A UK customer sought for a development company, which could help build an app to facilitate their couriers’ work. The starting point was to create a web portal where any courier company can register and post jobs. Couriers of a company would use a mobile application (for iOS and Android) to select jobs and let the head company track their status.
Solution and Result
Magora Systems’ team combined with its client to develop exhaustive functionality for this application. We recommended the clients to develop the web application on the .NET framework and to create a native mobile application rather than using Phone Gap. As a result of the work, Magora Systems’ engineers built a web portal that is intended for courier companies and their clients. Courier companies, as well as the clients, can post delivery orders on the website. Couriers, in their turn, receive jobs on their mobile client. Couriers may adjust their order preferences according to their geolocation and desired radius of destination. During the work process, we enriched the app with new features: couriers can dispose of paper documents to confirm delivery status and use an e-signature option instead. This application enables hundreds of UK courier companies work faster and smarter.
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