Interprefy and Magora push boundaries in human international communication by creating an app providing real-time interpretation from verified professional interpreters and AI-powered live captions and subtitles to events of any level, even in outer space. And we are not kidding.



In the days of comprehensive global integration, it becomes crucial to easily understand each other by breaking language barriers. Still, the English language remains the basis of international conferences. However, only a small number of participants speak English fluently or at a sufficient level. Moreover, the translation should go along with the speaker. Professional simultaneous translators are expensive, and not every company can afford to hire several specialists at once.


Interprefy has developed a cloud-based platform that allows anyone who requires interpreting services to use their smartphone to hear the language of their choice, even at large conferences. Such a solution democratizes simultaneous interpretation and makes it accessible to everyone.


Key app functionality

The Interprefy app enables access to the system by users and interpreters, who can work remotely. The app provides high-quality interpreting services as it offers working with the best, most highly specialized interpreters, regardless of where they are physically located. It streams audio and video from events to translators and moderators. Then, the translated audio is streamed right to the audience’s devices. To ensure stable and protected operation of the application, Magora has used cutting-edge technologies including WebRTC, OpenTok, Angular, Swift, and Kotlin. AI-powered integration takes the translation process to the next level.


Magora: Solution

The Interprefy app has earned a lot of positive reviews from the audience as well as love from the big companies such as Google, Facebook, and GSK. Interprefy was a partner during the UEFA EURO 2020 press conferences and the UN sessions. Interprefy is highly valued as an employer by interpreters. A leading-edge console enables them to work from anywhere, creating a comfortable working space. The RSI platform supports the operation of up to 100 languages and the work of 400 interpreters during one event. Interprefy reliably protects all sensitive data by working according to the ISO 27001 standard.

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