Apps for Marketing

You can take now full charge over all your comprehensive marketing requirements; content creation, social media management, market research and analysis, promotions and campaigns, distribution, brand awareness, client databases, advertising budgets, and data management - all this and more can be managed with real-time visibility from your bespoke software solution.

Key problems for Marketing to be covered with bespoke app creation

Of the most valuable marketing requirements we’ve gathered the following list:
  • Marketing planning, budgeting and ROI estimation automatization;
  • Content creation and distribution;
  • Infographics, Event and activity organisation;
  • Campaign launches - distributing, and monitoring progress;
  • Social media management;
  • Promotions (such as discounts and sales) - distribution, real time analysis of client response behaviour, traffic, and efficiency reports;
  • Estimation of social signals in comparison with competitors;
  • Market research and analysis, incl. comparison of products and competitors;

We specialise in bespoke services, a tailor-made solution to meet the specific demands of your business. We acquire a deep understanding of your marketing objectives, and address your specific needs, in order to create a comprehensive tool, which gives you unlimited opportunities to promote, manage and engage, all from the easy-access of your smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of creating an app for marketing:

Bespoke management
Take advantage of a back-office and enterprise resource planning system, by which you can manage reports, purchase orders, process expenses, integrate your database of clients, and partners into one convenient solution.
Social media management
From your app you can easily manage multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic, schedule posts, and messages. And with just one click, share content to all social media channels, blogs and sites, whenever you wish.
Brand awareness and Promotion
Plan, and launch campaigns and then monitor their progress. Easily create and distribute content. Keep informed 24/7, with real-time analysis; client behavior, traffic. Manage subscribers, and run reports.

Achieve success with Magora

Over the years, we have developed a lean approach to app development, which enables us to deliver quality software within strict timeframes and budgets. We have a wide portfolio of apps, which are created for businesses who have been centered on marketing solutions. With such a wide experience, across a spectrum of industries, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company work, by implementing modern technologies and automation into the daily routine of your company. We can take your marketing to the next level, with a powerful tool that realises your visions.

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