Property Management and Real Estate App Development

Our bespoke software is rapidly becoming a go-to instrument for Real Estate professionals and leading construction companies worldwide. Magora has been working in RE development for years, and brings that extensive experience dealing with industry-specific issues, cutting costs, improving workflow, expanding outreach and growing businesses.

Real Estate Apps benefits

  • More Efficiency. Real estate already relies heavily on technologies like databases, data analysis tools and communication apps to reach clients and stay ahead of competition. Magora helps to unify these many disparate instruments in one easy-to-access location.
  • More Interactions. The industry is heavily reliant on personality and strong salesmanship, but how can that translate over an electronic medium. Dynamic applications impress users and set you apart from your competitors, bringing them to you, so that you can seal the deal.
  • More Dialogue. A real estate app can facilitate communication and data sharing, so you can answer all your clients questions with the most current data, sharing links, photos and much more.
  • More Business. With a Magora app, your business doesn’t stop when the office closes. Make your data available to potential customers anytime and anywhere. Allow realtors and brokers to update information in real-time to give you and your customers the latest overview on any property.

The reality is the majority of your clientele performs their research through smartphones and tablets, which means your business must be fully integrated into mobile technology to stay ahead of the competition. While many other businesses have a basic mobile presence, you can implement advanced features to draw more traffic to your own, including:

  • Geolocation: Send a pin straight to Google Maps or Apple Maps with the click of a button, so clients can easily navigate where they need to go.
  • Interactive, Panoramic Views: Give clients the impression of being there, even from a distance. Create floor plans that customers can navigate with the click of a button to move between rooms and floors, allowing them to feel at home before they arrive.
  • Mortgage Calculation: Include an in-app tool to give each customer an idea of the cost to help them identify a property within their budget.
  • Clickable Contact: Mobile devices permit users to communicate in a number of ways, so whether they choose to call, email or message you, they should be able to do so with a simple click.
  • Relationship Manager: Customers aren’t the only ones to benefit from an app. Each agent can have a dashboard to manage their client interactions, operate a built-in messaging system and identify new leads.

For construction & property management companies

App development offers the following advantages:
  • Control over and monitoring of all utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.) and hazards, integrated in a single information system
  • Management of all incoming and outgoing requests for repairs and maintenance services
  • Video surveillance of staff workspaces and tracking of daily routine operations
  • Real-time reporting on completed tasks via tablets and smartphones
  • Automation of lighting for entire properties, including an automatic on/off switch based on movement
  • Assignment of schedules for service personnel
  • Control of expenditures for each property and precise ROI calculation for the whole maintenance system
  • Automation of reporting and backup of all data

Magora brings years of relevant experience to each real estate or property maintenance app development project, combining high-quality intuitive user interfaces with functionality to generate great user experience.

Interested in our services? Contact us and share some details about your future application, and our team will answer with a personalised portfolio presentation and overview of how they visualise your project taking shape and becoming a leader in the construction and real estate field.
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