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Here on our blog, we want to offer to anyone interested in bespoke software and mobile app development tips and tricks which will help them to understand the mobile app creation process in general and to get some useful advice on how to implement the best solution for your business needs. Our collection of articles is targeted at business managers responsible for organising software development for their companies. We try to avoid a lot of technical details, the kind necessary for developers, and instead want to offer you a comprehensive look at every stage of the process. Here you can keep up to date with the latest trends, learn cost-saving and value-adding tricks, and just help you understand this rapidly evolving technology more effectively.

Our blog is organised into several categories:

We excel at developing business apps and corporate bespoke software, because it’s the main part of our business. And we are ready to share our expertise in this field. Our team continues to work on creating valuable articles for you, based on our own and our partners knowledge and experience. Delve deeper into the Magora business blog section and browse ideas about how to apply the benefits of mobile application development to your enterprise.

When it comes to software or app design, it’s so much more than a pretty colour palette and the right font. Investigate the ways top developers create a holistic user experience when they design an app or software that leaves users satisfied. You can read here about the latest trends in design and the best examples of creative work. Find out the KPI for your future software success.

Magora developers’ blog posts can offer you an understanding of some specific aspects of this type of work. Here we try to explain technical aspects in a simple and clear way to prepare you for discussion and make certain you are able to come to a mutual understanding with any programming team quicker. Web, Android and iOS app development, as well as about bespoke software solutions for desktops and tablets, are all found here. You can even pose questions about technical aspects and the pros and cons of different platforms and program languages, and we will answer in our following articles. Learn how to follow the latest trends in iPhone and Android development, and much more.

What’s developers do exactly, and what does “bespoke” mean? Here we explore a bit of the more nuanced questions you may have asked yourself as you explore the world of software and mobile development. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned coding expert, or simply someone interested in versing yourself with some of the technological topics of this realm, you’ll find interesting reading material here.

Follow Magora’s latest news to keep on top of what the company is up to. Each day brings news in projects, partnerships and beyond, so be sure and keeps tabs on what we’re up to. You’re bound to come across something that’ll peak your interest.
Whether you are looking to create app features to outdo your competitors, looking for a software or app developer that can speak the language of business as well as they can JavaScript, or just curious what all the fuss is about, the Magora blog is the place for you. Peruse our library of articles and become an expert in how technology can revolutionise your business!
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How to Create an Educational App and How Much It Costs
How to Create an Educational App and How Much It Costs
Alex G.
January 24, 2023
Healthcare App Development: Cost, Types and Compliance in 2023
Healthcare App Development: Cost, Types and Compliance in 2023
Alex G.
January 08, 2023
How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Web Application in 2023
Alex G.
November 30, 2022
How to hire mobile app developers
How to Hire Mobile App Developers: Step-by-Step Guide for 2023
Alex G.
October 23, 2022
Magora Has Been Recognized as a 3rd Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK
Alex G.
October 07, 2022
