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Magora is a rapidly growing company, which means we have a lot of exciting stories to share, partnerships to be proud and projects we can’t wait to share. The News Blog Section is dedicated to the latest and greatest from Magora, but also from the rapidly evolving realm of software and application development. We know how much businesses are coming to rely upon these technologies, so staying fresh is as vital as ever.
In this section, you can read our latest announcements, information that may be a bit more time-sensitive (think conferences, exhibitions, etc.), but also the items that have a more personal touch. Discussions and interviews with various members of our team, our partners and media outlets will be found in this section as well. Follow our news to see what changes and trends have the greatest impact on businesses so you can set yourself apart.
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Magora Has Been Recognized as a 3rd Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK
Alex G.
October 07, 2022
Our Five-Star Collection on Clutch
Alex G.
September 19, 2022
Tech trends in fashion industry
Alex G.
March 14, 2022
Magora Systems has been recognized as a Top 20 iOS App Development companies in 2021 by DesignRush
Anton D.
July 05, 2021
google chrome 90 update
Chrome Is Becoming Faster: New Update from Google Max Summers
March 25, 2021
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Magora Has Been Recognized as a 3rd Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK Our Five-Star Collection on Clutch Tech trends in fashion industry Magora Systems has been recognized as a Top 20 iOS App Development companies in 2021 by DesignRush Chrome Is Becoming Faster: New Update from Google What's New in iOS 14? Overview of the Main Innovations. Magora Named Clutch Leader in Educational App Development Magora’s Mobile Apps Will Metamorphose Your Business Top 11 Apps for Book Lovers to Download Now The 10 Weirdest Uses of Artificial Intelligence 24 Best Money-making Apps in 2019 The 15 best mobile apps for business to boost your productivity Magora Receives 2019 Clutch Leader Awards! First Look at the Revamped Mac Pro and Other News from Apple Conference 2019 10 Brilliant Computer Games that Can Teach You How to Code 15 Best Pranking Apps to Troll your Mates 10 Pop Fun Apps to Relax and put you in a Holiday Mood all through the Year 2019 Warm Greetings for the coming Christmas and New Year 2019 Interview with Clutch - Creator of the 2018 Directory of Top Mobile App Developers Top 7 Educational App Ideas to Broaden your Horizons How to Make a Profit from the AI Bot Invasion Let Smart Bots Speed up your Business iOS 11.4.1’s Main Security Feature has Already been Hacked Clutch Congratulates Magora - an App Development Leader in Multiple Industries GDPR at Work: Yahoo Fined £250k for Breaking Rules on Working with PD How Magora Participated in the SPIC 2018 Google’s Micro-Moments: Attract New Customers Right Here and Now Personal Impressions of Mobile World Congress 2018 Adjust Software Development for Your Business to Increase Revenue Ekkø - the First Virtual Assistant for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Magora team on the MWC 2018 - Photo Galery Magora Webinar with James Watkins: App Development Costs in the Spotlight iOS 9.3 Application Development: Rest a Little Easier Apple’s New MacBook Pro: Fast and Smart, but Gimmicky The 9 Best Cross-Platform Messengers Launch Festival 2015: a Major Event for IT start-ups Magora Systems at SIBF 2014 Apple Presents Challenge to Users: High Performance Vs. Battery Life Unlucky Number Seven: The Mishaps of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The Latest Trends in Wearable Devices to Watch in 2016 Magora's Mobile App and Software Development: Ensure National Security Hackers Know Your Password: Don’t Stay Vulnerable How can Prototypes Improve your Corporate App Development? PHP Frameworks Comparison: Yii vs Laravel Summarising the Development Results Isn’t it a Proper Time to Get you Own Enterprise App? Webinar: How to Cut up to 50% off Mobile Development Costs Interview with Magora Systems Magora to Drive Businesses towards Excellence: New Web and Mobile Products Wish you the Joy and Warmth of Xmas SEO Guide: How to Build Organic Links to Your Website? Facebook Creates New Opportunities for Startups Planning a Business App to Streamline Company Operations Driverless Cars: Is It Time to Throw Away Your Driving Licence? CeBIT 2014: Some Common Stuff and Mind-blowing Impressions Apps Showcase – Handy Social, Travel and Leisure Tools Business Across Borders? Proceed with Caution TechDayHQ Conference, London, October 27 Pokemon Go: A Goldmine for Local Businesses How to Create a Good Bug Report The benefits mobile apps can deliver for your business 3 Most Anticipated Updates for Mobile Application Development Development without Borders: our Programmers Travel to the Emirates to Work on a New Project SEO Tips for Mobile Apps The Controversial World of Online Dating Impartial Feedback Striving for Security in an Aggressive Threat Environment Tech News Catch-Up: From iOS 11 to the Periodic Table of SEO Magora Named Among the World’s Best Mobile App Developers Will Samsung Get Back on its Feet with the Brand New Galaxy S8? 3D Printers: The Future of Manufacturing CES Review 2017 3 Mobile Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017 Magora Christmas Wishes for 2017 year Everything you need to know about web and mobile app tracking Monetising Mobile Applications: Turning Apps into Revenue Magora Greetings Picking a Developer: How to Be Heard and Understood
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