The Magora team aren’t just experts in technology. Our clients benefit from our services because we talk the talk and walk the walk, which means each project we undertake is not just a set of codes and wireframes, but a mechanism for generating revenue, expanding brand awareness and getting goods and services to market more effectively.
Our staff are driven by more than curiosity. If we are working in an industry, we want to know it inside out, even if it means extensive investigation to put ourselves in the minds of professionals in that sphere. We consult with our clients, but also review their competitors, their strategies and the obstacles each industry faces, whether it’s the realities of nearshoring in the field of Transportation & Logistics, connecting buyers and sellers more directly in Real Estate, Sales, Construction and much more. And all that information is now available here in the Magora Developers for Business section of our blog.
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Sustainable Software Development: What Is It?
Sustainable Software Development: What Is It?
October 17, 2023
Top App Ideas for Startups to Make Money in 2023
Top App Ideas for Startups to Make Money in 2023
March 21, 2023
How to Hire App Developers in 2023
How to Hire Mobile App Developers: Step-by-Step Guide for 2023
October 22, 2022
Safe as the Bank of England: Improving resilience and cybersecurity
Cybersecurity and resilience
October 02, 2022
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