Magora is a rapidly growing company, which means we have a lot of exciting stories to share, partnerships to be proud and projects we can’t wait to share. The News Blog Section is dedicated to the latest and greatest from Magora, but also from the rapidly evolving realm of software and application development. We know how much businesses are coming to rely upon these technologies, so staying fresh is as vital as ever.
In this section, you can read our latest announcements, information that may be a bit more time-sensitive (think conferences, exhibitions, etc.), but also the items that have a more personal touch. Discussions and interviews with various members of our team, our partners and media outlets will be found in this section as well. Follow our news to see what changes and trends have the greatest impact on businesses so you can set yourself apart.
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Webinar with Magora business consultant
Let Smart Bots Speed up your Business Arthur Grishkevich
August 26, 2018
ios security hacked
iOS 11.4.1’s Main Security Feature has Already been Hacked Tom Dicson
July 19, 2018
Magora listed in top app developers
Clutch Congratulates Magora - an App Development Leader in Multiple Industries
Daniel Kloft
July 12, 2018
Yahoo fined for breaking GDPR
GDPR at Work: Yahoo Fined £250k for Breaking Rules on Working with PD Tom Dicson
July 03, 2018
Magora at SPIC May 2018
How Magora Participated in the SPIC 2018 Mia Lewis
May 31, 2018
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