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Our team has written a number of articles that cover the full breadth of design, so you can understand the visual side of things, such as fonts, colour and layout, but design is more than just aesthetics. Here we discuss topics such as navigability, the psychology of intuitiveness in apps, and the overall user experience. These are the factors that make your app the premier choice in your industry.
Interfaces, while seeming relatively superficial, are the second most important factor to consider. In the world of visual stimuli in which we live, if something doesn't catch the eye, it flies like a lead balloon, meaning it becomes a lot harder to convince users of its value.
The old marketing gurus might want you to believe it, but content isn’t always king. That’s particularly true in the world of software and application development. We’ve all likely experienced an app with great potential, but poor execution. Unfortunately, those are the ones that don’t make it; however, our advice can help you avoid that pitfall.
Here we also want to present an inspiring collection of interface designs for web and mobile, which we're sure will give you some ideas. Our aim is to create a meeting point where web professionals from across the globe can come to find inspiration, a forum for discussion in which we give and receive constructive, respectful commentary, and a place to share collective knowledge and experience.
Read through our articles and enjoy tips and tricks from the masters, as well as a collection of creative projects and ideas for you to consider that draw from the latest trends in web and mobile applications.
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Mobile app design trends 2021
Mobile App Design: UI/UX Trends 2021 Mia Lewis
March 23, 2021
design and analytics
Design and Analysis: Two Sides of the Same Coin Mia Lewis
August 19, 2020
cool app interface design for business
How to Create a Client-Winning App Interface Design
Julia Gavrilova
July 06, 2020
10 best mobile app design software tools 2019
The 10 coolest app design software tools
Julia Gavrilova
August 27, 2019
Mobile app design trends 2019
Latest Mobile App Design Trends Moving Into 2019 Mia Lewis
December 18, 2018
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