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The Magora team aren’t just experts in technology. Our clients benefit from our services because we talk the talk and walk the walk, which means each project we undertake is not just a set of codes and wireframes, but a mechanism for generating revenue, expanding brand awareness and getting goods and services to market more effectively.
Our staff are driven by more than curiosity. If we are working in an industry, we want to know it inside out, even if it means extensive investigation to put ourselves in the minds of professionals in that sphere. We consult with our clients, but also review their competitors, their strategies and the obstacles each industry faces, whether it’s the realities of nearshoring in the field of Transportation & Logistics, connecting buyers and sellers more directly in Real Estate, Sales, Construction and much more. And all that information is now available here in the Magora Developers for Business section of our blog.
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How To Calculate Costs and ROI for the Project
Measure Twice, Cut Once: How To Calculate Costs and ROI for the Project
Alex G.
June 29, 2022
m-commerce apps benefits
M-Commerce for Retailers: What an App Can Do for You Tom Dicson
March 30, 2021
Contactless business
Contactless Era: 5 Technologies to Upgrade Your Business in Pandemic Conditions Diana Maller
March 16, 2021
What app to develop for business
Mobile Strategy: 6 Tasks Your Business Can Solve with a Mobile App Diana Maller
December 15, 2020
What is ROI And How to Calculate It
Olga Bolgurtseva
August 20, 2020
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Measure Twice, Cut Once: How To Calculate Costs and ROI for the Project M-Commerce for Retailers: What an App Can Do for You Contactless Era: 5 Technologies to Upgrade Your Business in Pandemic Conditions Mobile Strategy: 6 Tasks Your Business Can Solve with a Mobile App What is ROI And How to Calculate It Startup: How to Estimate A New Market Share Magora’s Mobile Apps Will Metamorphose Your Business 10 Stunning Mobile App Ideas to Kickstart your Business and Make Money Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Real-time Big Data Analytics Big Data in Business: from A to Z Preparing for 5G Networks: How New 5G Technology will Change the App Market Top 15 iPhone Business Apps to Simplify your Life The 49 Best-designed iPhone Apps to Inspire your Project Business App Development in an Agile Environment Android vs iOS App Development: Which is Better for your Business Project? How to Develop Million-Dollar Software While Investing Nearly Nothing How to Choose App Developer? How do Free Apps Make Money? Two Ways to Make a Successful App 5 Hot Tips to Be Prepared for App Creation: Cost, Deadlines and Legal Rights Hot App Marketing Tips: 10 Simple Steps to Success How to Predict your App’s Success with PESTEL Analysis 7 Reasons Why a Business Might Want to Pursue App Development for Growth SEO: How to Optimise your Website for Google Image Search Distance Learning: How to Win with your own eLearning Platform How to Find a Good Web Development Company Latest Software Developments to Transform your Business and Product Offering How to Transfer your Business to the Cloud: A Step-by-step Guide Business Automation: Painless Ways to Cut Costs and Increase Your Enterprise ROI Top Ideas for Local Marketing Watch the Magora Webinar Footage to Check Your GDPR Compliance It’s High Time to Launch Your Own Apps for Business Limiting your Expenditures and Risks: IT Contractors Vs. Outsourcing Teams Private Data Regulations: Workflow Automation Second Magora Webinar Video Record How Software Development Can Change your Business Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018: See You in Barcelona! How to Market your Mobile App Google Analytics: Hints and Tips for Multi-Channel Funnels Fluctuations in B2B Marketing Why App Quality is all Important Your First Application. Where to Start? Google Analytics: Tips and Tricks about Website A/B and Multivariate Testings How to Validate Your Startup Idea On-Demand Apps and the Logistics & Transportation Industry Common Problems that you can solve with a Bespoke Warehouse App How Can You Earn 10 Billion Pounds? Become Like Uber Planning for App Monetisation: Rules, Benefits and Hazards What to Do to Get a Great B2B Mobile App – Tips and Tricks How to Save Your Budget for Development Mobile App Development: Beginner's Guide Moving to Mobile: The Answers you Need What Cars and Mobile Apps Have in Common: Figuring the Right Functionality, Design and Cost. Crucial Ingredients of a Successful E-commerce Project Developing your Mobile App Securely Millennials: a Huge Impact on Online Sales What Is Influencer Marketing? Sponsored Data Service - A New Trend With Potential Future Growth Smart Office: Top-5 Devices to Make Your Business More Efficient 5 Smart Ways to Refine Your Lead Generation Strategy mHealth: How Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Healthcare Business Google Analytics: Overcoming Big Data Problems with Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery Top Metrics to Track for Your Mobile App: Measure Stuff, Not Fluff Useful Apps for Your Property Business Best Business Intelligence Tools for Comprehensive Analytics Google Analytics: Get Ready for Google’s Cross-Device Remarketing Google Analytics: Why Your Reports Are Not 100% Accurate Eco-Friendly IT Solutions that Minimise Environmental Damage and Save Natural Resources Twitter Analytics: The Best Tools for Monitoring Twitter Audience Responsiveness Six Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business How to Evaluate Bespoke Software Code Quality Like a Pro Startup Success Stories: How to Rise to the Top How to Develop the Perfect B2B App 5 Core B2C Mobile App Monetization Strategies How Project Managers Can Keep you out of Trouble Digital Dashboards: it’s Time to Face the Data Take your Business Forward with QR Codes: 4 Brilliant Examples of QR Codes Usage
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