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Magora is a London-based bespoke software development agency which first considers your company’s needs and then develops an IT solution to answer the challenging demands of your growing business.

What we do

bespoke systems
bespoke systems
Creating tailor-made software is our developers' specialty. After deep investigation of existing systems, defining and prioritising your requirements, we design bespoke software and programs to meet your business needs and goals.
mobile applications
Our development team have wide-ranging expertise in constructing smartphone and tablet apps for iOS and Android.Mobile applications, be they iOS or Android projects, can be developed by our team from scratch or based on your own design. We’re also experienced in working with a legacy code which starts with the code review of an existing web or mobile app.
web app solutions
We’ve been developing bespoke web software since the company’s foundation in 2010and have empowered hundreds of companies in the UK and worldwide with high-quality websites and web applications.
ui design
Magora’s professional UI/UX designers create unique user-friendly interfaces based on software requirements and target audience behaviour, as well as latest best practices of the IT industry.At the final stage of software creation all interfaces are enhanced based on real user feedback.
software integration
We are professionals of software integration: when you need to compile different out-of-the-box programs into one easy-to-use system or put together data from several sources and synchronise them, we can help.Integration is our strong suit - any non-trivial task, be it bespoke or standard software, falls under our expertise.
digital strategy
Magora UK also offers digital consulting, planning and business intelligence services. We can help you with every stage of bringing your product or service to the online marketfrom analytics and digital strategy development to business automation and customer support.
How we discuss the new project's architecture

How we Work

  • Business and technical software requirements
  • Technical feasibility and risk analysis
  • Technological stack
  • Documentation (from Agile to full-weight)
  • Market and product analysis
  • UI and UX analysis
  • Interface construction
  • Interactive prototype
  • UI-Kit
  • Product and database architecture
  • Coding
  • Automatic and manual testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Deployment to production
  • Apple App Store and Google Play publication
  • Software release
  • User support (Front-end and Back-end)
  • Server-side support
  • Software maintenance and update


We design intuitive, elegant and engaging user interfaces for all platforms, in conjunction with and ahead of the hottest trends and newest techniques. We create products that supply the end-user with the most refined experience, starting by working closely with existing brand guidelines and preferences.

Magora software development team at work, May 2018

Customer reviews

  • They provided an excellent ratio of quality, price, and communication.
    — Project Manager, Eurekly
  • What I saw from Magora was more impressive than what we would have been able to produce in-house, within our timeframe.
    — Software Developer, Eyeware Industry Consultants
  • I would say they are the best outsourced firm we’ve ever worked with.
    — Founder, IT Conference Organizer
  • They came up with a great interface. It looks good, it works well, and our clients are happy with it.
    — Director, Vessel Performance Solutions
  • Their coding is very good.
    — Founder, Medical App Startup
  • The platform is functional, fluid, and user-friendly. It was also delivered in a timely manner.
    — Creative Director, Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer
  • We have been very satisfied with the work that has been completed by Magora.
    — Software Director, Organic Response (Lighting Company)

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Our software developer team would love to hear from you and discuss your concept.

Customers' reviews: Magora UK 2018

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Advantages of Magora Bespoke Software

We’re experts in bespoke software development, having worked with many businesses in various industries. Our programmers understand how important it is to have a product that caters to your specific needs. With this in mind, we use a method of discovery. We ask about your software goals and investigate the user’s wishes, making sure we can create the most appropriate software system possible.
With over 600 bespoke projects under our belt and many regular clients, we know what it takes to create solutions for software development requests. If you aren’t sure how to reach your goal, we will guide you through. We work with some of the biggest and best brands, including Toyota and T-Mobile, Cisco, Unilever and Mini. But we also know how to translate what the big brands achieve to smaller businesses, so whatever size your enterprise we can adapt what we do to deliver the right bespoke software for you. We’re ready to help you increase productivity and engage customers through cutting-edge technologies. With Magora’s bespoke software development team on your side, you’ll bring your business to an entirely new level. Only experienced programmers who have worked with app development for many years fully understand the mobile environment and know how to get the most out of the various tools, APIs and frameworks available today. Expertise in user experience and user interface (UX/UI) design is the core focus of modern-day mobile app development due to the limited screens of smartphones and tablets. You must make your app easy to use and pleasant to look at because this is what defines whether a customer will use the app regularly or abandon it after the first install.
Chief of Magora's service representatives Alex

Magora Meets Your Software Development Targets

Your staff don’t need to adapt to out-of-the-box solutions. Instead, the developer adapts the program to you. Bespoke software only has features that are needed and utilised. Out-of-the-box programs often include many features not suited to the needs of your business. Thus, your productivity and efficiency are increased through bespoke software implementation.

You can cut long term costs as your bespoke software functionality grows and changes together with your business. Out-of-the-box software can hamper your company’s progress. When you’re approaching the limit of its functionality, you have to begin with a new IT program from scratch. This can cost you dearly.

Training costs and time: personnel don’t need to learn 10 different programs, each used for 10% of the functionality, switching from one to another and adding the same data in similar fields. They will learn and use what is essential for the company’s business and implement it efficiently.

We look at our products through the eyes of the user, spotting even the most minor errors and designing interfaces that appeal to all. Another major challenge app developers face is utilising the limited display space of devices that cannot be connected to a mouse or a keyboard.
Now you know how many nuances and how much specific knowledge one needs to create efficient and user-friendly apps. If you lack the necessary expertise, we’re here to offer you a helping hand - just get in touch.

Full Range of Services

Bespoke apps promote increased productivity, simply making your business run more smoothly. If your company sees the potential returns possible from the development of a tailor-made IT solution unique from what other companies offer, the professional software development team at Magora can help. Based in the UK, we work with many types of businesses to identify their most intricate needs and meet them with our bespoke software systems. Get in touch with Magora developers now.

Let us tell you a little bit more about the technologies we use in our work. Magora UK are proficient in utilising some of the most popular and efficient technologies, modern frameworks and up-to-date libraries. Our team collaborates with other developers at international conferences and scientific congresses to share knowledge and increase expertise, it’s helping us turn ideas into first-class bespoke programs even more efficiently.

At Magora UK, we keep within timeframes and budgets and tackle bespoke projects of any scope and complexity because we aren’t afraid of challenges. Our wide-ranging development experience enables us to find a solution to any problem and ensure that the project fully meets your expectations. We have a continuous track record of successful projects that have brought substantial ROI and long-term value to their owners. So if you’re here because you’re looking for a bespoke software development team to bring your creative ideas to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop in to our UK headquarters.

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