When it comes time for a logo, what approach do you take? Do you find one you like and change the color? Or see what Apple has been doing that’s hot and figure out how to mimic? Of course not. You talk with design specialists and create something that showcases the culture, goals, and everything else your company stands for. Would you handle web-based development the same way?

Exclusive Software Solutions

The web is a smart alternative for many professionals who seek the same advantages. Web app developers can bring your web presence into the 21st century and create an application that adds value to existing products and services. They provide you the opportunity to work with your data from any place in the world where an internet connection is available, and, most importantly, to do so in a safe way that connects you with all your staff worldwide.

Rather than just using the web as a marketing instrument, a business web development company can create the tools your need to bring your company into new markets, saving, earning and expanding, such as:

  • Making your information more dynamic and usable
  • Adding the complexity and calculations only advanced technology provides
  • Data security and accessibility from servers, instead of from personal, vulnerable computers
  • Review and assess vast databases simultaneously
  • Have your site work for you, constantly scanning the web for the latest and greatest updates

Website and Web App: Feel the Difference

Nearly every company has a website, and sometimes it means they do not see the point in developing web applications. After all, aren’t they the same thing? In truth, they are similar, but not interchangeable platforms. A website is collection of images, links and texts, which operates along the lines of a catalogue. A hosting company keeps your data and users can peruse and find contact information, success stories, etc. A web application, on the other hand, boosts that catalogue with dynamic functionality. Adding functionality, rather than accessing information, an application brings processing power to complete complicated tasks and provides you with all the advantages of a super computer via your browser interface.

Apps on Mobile and the Web

Web apps and mobile apps are advantageous and similar in their offerings over sites and traditional methods, while web apps are available on any device (including mobile ones) with an internet connection. Quality dictates a certain level of testing in all apps, but where web app development is concerned, be sure to run additional testing for

  • Security
  • Performance, Load and Stress
  • HTML/CSS Validation
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Cross-Browser

There are a number of online and software tools you can use to automate the process, but regardless of what you use, ensuring a high-quality, secure platform for you and your users, customers and partners.

Risk management and mitigation is important for any digital platform, and in the same way that traditional desktop applications can find themselves at risk without proper vigilance, so can web-based ones. Depending upon what type of information your application offers and maintains, your level of risk can vary. Credit card numbers are far more attractive to hackers than the number of paint cans ordered in the last year, so if you have any information that can be monetized, you need solid security around your app, designed and administered by top professionals, which can give you and your users peace of mind.

When you need an app development company?

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Experts from Magora company with years of iOS and Android app development for different B2B fields know how to create exclusive, secure programs, focusing attention on the unique needs of your business and the solutions that will yield the greatest results for you.

Talk with a Magora expert today and learn how you can outperform the competition by using the full capabilities of your browser with professional web app development.

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