Bespoke app development and MVP creation for startups

Development of MVPs and Bespoke Solutions for Startups

We are experienced business consultants who can help make your business idea a reality. A large portion of Magora’s services involve the development of Minimum Viable Products for startups, as well as more complicated bespoke solutions for our larger and enterprise clients. An MVP brings you to the basic level of functionality as fast as possible so your business is ready to deploy with no delay.

Who is best suited for an MVP?

  • Businesses seeking to quickly get to market and test their idea in the real world;
  • Clients in need of a working product for presentations to potential investors;
  • Enterprises launching cross-platform services and searching for feedback from focus groups or executives to refine their initiatives;
  • Anyone in need of rapid entry to the market who is willing to follow the Agile method: building layers of functionality over successive versions in response to customer feedback, market research and KPIs.

Magora and Startups

Startups are unique in their structure and practices, which is why Magora follows three key principles when developing for our startup clients.
All Magora projects are customised to best match the client and their goals. We see our clients as members of our team, and we value their input accordingly. It allows us to be certain that every project we create can be leveraged to ensure the maximum positive effect.
“The Startup Mentality”
Startups are unique, but most consultants fail to take this into consideration. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in software and app development, and there is no uniform approach to any two businesses. We recognise the importance of these projects and our team works side by side with you to ensure our decision making satisfies the criteria you require.
Nothing But the Best.
Our startup clients are heavily invested in these projects, because their companies are ones they have created and grown themselves and that’s precisely why we guarantee the best possible outcomes of our collaboration.

What We Offer Startups

Magora’s offerings extend into many essential services, including:
  • Research & Development (R&D);
  • Marketing Support;
  • Consulting Services;
  • Bespoke MVP product Development for Startups;

Cost Efficiency

Each project is unique so Magora has adopted a flexible price policy that adheres to the budgets of our partners without sacrificing quality. We use our proven experience across a spectrum of industries to offer clients keen insight into crucial spheres such as end user outcomes, monetisation strategy, and process automation.

Why Magora developers?

  • Extensive distribution channels reach larger and more diverse audiences to generate new revenue streams;
  • Fully developed monetisation strategies ensure our clients do not miss an opportunity to see returns on their investment or enjoy continued growth;
  • On-time, on-budget development with full support and consistent communication that meets all scheduled milestones agreed upon with you;
  • Competitive bids which are backed by experienced professionals, a low cost technology stack, and a flexible price policy.
We understand how difficult it is to begin something totally new and that you probably have a lot of questions. That's why our passionate team are ready to talk to you about how our experiences with clients in the past will lead to successes in the future with you. Let’s get in touch.
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