Sweet Dreamers

Sweet Dreamers

Sometimes parenting might be worrisome, and this is exactly the moment when new technologies help handle any difficulties and ensure the best possible care for babies. SweetDreamers is a mobile application that allows users to remotely control a digital nanny—“Misty” device to provide good conditions for newborn babies for ultimate comfort and wellbeing.








As it is known, newborns need special attention because their bodies function differently in comparison with adults. Moreover, sooner or later, every parent will face the need to run an errand while being in the next room or walking to the nearest store without losing the ability to monitor the situation in the nursery in real time. It is essential to remain alert and keep informed remotely about the baby’s room conditions.

Magora: Brief

Magora specifically designed the SweetDreamers app to manage and control the "Misty" device. The app provides information about the temperature conditions in the nursery and notifies all members of the family account if the temperature goes beyond normal. The temperature measurements are saved as statistical graphics for tracing the dynamics. The Magora team utilized a MQTT server that linked the app with the device. The SweetDreamers app supports seamless connection to the "Misty" device, providing effortless control and creating a great user experience.

Furthermore, besides the temperature measurements in the baby's room, the device has extensive functionality, including time, an alarm clock, brightness control, and voice commands. It also helps to track feedings, nappy changes, and other important milestones in family life. You can block device buttons to ensure children's safety. In order to set up and navigate a “Misty” device, you can use voice commands from Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa. Multiple users can be connected to the device, creating a family member account with access to control it. There are also color therapy options that take the form of changing light shows. Such a feature will help parents tenderly put a baby to sleep.




The SweetDreamers is the best companion that facilitates modern parenting by helping establish a baby’s sleep, giving remote control to the room’s temperature indicators, and assisting in recording important routine milestones. “Misty” became a recipient of the prestigious ABC Kids Expo Award of Distinction Winner of the Outstanding Tech Savvy Category.

To download the Misty App please head to either the App Store or Google Play and search for Misty the Smart Cloud.



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