In the time it takes you to read this description, technology has undoubtedly advanced in some way. It may seem like every time you finally begin to understand the piece of technology at your fingertips, it gets changed, replaced, or the company goes and makes it an antique when they “revolutionize” the industry...again. Hardware is tough. The rate of innovation, invention and ideas is astounding, and, frankly, a bit difficult to keep up with. Still, it’s our job to do just that, and that doesn’t mean we can’t share what we learn, too.
This section of the Magora Blog is dedicated to building a foundation about the technologies we discuss in other sections. What are the differences between Apple’s many phones, pads and new watch? Google Glass and Google cardboard seem like fun to pull out at parties, but is there more to them? How do iOS and Android differ?
If any of those questions seem like they leave you in need of an answer, then this section is intended for you. Explore the technologies that are shaping our contemporary digital experience, and the experience of our customers and clients as they shop, correspond and interact with the marketplace in new and exciting ways.
Our article touch on the many hardwares that we use and how we can see them to their full potential in our business ventures.
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Apple Watch for business
Apple Watch for Business: 4 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Smart Gadgets Max Summers
March 22, 2018
MWC 2018 postreview
Personal Impressions of Mobile World Congress 2018 Mia Lewis
March 13, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 review
A Brief Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Tom Dicson
March 08, 2018
Database application developement
Your Business Needs Database Application Development to Organise Your Data Max Summers
March 01, 2018
Assistant for blockchain
Ekkø - the First Virtual Assistant for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Tom Dicson
February 27, 2018
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