop native mobile apps for IOS & Android using Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, AIDE, Android NDK, etc. For special requests we can also provide cross-platform Xamarin development. For the backend, we utilise PHP, Node.JS, Java, .NET. For the frontend — React.JS, Angular.JS and JS. We provide adequate safety and quality assurance by default.

Our History

We have come a long way from our origins as two young developers to become an international corporation with professional staff and offices in London, Novosibirsk and Saint-Petersburg. That path is what has made us who we are today. And we’ve certainly learned a lot from our own mistakes made along the way. Each misstep has matured us from the small, local team we were eight years ago.
We tried offering minimal pricing, but quickly understood that low costs led to low quality. We tried bending over backwards to meet every one of our clients’ wishes, but we realized that our time (and our clients’) was better spent in dialogue to identify and work on their real needs. And we tried dressing up our ideas with magnificent visuals that caught the eye, but fail to transform that into real profits.
All said and done, we possess our own values, which might seem unusual to some. We spend the lion’s share of our time in discussions, prototyping and architecture development. We are constantly testings and improving. That is our secret to making our projects successful and our clients happy. We like to work when we know we are doing something useful, something with purpose.

Our values

We strive to fully understand our customers and their businesses, allowing us to propose the best solution — one that works. Our aim is not to maximize a budget. We offer you all the bells and whistles only if we know they are vital and valuable to you and your business. It’s not a question of ethics, but one of common sense. You want to pay for what you need and we want to give that to you, so we are always straightforward with you and look for a win-win solution.


At the end of the day, we are driven by the desire to create great products. On time. To do so we have to go through every stage of technological process. Through every nook and cranny in design, UX, QA and project management. We push to get your product running as quickly as possible and then it’s merely a matter of fine tuning. This MVP can immediately begin generating you value, feedback, and advancement in the right direction, while we add more and more layers of functionality.


We treat each project as a process with many steps along the way. At each of those steps we want and need your feedback, so you can expect us to keep the lines of communication very open. We promise to do all the heavy lifting, but we know our undertaking is important to you, and as a result we expect to hear from you, and we will reach out to you, throughout the project. A solid, successful effort is always the result of close, collaborative work.

We know what we are doing

We have seen businesses succeed and we have seen them fail, so we bring those lessons to every project. We share that experience with our clients and use it to avoid the missteps others have taken. Sometimes that means we have to push back, especially when our experience has shown us the counterintuitive approach is the correct one. We will tell you what we see, giving you the extra set of eyes and perspective we bring to the table

We are humble

We never doubt your expertise in your sphere, just as we believe in our expertise in our own. The same way we want you to ask us lots of questions, we will honestly defer to you when we come across topics we do not understand. After all, we need each other to reach the best solution.


Ultimately, the best products are the ones that succeed in the long run. However wonderful a product might be, if no one uses it within the company or it remains unknown to potential clients, it’s nothing more than a waste of time, energy and resources. We place particular attention on marketing, promotion and user acquisitions from the very start of every project, ensuring that long-term success.

We ask a lot of questions

We only see ourselves as successful once you see yourselves that way. It’s why we ask so many questions and why we try to understand each nuance and intricacy of your ideas and the problems you face. We especially ask, “Why?” We don’t only want to know what we have to do. We want to know how each feature creates value for you and impacts your sales / internal processes / ROI. It’s not that we’re driven by a natural curiosity (though we have it), but our experience has taught us that this approach leads to the success that brings happy customers, referrals, new sales and growth to your business and ours.
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