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How to Create an Educational App and How Much It Costs Healthcare App Development: Cost, Types and Compliance in 2023 How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Web Application in 2023 How to Hire Mobile App Developers: Step-by-Step Guide for 2023 Magora Has Been Recognized as a 3rd Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK Cybersecurity and Resilience Our Five-Star Collection on Clutch Internet of Medical Things: Remote Healthcare Systems and Applications Digital Construction And Trends Better safe than sorry: Discovery Phase for your Software Project Hard Work Spotlights the Character of People and Frameworks Make Their Development Easier Recent FoodTech Trends: Bye-bye, Stove! Application Development Life Cycle: A to Z or Watch Your Six: Steps to Develop Your Application Code red: Bespoke solutions for CleanTech - developing clean energy technology. The Apple App Store and Google Play Monopoly Searching for souls: Web3 and a shred of humanity Measure Twice, Cut Once: How To Calculate Costs and ROI for the Project Tech Trends in Transportation and Logistics Real Estate: Trends and technology Cybersecurity Comes First NFTs Are a Girl's Best Friend Predictive Maintenance Metaverse Why do you need a Product Owner Tech trends in fashion industry IoT solutions in our domain Magora Systems has been recognized as a Top 20 iOS App Development companies in 2021 by DesignRush M-Commerce for Retailers: What an App Can Do for You Chrome Is Becoming Faster: New Update from Google Mobile App Design: UI/UX Trends 2021 What's New in iOS 14? Overview of the Main Innovations. Contactless Era: 5 Technologies to Upgrade Your Business in Pandemic Conditions Mobile Strategy: 6 Tasks Your Business Can Solve with a Mobile App Application Development Life Cycle: A to Z What is ROI And How to Calculate It Design and Analysis: Two Sides of the Same Coin How to Create a Client-Winning App Interface Design Magora Named Clutch Leader in Educational App Development Startup: How to Estimate A New Market Share Magora’s Mobile Apps Will Metamorphose Your Business Getting Started with Mobile Development for Absolute Beginners Top 11 Apps for Book Lovers to Download Now 10 Stunning Mobile App Ideas to Kickstart your Business and Make Money How to Develop an Android App from Scratch Artificial Intelligence Programming for Beginners Hype technology: artificial intelligence vs machine learning vs deep learning The 10 Weirdest Uses of Artificial Intelligence The 10 coolest app design software tools Modern Trends in Telemedicine: a New Word in Saving Lives Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Real-time Big Data Analytics What Developers Think of iOS 13 24 Best Money-making Apps in 2019 Big Data in Business: from A to Z Preparing for 5G Networks: How New 5G Technology will Change the App Market Website vs Web Application - What’s the Difference? Top 15 iPhone Business Apps to Simplify your Life 4 Types of Data Analytics to Boost your Business The 15 best mobile apps for business to boost your productivity MySQL vs. PostgreSQL: which one is the best in 2019 Scrum and ScrumBut: what’s the Difference? Magora Receives 2019 Clutch Leader Awards! Agile Scrum is not a Methodology, but a Framework The 49 Best-designed iPhone Apps to Inspire your Project How to Write Great User Stories First Look at the Revamped Mac Pro and Other News from Apple Conference 2019 SCORM for Learning Automation Business App Development in an Agile Environment Ultimate Agile Guidelines How to Choose Appropriate Technology for Business Software Development Android vs iOS App Development: Which is Better for your Business Project? How to Develop Million-Dollar Software While Investing Nearly Nothing Google Play Vs App Store How to Choose App Developer? How do Free Apps Make Money? Creating an App Prototype: Sketch, Mockup and Wireframe Two Ways to Make a Successful App Getting Acquainted with Magora’s Tech Stack: Angular in the Spotlight 4 Mistakes you Should Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development 10 Software Development Trends to Implement in your Project to Become a Market Leader Nuts and Bolts of Waterfall Software Development 5 Hot Tips to Be Prepared for App Creation: Cost, Deadlines and Legal Rights 10 Brilliant Computer Games that Can Teach You How to Code Hot App Marketing Tips: 10 Simple Steps to Success AI Technology: 7 Amazing Examples of How to Boost your Business How to Predict your App’s Success with PESTEL Analysis How to Protect your Data While Using API Services 7 Reasons Why a Business Might Want to Pursue App Development for Growth 5 Reasons App Developers Fail their Clients Hot 5 Software Security Recommendations for 2019 15 Best Pranking Apps to Troll your Mates Top 10 Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends for 2019 Top Frameworks for Web Development in 2019 Top 7 Questions about Software Developers 10 Pop Fun Apps to Relax and put you in a Holiday Mood all through the Year 2019 Software Requirement Specification - a Foundation for Building a Successful Application Warm Greetings for the coming Christmas and New Year 2019 Interview with Clutch - Creator of the 