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You are at a point where you find yourself in need of an iPhone app, yet you don’t know how to create an app for an iPhone. That’s no longer an issue. Located in London, Magora is one of the advanced UK iPhone software developers in the marketplace. Having created over 280 apps for the iPhone, we have extensive knowledge and experience in mobile app creation, usability and optimisation. With over eight years of experience, we specialise in creating intuitive and user-friendly apps that are easy to navigate and work with. We are glad to share our skills with you, and by combining our knowledge with your understanding of your own business field we can create the mobile application you have been waiting for, as we have already done for more than 150 of our long-term clients. We can also guide you through the development process, based on your business needs so that your application becomes a client acquisition and retention tool. It is time to take your business to the next level and we are here to help you take it to the top.

Individual approach. Each app is unique and we treat them as such, using our best resources to make the greatest apps available on the market.
A team of highly qualified iPhone app developers from London. A handpicked team of professionals who will work solely on developing your app.
A full scope of development. With us you will receive a full development cycle from planning to design, development, launch and quality assurance.
Top notch solutions. We stay on top of all the latest iPhone application development techniques and guides, so your program will be written with a clear code, and will be user friendly.
Initial launch and marketing support. We can also support you throughout the app launch process and help you get your first users.
Reasonable cost. We offer a high quality service and we develop the best apps on the market at an affordable price.

With our UK iPhone app developer’s team you will receive the functionable and user-friendly program. Worked out according to the agreed timetable and budget. We will keep you informed on the progress of your iPhone software creation and will strictly stick to agreed deadlines and specification.

The Benefits of iPhone App Development

Before you get started you need to get some things clear in your mind.

Competitive advantage, which will help your business stand out
An iPhone app will be with your customers 24 hours a day
Your personnel are available for communication whilst they are away from the office;
Effective marketing and advertising technique;
An ability to increase sales and get more customers;
Automation of business processes and reporting.

Here are come of the Apps Features, which we are Working with Regularly

  • Geolocation services to determine user location and display it on the map
  • Work with images: face recognition, applying multiple filters and transformation
  • VoIP support to make video calls
  • Video streaming and encryption support
  • In-app purchases support to unlock additional features
  • Push notifications to keep users updated on current events
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Integration with social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and others
  • Data exchange between the server and application through HTTP and TCP protocols

Why Magora?

Before our developers start the coding process, we strive to find your business needs and make our suggestions based on the market research and our expertise in mobile software development. As an expert we are here to answer your questions and to find the optimised solution.

First of all, it’s the specifics of the development platform (iOS) and the second is an optimisation of the UI for smartphone users. To beat the odds and provide the best service we always start by consulting the business and then coming to the architecture of the future mobile app. When choosing design, we focus on user-friendliness. When developing a program, our developers also take into account user behaviour, so that the apps we produce are intuitive and easy to use. Magora developers are also very dedicated to the testing process and we will only launch the apps that have passed our testing and quality checks. According to the Magora’s standards, we finalise the development process with real users tests on the working iPhone apps and complete the quality assurance checks on each stage of our work.

Buying a smartphone or a tablet, you get it with lots of apps already installed to its operating system. There are system apps like contact, calendars and launchers and third-party apps such as games, productivity tools and so on. Modern consumers are used to apps with outstanding designs and robust functionality, so if you want to attract them and retains, you need to create something truly exceptional. Only professional developers with years of experience can design apps that will stand out from billions of similar products available on Google Play and App Store.

Outsource iPhone App Creation to Professionals

If you do not have enough expertise in the IT, do not know how to code and have no resources to pay full-time developers, the best choice is to outsource app development, hiring experienced iOS app developers Magora, located in the centre of London. Our developers are time-proven experts who have worked in the software development industry for almost ten years and have developed an in-depth understanding of the mobile environment and various industries. We do more than designing and coding your app. We help you develop a full-fledged mobile strategy that will make your app a success and maintain it throughout the entire lifecycle. If you are ready to bring your businesses to a new level, this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

Our client review on Clutch: "We are very satisfied with Magora guys".
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Digital Business Consulting and Software Development

Magora is a digital company comprised of the best London app developers. Not only do we design native mobile apps and bespoke software, but also offer a full range of digital business consulting services. Leverage the power of mobile technologies with our tailor-made enterprise systems. Our business consultants together with you rtean will discuss your project, identify your company's needs and conceptualise your ideas into a comprehensive software requirement specification that will lay the groundwork for the entire development project. Magora developers always aim at establishing long-term relations with our clients, proving our outstanding reputation and bringing their organisations to entirely new levels. Magora developers are the choice of the most innovative and forward-thinking enterprises around the globe. Now it is your chance to take advantage of our broad experience.

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Are you looking for a developer to bring your awesome ideas to life? You have found the right place. At Magora, we are experienced in creating websites, bespoke software utilising the latest technologies and programming languages including PHP, Web and ASP, and native iOS and Android apps.

Give us a call at 020 7183 5820, outlining your future project and expectations, and we will provide you with a detailed description of your future iPhone mobile project solution and an estimated cost of the app development.

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