Entertainment App Development

Entertainment Apps

If you are an ambitious media and entertainment company, you are likely looking for ways to provide the ultimate user experience, which reflects your brand and garners a larger audience. Our cross-industry expertise gives us a greater scope for evaluating what can best succeed for your entertainment project. We are aware of market trends, and can employ unique techniques that stand apart from the traditional solutions of your competitors.

Bespoke app development for media and entertainment

Media and Entertainment apps are attracting a wider target group of potential customers. There are now greater volumes of newcomers, both young and old, who are turning from desktops to mobile apps for entertainment. The convenience of being able to access their favourite content from a smart phones at any time has been one of the contributing factors that’s led to this boom.
No other industry can boast such engagement, client loyalty and market growth like media and entertainment. Games, videos, music, fashion - each and every one of them can be a great source of profit if converted into a viable solution for potential customers. They have given entertainment a new platform to be featured on and shaped the way users view and interact with media.
Furthermore, apps can be accessible anywhere and anytime, becoming the preferred medium for business people and the younger generation alike. A vast array of entertainment apps are generating high revenues, with a widespread user base.

The benefits of creating Entertainment apps

  • Wider Target audience and branding - Reach a wider range of users, in order to promote your business and increase brand awareness.
  • Bespoke interactive UI - UX/UI is critical; the way the user interacts with your app has a great impact on client loyalty and the increase in new and returning users.
  • Performance and functionality - Maximum value with the least effort. It is important to understand the user, and have insights into their habits. The aim is to provide your users with the ultimate experience, so that everything from news alerts to event updates can be managed smoothly at the tip of their fingers.
  • Promotion - Broadcast information to users and engage them regularly with push notifications and updates. Promote your business through social engagement - integrate social media functionalities, which enable users to like, share, comment, and promote.
  • Functionalities and integration - Engage users with a wide range of custom features - for example, QR scanning, maps, and event organisation.

How we can help you?

The leading entertainment apps on the market are all professionally made. We have almost a decade of entertainment app development and business consultant experience, with a wide range of projects already in production on social networks, entertainment portals, messengers, music apps, video-recording solutions, educational apps, etc.
Professional UI is half the battle. Our designers, with years of experience in creating native apps for iOS and Android, think ahead when they create a new entertainment app.
We’ve provided solutions for companies to integrate their content, audio, video, and live streaming into apps. We have created solutions from musically to socially centered apps, which implement features, such as video chats, and streaming etc. Working on app development is our passion, and to create a new entertainment app brings us great joy and excitement.

Portfolio of Magora software development cases for the entertainment industry

Here are some of our latest projects, related to media and entertainment.
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