Let’s face it. Mainly Development companies in London know the technical side of things, which is important, because app development is not the kind of thing you can just say “run with it”. It takes input, creativity, hard work and dedication, which are wonderful ideals, but not necessarily easy to find. And you want someone who will possess those qualities in spades, and so much more, somewhere within reach, and fully committed to seeing your business grow and flourish by developing new applications.

You, as a manager think in terms of numbers, so cost and ROI are the determining factors for estimation of the bespoke software development. There are plenty of companies and individuals offering you the moon and stars, but to see that they understand your business goals and ready to speak your own language, you have to dig a bit deeper.

Exclusive Software Solutions

Many developers in the UK offer out-of-the-box programs. These are like cookie cutter templates, which can offer basic functionality. The same is true when you borrow one from someone else. In both cases, the clothes do what they are meant to do. And nothing more. But let’s think now of the first time you bought a tailored suit, or a dress hemmed just to fit. It hugs you and lets you breathe just as nature intended. These are the clothes people compliment, that get you noticed, that do more than the bare minimum. They offer you the best representation of yourself to those you meet, and for that privilege, people have become accustomed to paying just a bit more.

  • Your staff do not need to adapt to out-of-the-box solutions. Instead, the developer adapts the program to you.
  • Your productivity and efficiency are increased through software implementation.
  • You can cut long term costs as your software functionality grows and changes together with your business. Out-of-the-box software can hamper your company progress. When you are coming to the limit of its functionality, you have to begin with a new IT program from scratch. This can cost big.
  • Bespoke software only has features that are needed and utilised. Out-of-the-box solutions often include many features not suited to the needs of your business.
  • Training costs and time: personnel do not need to learn 10 different programs, which they use only in 10% of the functionality, switching from one to another and adding the same data in similar fields. They will learn and use what is essential for the company business and implement it efficiently.

Paying for It All

What about cost? You may hear “custom”, and translate it to mean “expensive”. The truth is the same across any industry: you get what you pay for. If your company wants to start off with an immediate solution, an app you can get right away, with little research, little effort and basic functionality, commonly-used software will suffice.

However, if your company wants to invest in an app built from scratch which will fully address your business needs and improve efficiency and operations as desired, it will cost more up front in terms of time and money. Yet that investment comes with much higher returns, manifesting themselves in the form of efficiency, productivity and your bottom line. You need a developer who will take a long, hard look at your business, its goals and its operations, and then produce a solution to fulfil each requirement.

Who to Entrust

Apps enable increased productivity, simply making business run more smoothly. If your company sees the potential returns possible from developing a software solution unique from what the other companies offer, the professional software development team at Magora can help. Based out of London, we work with many types of businesses to identify their most intricate needs, and meet them with our bespoke software solutions.

How Will Magora Meet Your Software Development Needs?

We are experts in software development, having worked with many businesses in various industries. We understand how important it is to have a product that caters to your specific needs. With that in mind, we use a method of discovery. We ask about your software goals. If you aren’t sure how to reach your goal, we will guide you through.

Our experts can and will fill in all the blanks. We prompt clients for the answers we need, so we can create the software solution they want. With over 180 bespoke solutions under our belt, and many regular clients, we know what it takes to create solutions to software development requests.

Contact Magora Today

We are experienced in the field of software and app development, are passionate towards our field, and place a high priority on staying at the cutting edge of developments in the industry. We are creative and innovative, but perhaps most importantly, we put you, the client, first.

As one of the leading software developers in UK, we at Magora are here for all your bespoke software creation needs. Call us today for a consultation, and we will help you tackle your business challenges. We look forward to helping your company reach the next level of success!

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