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Headquartered in London, is a world leader in bespoke app development. By taking on board your business values and overall strategy and adding advanced functionality and design, we deliver amazing tailor-made mobile phone applications.

Bespoke mobile app development is our top-priority service

Our UK-based mobile agency specialises in apps for iOS and Android. We’ve created more than 300 enterprise-grade mobile projects for our customers all over the world.
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We’ve been delivering Apple and Android applications for smartphones and tablets for nearly a decade and have been listed in 2018 independent ratings as:
  • The UK’s Top App Developer;
  • The Top iPhone App Developer in the UK;
  • The UK’s Top Android App Developer.
  • Magora Mobile App Developers: 4.7 stars - based on 24 Google Business Reviews

How to create mobile application

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Our consultants offer guidance through the entire iOS/Android app development life cycle. Magora business analysts work to help you to formalise key demands, choose the appropriate platform and priority devices and structure your future mobile app’s requirements.


Magora’s leading app designers create the perfect visualisation for the user journey. Via intuitive functionality implemented within user-friendly interfaces, we provide app users with a fantastic user experience whilst ensuring profits and overall satisfaction for businesses.

delivered on time

With a decade’s experience in iOS/Android app development, we’re proud to provide reliable bespoke mobile app. Our expert team and transparent development process allow us to create apps in short sprints, providing our customers with highly-functional mobile programs.

Magora — a mobile app developer
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6 steps to create an amazing
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Our development begins with straightforward discussion to get familiar with your great ideas. We analyse the market situation and assess all the pros and cons of any given feature to ensure your future mobile app’s competitive market edge. Working side-by-side with you, we’ll list features by priority and set the timeline development. Next, our mobile app developers and UI designers will implement your ideas into a smartphone or tablet application that best meets your company’s needs.


Our mobile app development agency get to know you and familiarise themselves with your ideas, then our developers help you find the perfect digital solution to meet your company’s needs.


At this stage, we create wireframes, design interactions and define the logic behind the entire app.


Here our experienced designers create a design concept - graphic images, icons and other elements - making sure that they reflect your business identity.


Magora’s talented developers code the app, fleshing out the designs into a functional program.


Our quality assurance team rigorously tests the app, ensuring that it works as intended, has no bugs and is highly secure.


We submit your brand-new application to the App Store, where your customers can download it and start bringing benefits to your business.

Magora clients on our work:

They started and finished on time, produced work reliably, and made the whole process seamless.
— CEO, Internet Company
... we’re very pleased with their code quality. It’s very responsive and does exactly what we want.
— VP of Operations, E-Commerce Platform
They provided an excellent ratio of quality, price, and communication.
— Project Manager, Eurekly
Magora has done very well at onboarding us, selling to us, servicing us, and providing great post-service.
— Head of Research & Development, Financial Products Firm
We’ve had very good customer feedback for the platform, which is the best compliment we can get.
— CTO, Voice Services Company
The platform is functional, fluid, and user-friendly. It was also delivered in a timely manner.
— Creative Director, Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer

Need help in translation what the big brands achieved to your business app?

Magora mobile app developers are always glad to help. Contact us and we’ll share our expertise to speed up your progress.
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How much does mobile app development cost?
If we’re talking about straightforward apps with limited features - built by freelance programmers or non-coding app builders - the price can be between £25,000 and £50,000.
Advanced mobile applications, similar to Uber or AIrbnB, can cost from $500,000 to $1,000,000 or more
Apps created by Magora range from £50,000 to £500,000, depending on complexity and chosen platform.
Magora's client: Danone
Magora's client: Unilever
Magora's client: Toyota
Magora's client: Cisco
Magora's client: Yandex
Magora's client: Vielda
When you have a detailed software requirement specification (SRS) and know exactly what you need, the development agency can evaluate the project and provide you with a precise budget and development schedule.
As many business owners need additional support at the initial stage of app development in order to collect features, we’ll quite often begin the overall estimate with a discovery phase. As a result, our IT expert will create a detailed SRS including an exact price and development schedule as well as a list of intended features and project development milestones.
Cooperation with a reliable mobile app development company is the optimal way to lower costs without compromising on quality. In app programming, the budget, timing and success of the project largely depend on the proficiency of the team. Only mature IT companies with skilled app architects, programmers, testers and UI designers can guarantee you a seamless, user-friendly, stable, invulnerable app at a reasonable price.
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