Expensify, a highly efficient mobile business application, provides an invaluable solution for expense tracking. The platform boasts free, user-friendly mobile apps compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. With this app at your disposal, you can effortlessly scan and organize your purchase receipts, facilitating seamless expense monitoring while you're on the go. Furthermore, it offers robust features to track expenses related to time or distance. Whether you're on a business trip or managing temporary hires, the app proves indispensable in maintaining accurate records of these expenditures.

Magora: Brief

Magora has successfully implemented Optical Character Recognition technology in the Expensify app. Expensify utilizes OCR to automate the extraction of data from receipts, enabling seamless expense management. Users can capture receipts using their smartphones, and the OCR-powered feature extracts relevant information such as merchant name, date, and amount. This implementation has streamlined expense reporting and eliminated the need for manual data entry.

Magora: Solution

We successfully delivered an engine that streamlines the receipt scanning process for Expensify—a prominent mobile business application designed for efficient expense tracking.

Key Success Criteria:

Expensify has secured an impressive total of $138.2 million in funding through 9 successful funding rounds.

On November 10, 2021, Expensify celebrated its IPO, marking a significant moment in its growth journey.

The IPO garnered an impressive $263 million in funds raised.

Magora: Result
Magora IT company project: MoneyWiz
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