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For over 8 years Magora has been creating e-commerce apps that help businesses attract new visitors, increase customer loyalty and work simultaneously with unlimited amount of buyers from any part of the world, providing the ultimate user experience and satisfaction that engages your clients to return again and again.

E-Commerce App

We understand that an ecommerce project demands a great deal of responsibilities. But based on the collaboration of your product knowledge, and our cross-industry and multi-cultural expertise, Magora developer team can design a bespoke software solution for you, which can streamline many essential components such as: automation of analysis and reports, management, and amazing user functionality.

Challenges, which can be faced by an e-commerce project

  • Management and automation - Full control of the goods databases, client’s preferences, orders, customer lifetime value and money flow.
  • Inventory - Keeping stock updated online.
  • Search function - applying custom filters for efficient searches. Implement user recognition across different devices, to improve usability and increase the conversion rate.
  • Customer interaction - the ability to add photo/video review and comments to the goods, increasing the customer’s engagement and promoting an internet-shop popularity.
  • Simple checkout - Creating your own, or adding external payment system as well as integration with delivery services with purchase tracking.

  • Implementation of different widgets for POS changes analysis;
  • Integration of the corporate DB for SKU to be easily searched and estimated on the shelf;
  • Adding functionality for corporate messaging exchange on a saved (protected) channel;
  • In-app communication with customers via Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp etc.
  • Cutting paperwork and decrease of the daily routine operation via electronic reporting.

How Customers Benefit from Magora’s Expertise


Magora will create an ecommerce solution, which can help you easily manage sales, inventory, catalogues, client’ preferences, orders, inquiries, quotations, SKU audits, and invoices, all from within the same system. Take charge of everything from user preferences and behavior to inventory and revenue.


As some useful supplements to the e-commerce platforms, we suggest to add extended filters and clever search tools; interacting with coupons and discounts for your potential customers, cookies for recognition of non-registered visitors, effective app user’s analysis and cross-device user control to increase the ads efficiency, and to optimise your promo conversion rate. Whether you are looking for a responsive web app or native e-commerce mobile solutions, our expertise is wide enough to realize both. We are able to integrate web and mobile apps, providing the administration functionality for the whole system with cross-platform updates, and in both online and offline modes.

Future growth

The team will analyse your needs and design a software, that will let your company be ahead of many competitors, spreading your internet presence anywhere around the globe, locally or internationally. Our approach to app development guarantees flexibility. We think about your future growth and how the application could answer them with the new markets’ expansion.

How Magora can help?

We have a wide portfolio of apps, which are created for POS, E-commerce companies and for other industries, too. Based on this background, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company work, by implementing modern technologies, suggesting some approved methods and useful functionality, and adding automation to the daily routine of your business.

Portfolio of Magora applications for E-Commerce industry

Here are some of our latest projects, related to ecommerce and POS app and bespoke software development.
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