2018 Directory of Top Mobile App Developers Latest Mobile App Design Trends Moving Into 2019 iOS vs Android User Experience: 10 things Google Play and App Store Visitors Do Differently 10 Top Questions about Web Developers How Node.js Helps us Create Awesome Apps Eight Hot Questions about Mobile App Developers Top 7 Educational App Ideas to Broaden your Horizons SEO: How to Optimise your Website for Google Image Search Monolithic vs. Microservices Architecture: How the Software Structure Can Influence the Efficiency 6 Features to be Implemented in the Document Management Software How to Make a Profit from the AI Bot Invasion Your Business Needs Database Application Development to Organise Your Data AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages: Improving Mobile Experience Distance Learning: How to Win with your own eLearning Platform Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Development Architecture How to Find a Good Web Development Company Pop-ups to Increase Conversion of Your Website Top 10 Frameworks for Flash-Like Software Development Planning an App for Wear OS Beginning App Development: Get Prepared for Your First Project Is it Easy to Transform an Android app into an iOS application? iOS 12 Release. Part II iOS 12 — What’s New? Part I How to Choose a CMS for your Site Let Smart Bots Speed up your Business Latest Software Developments to Transform your Business and Product Offering Apple Watch for Business: 4 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Smart Gadgets iPhone X Paves the Way for the Future of Mobile Phones with Brand New Features App Gamification: 5 Points to Remember Manage Your Project like a Pro: ProductPlan vs. RealtimeBoard Roadmap Software Progressive Disclosure in Mobile UX: How it Works Data Centre Security: 3 Main Points to Look at Agile Roadmapping: Our Software Development Strategy to Deliver Top Quality How to Transfer your Business to the Cloud: A Step-by-step Guide Where to Find Mobile App Developers: Expert Advice from an Insider Empty Screens and Errors: How to Improve UX Weak Spots iOS 11.4.1’s Main Security Feature has Already been Hacked Business Automation: Painless Ways to Cut Costs and Increase Your Enterprise ROI Clutch Congratulates Magora - an App Development Leader in Multiple Industries The 3 Giants of Interface Design: Colour, Contrast, Content Social Media Integration: Should You Connect Your Site with Social Networks? GDPR at Work: Yahoo Fined £250k for Breaking Rules on Working with PD 9 Common Google Analytics’ Errors: How to Fix Them Why Is a CTA Button Important for Your Site? How to Get Users Engaged: Best First-Hand Strategies Order Management System: Meaning of OMS 5 Building Blocks of a Successful Mobile App Designing Interfaces for Professional Software: Hands-On Experience Top Ideas for Local Marketing How to Create a User Journey Map How Magora Participated in the SPIC 2018 Watch the Magora Webinar Footage to Check Your GDPR Compliance 5 Best Website Footer Design Ideas: Key Things to Put at the Bottom Machine Learning: from Science Fiction to Real Business It’s High Time to Launch Your Own Apps for Business Cryptocurrency Mining: How to Find Your Gold Mine Limiting your Expenditures and Risks: IT Contractors Vs. Outsourcing Teams Under the Hood of the App: Writing Backends in Ruby How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency and Not Fail on the Market Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website? Will Progressive Web Apps Solve the Dilemma? Private Data Regulations: Workflow Automation Google’s Micro-Moments: Attract New Customers Right Here and Now Mobile Application Security: How to Protect Android Apps from Reverse Engineering Advanced Tools for Professional WordPress Development Second Magora Webinar Video Record Push Notifications: Don’t Let Users Forget about Your App How to Get the Maximum Benefit from a Software Development Estimate Chatbot is on Duty: Improve the UX of your Website Deep Learning: New Horizons of Software Development Final Checks Before Release: Make Sure Your App Is Ready How Software Development Can Change your Business Personal Impressions of Mobile World Congress 2018 A Brief Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Adjust Software Development for Your Business to Increase Revenue Ekkø - the First Virtual Assistant for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Magora team on the MWC 2018 - Photo Galery Improve Your Users’ Website Experience: Lazy Load Discovery Phase for your Software Project: Setback or Necessity? How Virtual Reality Transforms Customer Experience in 2018 Magora Webinar with James Watkins: App Development Costs in the Spotlight Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018: See You in Barcelona! 