Your car insurance is at your fingertips and available immediately for periods ranging from one hour to a month. There is no longer a need to go to the office and fill out multiple forms, while waiting in lines. Well, it wasn’t always that way. Sometimes people postpone or even refuse to obtain car insurance due to the complexity and tediousness of documentation procedures.


Magora: Brief

At Magora, we prefer not to play with fire by skipping the step of getting car insurance, and, as a result, to streamline the whole process of insurance documentation and enhance its accessibility, we've built a fantastic smartphone app called Dayinsure, which we are really pleased with. It is available on both iOS and Android devices from the App Store and the Google Play Store.


Key app functionality

The app provides a smooth user experience with step-by-step navigation on how to obtain insurance that fits your requirements in the minimum amount of time in three easy steps. Whether you borrow a motorhome for holiday travel, a van to move to a new house, or share a car for a long journey, you can get cover quickly with the Dayinsure app. It is also ideal for ensuring learner drivers are on the move, whether you want to learn to drive in your own car with your instructor or merely practice driving in a car that isn’t your instructor’s outside of your lesson time. All necessary documentation is kept in the app and available on the go. Your saved preferences allow you to quickly insure the same vehicle again. Have you changed your mind? One button, and your insurance will be canceled, besides, the policy price will be refunded based on its remaining duration.

Magora: Solution

According to the data, this app is in great demand and frequently used in the UK. The app offers high-quality services; this is a painless and bureaucracy-free operation. It received over 90% favorable feedback from people who were happy with it.

Magora IT company project: Interprefy
Artificial intelligence apps, Top Mobile Apps

Interprefy and Magora push boundaries in human international communication by creating an app providing real-time interpretation from verified professional interpreters and AI-powered live captions and subtitles to events of any level, even in outer space. And we are not kidding.

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