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Apple has always been known among the reigning upmarket tech companies regarding products for consumers. With iPhone and iPad, a huge share of markets is owned by the company because of the demand of applications for mobile devices, and the demand has never taken a hit ever since people were introduced to MAC app store.

Why choose Magora for iPad app development services?

We at Magora focus on applications for iPads and holistically understand the scope that iOS operating system offers for the creation of innovative applications. The creation of an application for Apple devices takes lots of effort as we are looking to tap into the user base of Apple through iPhone and iPad; hence our project team consists of immensely skilled developers and iPad app programmers who have ample experience of working on Apple’s App Store and iOS.

Our iPad app programmers and developers create as well as update applications that are sold and presented through App store, which is undoubtedly one among the prominent and dominating features of iOS system. Depending on whether you need us to build a game or a fitness tracker, augmented reality application or any other form of application, our experienced and highly skilled team of programmers and developers on Magora from different backgrounds will gladly provide their unique set of skills without compromising on quality and the app’s reliability and present your idea in the best way possible. Our motto is to help you introduce your application to the largest digital marketplace.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Mobile application development happens to be the core proposition offered by us and we understand the end-users’ expectations. We as iPad app programmers are known for enthusiasm, creativity and our ability to understand the features that will make an application stand out against other platforms. Our commitment towards our work enables us to provide quality services at levelheaded prices and with a team consisting of highly creative individuals; our app development services speak volumes about our commitment to the projects undertaken by us. Our team of app developers and programmers love their job and they are obsessed with perfection. With reasonable deadlines and a proper plan, our team will be assisting you in the best possible manner and will keep you up to date with the progress, so as to ensure timely delivery.

Our Principles

Also, by actively involving our clients in the projects, we ensure that they understand the process that goes into the iPad application development. The process complexity is something that is tough to understand and takes time, but our team assists the clients in understanding and even goes to the length of explaining them on how applications are created. A proper strategic approach towards the final product ensures that there is a smooth flow of the process and that is something, which the clients always appreciate.

Objective-C is the programming language (primary) which plays a pivotal role in the development of an iPad app. Xcode is one of the primary requirements for the building process of iPad/iPhone apps and our iPad app programmers are proficient in it. As developers, we are not bestowed the power to select how and when things are supposed to happen. Sometimes, we are simply going with the flow and due to the type of the project coming our way, we prioritise the assignments and given reasonable deadlines to our clients. There might always be issues with the development of an application and maybe the end product might not be according to what the clients expect from us, but in order to spearhead anything like that from happening, our team ensures that the plan is consulted with the client in order to make sure that both parties are in mutual agreement.


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Tools Used by iPad App Programmers

We at Magora used a diverse variety of tools for iPad-based applications. Delaying any project is something we never resort to, as we want the applications of our clients to hit the marketplace and make a mark for themselves. We ensure that the process is smooth and fast, which gives quick results and work on improvement points if the clients want any changes to the applications.

ipads apps programmers

The most important principle followed while developing iPad applications is that the developers compete on an equal footing with large-scale development shops. App sales are nowadays driven mostly by huge publicity in all forms and most of the high-end applications with a high budget are usually taken up by bigger firms and based on the reviews that are there on the app store. All you need is an idea and we will ensure that you get the best assistance.

Also, iPad app programmers require developer’s license to build applications but one needs to properly understand the development environment to understand how the process of building an app unfolds. Although Objective-C is the main programming languages used for building iPad applications, yet Apple came up with Swift programming language, which came as a successor for Objective-C. Since the name Swift means a better and quicker performance, so this explains why there might have been downsides for using Objective-C, which drove Apple towards realising the requirement of a better language for development of applications. Hence, with Swift, the compilation process is much quicker.

There are many third party development tools that are available for development of applications for iPad/iPhone. We at Magora make use of many applications, but back in the earlier days, Xcode was the only mode available for development. Nowadays, with multiple third-party platforms, the scope for creating innovative applications has gone up. Our developers and iPad app programmers understand the advantages attached to third-party platforms. Using such platforms give us an opportunity to code in any language apart from Objective-C and Swift, hence decreases the development time. The compilation also takes comparatively lesser time and these can be run on different platforms such as Windows and Android.

Mentioned below are some of the third-party platforms which are commonly used by our iPad app programmers.

  • Corona SDK
  • Unity
  • Adobe Air
  • PhoneGap
  • Marmalade

There are many more such platforms which add to the list such as GameSalad which enables you to build innovative applications for iPhone and iPad without any coding knowledge. Before proceeding with a project, our team of developers and iPad app programmers ensure that enough information is relayed to the client regarding the platform, which will be used for development to make them feel that their idea is in safe hands. We at Magora are open to suggestions, which will eventually go ahead and help us in improving our services. Once an idea is pitched by a client, we make sure that our team of iPad app programmers are able to refine the idea to such an extent and improvise it according to client’s expectations.

Our iPad app programmers usually draw out the screens based on the idea pitched by the clients and get the latter’s approval as to how the screen of the application should look like. Upon receiving an affirmative response, we begin the process of writing the code and designing the screenshots of the iPad-based application. Also, our team members analyse, if any and rectify them immediately in order to ensure that no compromise occurs in the quality of the developed application. We aim towards building the best applications for our clients and that will always be our prime motive. Being able to work on applications for Apple devices is something our programmers and developers absolutely love and their passion is evident in the work they do. Developing Graphical User Interface (GUI) for iPad and iPhone is a lot different than the development process that takes place in case of web or PC systems.

Screen space is always limited and that is something our team members always take into account as no end-user would prefer to see the screen filled with multiple options that they need to understand. The application needs to be user-friendly and the idea, no matter how complex, must always be presented so as to make it easier for the end users to comprehend. That is something, which our iPad app programmers always take into account before undertaking a new assignment. Furthermore, as there is no involvement of mouse or keyboard, but only touchscreen, so the development of an application should be planned keeping these factors in mind. So you simply need to do is reach out to us at the earliest and we will ensure that you get the best assistance from the most capable and experienced iPad app programmers available in our team. Quality is something we strongly advocate and our aim shall always be to provide exceptional client service that makes us outrun others when it comes to iOS app development.

Hence, with proper strategy and implementation plan in place, our services are rendered valuable to the client. We strongly believe in keeping an open channel with the clients since it is our courtesy as well as duty. Our accolades speak for the efforts and dedication that our team puts into the work which comes their way.

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