15 Tips for Pixel-Perfect UI: App Design Guide What You Need to Know About Developing a Cross-Platform App Mobile App Development Companies: How our experts make it happen iOS 9.3 Application Development: Rest a Little Easier MongoDB: a Fast and Easy Way to Calculate Aggregated Values without Map-Reduce Access to Oracle Data from SharePoint 2010 Using Business Data Connectivity Model How to Market your Mobile App Google Analytics: Hints and Tips for Multi-Channel Funnels Fluctuations in B2B Marketing Responsive Web Design: Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile-Friendly Solutions Where is Business Collaboration Headed in 2016? Apple’s New MacBook Pro: Fast and Smart, but Gimmicky The 9 Best Cross-Platform Messengers Mobile Software Development: Key Steps to Success Launch Festival 2015: a Major Event for IT start-ups jQuery EasyUI in Web: Tips to Make it Work in all Browsers Magora Systems at SIBF 2014 Why App Quality is all Important Using Canon EDSDK in .NET Development Apple Presents Challenge to Users: High Performance Vs. Battery Life Scrum Invites you to Take Part in Development Process Unlucky Number Seven: The Mishaps of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The Latest Trends in Wearable Devices to Watch in 2016 Best Prototyping Tools Review Amazing App Design Trends 2018 to Set the Pace New Virus Destroys Smartphones by Mining Cryptocurrency Magora's Mobile App and Software Development: Ensure National Security Custom vs Ready-Made Software: The Advantages of Bespoke Development Handy CSS Tricks for Responsive Design Hackers Know Your Password: Don’t Stay Vulnerable Your First Application. Where to Start? Open Graph Meta Tags: Sharing Content Like a Pro How can Prototypes Improve your Corporate App Development? Strategic Technology Development 2016 PHP Frameworks Comparison: Yii vs Laravel CSS Selectors: How to Use Descendant Selectors to Style Elements Summarising the Development Results Google Analytics: Tips and Tricks about Website A/B and Multivariate Testings Software-based Video Stabilisation on iOS Using OpenCV Framework Through the Thorns to High Load: Clustering on Amazon Web Services Isn’t it a Proper Time to Get you Own Enterprise App? How to Validate Your Startup Idea On-Demand Apps and the Logistics & Transportation Industry Common Problems that you can solve with a Bespoke Warehouse App Bespoke Mobile Apps: Why a Development Company Outdoes Full Stack Developers How Can You Earn 10 Billion Pounds? Become Like Uber Top 25 Frameworks for Mobile App Development Webinar: How to Cut up to 50% off Mobile Development Costs The True Value of UX Testing in Software Development Using UI Tests to Improve Your App Interview with Magora Systems Magora to Drive Businesses towards Excellence: New Web and Mobile Products Why App Developers in The UK Choose iOS for Enterprise Application Design Planning for App Monetisation: Rules, Benefits and Hazards Tricks to Fix Google Play Service Bugs Wish you the Joy and Warmth of Xmas Styled QR Code Generator Development What to Do to Get a Great B2B Mobile App – Tips and Tricks SEO Guide: How to Build Organic Links to Your Website? Getting Started with AngularJS: 3 Main Rules Facebook Creates New Opportunities for Startups How to Save Your Budget for Development How to Develop a High-load System Based on Node.js, Cassandra and Redis Ensure Secure Data Transmission without a Secure Channel Planning a Business App to Streamline Company Operations App Promotion: Apple and Google Best Practices The Many Challenges of Android Development Driverless Cars: Is It Time to Throw Away Your Driving Licence? Enterprise Mobile Security: Top Mobile Threats and How to Fight Them How To Integrate Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager CeBIT 2014: Some Common Stuff and Mind-blowing Impressions Mobile App Development: Beginner's Guide Getting Started with AngularJS: Working with Forms Moving to Mobile: The Answers you Need Which Option is Better, a Mobile App or a Mobile Website? Tips and tricks for mobile apps and software Google Optimize: A/B Testing with No Trouble What Cars and Mobile Apps Have in Common: Figuring the Right Functionality, Design and Cost. We Entered the Deep Web, and This Was What We Saw Hybrid vs Mobile Web vs Native Applications: an Insider's Look Apps Showcase – Handy Social, Travel and Leisure Tools How to Create an API-server on Yii PHP Framework Business Across Borders? Proceed with Caution Crucial Ingredients of a Successful E-commerce Project 5 Strange Design Trends