Is it time to get a mobile app?

Ask yourself these questions:

Would an additional channel for sales and marketing help improve your customer relationships, revenue and profits?
Have you got mobile staff that need to quickly and safely share data with the office even when they have no mobile signal?
Do you need a low cost, mobile solution that’s safer and quicker than web apps with better functionality?

If the answer to just one of these questions is yes - it’s time to get your corporate mobile app!

What you need to know

Before you get started you need to get some things clear in your mind.

What exactly is the purpose of the app?
What are your business and revenue goals?
What are the essential features you need to achieve these goals?

Benefits VS Costs

If you keep the functionality simple so that you only have the features that you absolutely need, then the costs of developing the app will be lower. You can then add features as you go along once the app has paid for itself.

Better financial performance your business will benefit from:

  • increased efficiency and productivity
  • reaching new potential customers at low cost
  • improved communications with existing customers

If you keep the functionality simple so that you only have the features that you absolutely need, then the costs of developing the app will be lower. You can then add features as you go along once the app has paid for itself.

Why Magora?

We are creative, experienced, we care about our customers and we build great mobile applications. We understand how to deliver the best possible solution within your budget and to your timescale whether you’re using the iOS, Android or Windows platform. Over many years in the IT industry, we have worked out a seamless approach to app development based on the the most efficient methodologies and specific requirements of our clients.

We believe in the principles of agile methodology that involves strong team collaboration and enables us to deliver functioning software within short iterations, continuously improving the product and adding new features even on the latest stages of development. We love the agile approach for its flexibility, interactivity and effectiveness.

  • Model name
  • Manufacturer
  • Colour
  • Operating system

Now, we need to look into these attributes. The first one is the model name. It could be presented by a combination of numbers, for example, 1900738. The data type of this attribute is a number. There are different ways to represent a number in objective-C:

  • As the NSNumber class instance
  • As a primitive int
  • As a NSInteger data type used in Foundation

On the other hand, if you approach us with a full-fledged software requirement specification and have a clear picture of the end product in mind, we utilise the waterfall methodology where your project sequentially goes through the stages of design, programming and deployment without any changes to the requirements. The major downside of the waterfall methodology is that you will have to wait for quite a long time - months or even years, depending on the complexity of the app - until your project is accomplished, while with the agile you will get a shippable product in a matter of weeks.

Magora - developer's team, which brings mobility to your business

Our proccess

Typically, our app development process involves the following stages:

We work with you to understand your ideas and get familiar with your business. Then, our developers help you refine the idea and find a digital solution that best meets your company’s needs.

At this stage, we create wireframes, design interactions and define the logic behind the entire app.

Here our experienced designers create a design concept, graphic images, icons and other elements, making sure that they reflect your business identity.

Magora’s talented developers code the app, fleshing out the designs into a functional program.

Our quality assurance team rigorously tests the app, ensuring that it works as intended, has no bugs and is highly secure.

We submit your brand-new application to the App Store, where your customers can download it and start bringing benefits to your business.



We are proud to say that our mobile application development is tailored to every project so you get a unique, bespoke solution that is right for your business. Whether you are a big enterprise in need of a complex software system that would integrate all your disparate legacy programs into a unified solution, or a startup wishing to launch a quality MVP to validate your top-notch products or services - we are a perfect team for the job.

Our projects include an advanced lightning management system that integrates elaborate software with high-tech hardware, a maritime vessel solution that uses complex mathematical algorithm to predict fuel consumption, popular social networks that revolutionise the way people interact online and other successful projects for thriving businesses, which you can find in our portfolio.

We work with some of the biggest and best brands, including T-Mobile, Cisco, Mini, and the World Wildlife Fund. But we also know how to translate what the big brands achieve to smaller businesses, so whatever size your enterprise we can adapt what we do to deliver the right solution for you.

Launch and Beyond

Our commitment to you goes through to the launch stage and beyond. We’ll be there to support you as you go live, to help you understand how the app is performing, to monitor how the users are interacting with it and make suggestions for adaptations when you have the first analytics available.

So whether your mobile application is for a specific marketing campaign or for long-term use by your customers and staff, we’ll make sure you get the right one for your business.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can help your business achieve more through a mobile application.

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