When it comes to mobile devices and the leader of that industry, there hasn’t been much debate for some time. That fruit-labelled company has stood at the top of the game for years, which means when you think about creating a protected application for a corporation, iOS based app development is the obvious choice.

When do you need iOS developers?

  • When you seek a more stable platform that protects you from vulnerabilities. iOS is far more secure than its competitors, firewalling any activity between each of the applications downloaded by users on any mobile device.
  • When you want to equip your staff with stable, working, high-quality gadgets. Apple hardware is from the top tier.
  • When you want to decrease the cost of maintenance. Good iOS applications, as well as Android software development, require follow-up and continued support. These costs are reduced with iOS devices. The explanation is simple: it’s much more time consuming to maintain the apps on the variety of different screen sizes and different models of Android smartphones and tablets than do so on the limited number of iPhone and iPad models.
  • Also, there are different producers of Android devices, like LG, Samsung, etc. These companies have the right to make changes to their Android OS, meaning it is safer to go with the uniform iOS/Apple device and avoid a lot of possible conflicts within Android-based OSs.
  • Take into account that development for both iOS and Android means paying the same cost twice.

iOS currently offers several distinct possibilities in terms of devices

Not only do businesses seek offerings on iPhone, but also on iPad. Many people see these as the same thing with screens of varying sizes, but the truth is each device has its own strengths. You need experienced iOS app developers who can release the full potential of functionality and usability for your company app.

Evaluating the Experts

Think about what makes someone good in their field. The ones who truly succeed are the ones who know it inside and out. So, what is there to know about iOS app programming? Isn’t it just a matter of putting some text and links into a small box so it fits on my screen? Of course not. App development offers so many features for you to implement.

Think about what your company can offer through the power of:

  • GPS and Maps
  • Cameras, Microphones and Scanners
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Siri
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Powerful processing
  • In-App Purchases
  • Social Media

And those are some of the highlights. We are talking about technology that rivals the Apollo missions to the moon, except this is available to you and your customers. Ponder the possibilities and potential of this mobile empire that spans the globe, and what it can bring to your doorstep with the right help.

To give an example, a logistics engineering for a large shipping company may worry about the pervasive problem of crumbing infrastructure on a global scale. A well designed app could incorporate several of the features listed above to coordinate movements of vehicles with live updates on infrastructure status, reducing congestion and diminishing delays. For many consumers, the ability to track their products at every stage of the process is a highly appreciated level of transparency they are increasingly demanding for many commodities. Bespoke software allows you to enhance your supply chain and customer satisfaction at every level, keeping you competitive in the rapidly evolving world of new technologies.

Global Reach from Your Backyard

To find an iOS app developer, that will care about you business process optimization, you have but to look at the heart of London. Magora has prided itself on its ability to work with businesses to find the solutions they truly need. Seasoned professionals with experience in multiple industries, numerous technologies, and solid background in business principles are help you realise your dream projects.

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