Medical Apps and Software: a Technology-driven Approach to Healthcare Using JavaScript for Data Processing Hackers Are Looking at Your Phone Number iOS Development: Apple Maps vs OpenStreetMaps How to Convert a Web Experience to a Mobile Application TechDayHQ Conference, London, October 27 5G Networks - Super-Speed Connectivity How to Build a Bubble Chart Using d3.js? Developing your Mobile App Securely Improve Your Efficiency: Checklists for Software Testing Pokemon Go: A Goldmine for Local Businesses How to Create a Good Bug Report The benefits mobile apps can deliver for your business 3 Most Anticipated Updates for Mobile Application Development Development without Borders: our Programmers Travel to the Emirates to Work on a New Project SEO Tips for Mobile Apps Google Wallet: What, How, and Where? The Mobile Artificial Intelligence Revolution Has Just Begun Intelligent Clothing: the Next Revolution Apple’s Evolution or Nightmare: iPhone X Release Main Troubles Millennials: a Huge Impact on Online Sales Programmatic: Effective 21st Century Advertising What Is Influencer Marketing? Sponsored Data Service - A New Trend With Potential Future Growth Google Analytics: Tips about Filters and Segments Settings You Probably Had No Clue About QA Testing: How We Do It Time To Catch Up With The Latest Devices for Autumn 2017 The Controversial World of Online Dating Smart Office: Top-5 Devices to Make Your Business More Efficient The New Google Analytics 360 Suite - Add Efficiency to Your Marketing Efforts Impartial Feedback Don’t Postpone System Updating: Malware Attacks Outdated OS iOS 11 & Android Oreo: What To Expect? Requirements Specification: Creating the Essential Document for Your Project’s Success How accidentally not to block Google Analytics on your site The Nuts and Bolts of Outsourcing App Development Striving for Security in an Aggressive Threat Environment Advanced Web Design Tools 5 Smart Ways to Refine Your Lead Generation Strategy Top 24 Online Resources for Web Designers Top Trends in Education Apps: From M-Learning to Gamification and VR Tech News Catch-Up: From iOS 11 to the Periodic Table of SEO Best Practices for Responsive Web Design mHealth: How Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Healthcare Business Google Analytics: Overcoming Big Data Problems with Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery Top Metrics to Track for Your Mobile App: Measure Stuff, Not Fluff Magora Named Among the World’s Best Mobile App Developers Useful Apps for Your Property Business Choosing the Right Developer 5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Better Social Media Outreach Best Business Intelligence Tools for Comprehensive Analytics WordPress or Custom CMS: Which Is Better for Your Website? Google Analytics: Get Ready for Google’s Cross-Device Remarketing IT on Australian Railways Will Samsung Get Back on its Feet with the Brand New Galaxy S8? Why SSL/ TLS Is Not as Secure as You May Think Amazing Things Neural Networks Can Do Google Analytics: Why Your Reports Are Not 100% Accurate 3D Printers: The Future of Manufacturing How to Create Great Images for Your Blog Fast and Easily Eco-Friendly IT Solutions that Minimise Environmental Damage and Save Natural Resources How We Train Our iOS Developers to Become Industry-Leading Experts Your Guide to Taking Awesome Screenshots CES Review 2017 Twitter Analytics: The Best Tools for Monitoring Twitter Audience Responsiveness Six Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business 3 Mobile Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017 Magora Christmas Wishes for 2017 year How to Evaluate Bespoke Software Code Quality Like a Pro Analysis in bespoke software development Android Communication: Use of COM Port for Data Transfer Mobile App Quality Assurance: The Role of QA in Project Success How to Improve Your App’s User Experience In Four Steps Startup Success Stories: How to Rise to the Top Must Know Mobile App Design Trends 2016 Everything you need to know about web and mobile app tracking Monetising Mobile Applications: Turning Apps into Revenue Magora Greetings Picking a Developer: How to Be Heard and Understood How to Develop the Perfect B2B App 5 Core B2C Mobile App Monetization Strategies World Wide Web by the Numbers: Top Websites and Technologies How Project Managers Can Keep you out of Trouble Digital Dashboards: it’s Time to Face the Data Web Design Trends of 2014 Take your Business Forward with QR Codes: 4 Brilliant Examples of QR Codes Usage iOS Design for Android? 6 Reasons why you SHOULD NOT Use iOS App Design for Android. 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