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Thanks to our team’s expertise, our agency Magora has extensive development knowledge that will open the door to the digital world for your business. Whether it's native, cross-platform or web apps, we help you bring them to life.
From an initial concept to design and development, our experienced team working across all major mobile platforms will provide you with the best solution for you case.

The potential to reach new business heights

The creative software solutions the Magora team produces turn ideas into reality, create state-of-the-art digital products and make maximum use of our customers’ financial resources in the mobile space.

iOS offers a simple and comprehensive interface that in itself is a valid reason for a wise business decision to develop applications for iOS devices.
Android powers 85% of the world's mobile devices and has the largest and most diversified portfolio of users on the market.
The advent of information technology has increased the need for custom design. Our well-established corporate app development services include e-commerce and m-commerce solutions, inventory management systems and more, ensuring that customers employ mobility as an extension of their existing business practices.
With the rapid growth of personal devices, it is imperative to work with hybrid systems that help us develop comprehensive, interactive, optimised UIs. The development of hybrid applications offers a unique combination of native software and HTML5 capabilities and talents. While native programs can speed up and maximise functionality, web-based applications provide a cost-effective way of providing cross-platform compatibility.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

A full range of services from the Magora mobile agency

Our agency uses modern technology to send your message across all of your virtual media and make use of every opportunity.
The top-level Magora team is involved in all aspects of work with highly-qualified project managers, IT system builders, graphic designers and program architects. We believe that successful products are built through collective efforts and hard work. The client believes in us because Magora provides knowledge and experience at every stage of the project life cycle. We work closely with our customers and form a natural extension of your team.
The Magora experts for you
Customers choose our mobile agency because we help them build, launch and sell successful products. We work with you to help you develop the key guidelines and decision points for generating your product's success metrics and avoiding pitfalls. The in-house agency’s experts help you improve software complexity through a seamless, step-by-step process. Our team follows an intuitive and flexible time-tested software development process.
Successful Track Record
Magora is an award-winning, industry-recognised software development agency that has been bringing online success to customers around the world for over eight years. We offer a full range of advertising and interactive technical services. We allow you to define your dreams, create strong technologies, build easy-to-use mobile projects and place responsive or adaptive websites and media to effectively communicate your message to the wider public.

User Experience

User experience design and data structures form a comprehensive view of how your product features fluctuate and how customers discover and navigate applications or mobile sites.

Every app and exciting mobile site takes a series of steps to guide users, from the iteration of the app to the consumer, to your program and your goals. We call this system a conversion funnel. When you launch the User Experience Layout section, our staff first needs some time to understand your audience and your users' roles. We run an assessment of your competitors and evaluate what they offer and what they don’t. In doing so, Magora can identify the best practice and implement it in your application alongside other necessary features.

The most critical part of the data architecture layout section is storyboards and wireframes. These provide a model for the future of mobile products. Blueprint is a building guide, similar to a manufacturing agency, for the creative design team and software programmer to develop their product in a coherent and consistent specification. Wireframes are also a high-quality tool for constant collaboration and thought-provoking lessons following product launch. Extensions to the app can be viewed without having to go through a lengthy developmental phase.

The layout design and user data scheme don’t stop after the initial phase. After launching your software, experts use analytics and reporting devices, including Google Analytics, to evaluate the conversion pipeline and take note of how digital products support conversion. Magora experts can determine if there are barriers in the user process or barriers to user behaviour. This analysis will help our agency make important changes and adjustments to increase user conversion levels and prosperity conversion rates.

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Creative Brand

As a professional IT agency, Magora offers creative design products to take your brand to the next level. We have a group of talented art directors and graphic designers who are ready to tackle any marketing, advertising or design task. Our agency’s design team has been responsible for designing web, mobile and desktop apps for some of the largest manufacturers on the international market. However, we apply the same quality assurance strategy and processes to each and every one of our customers, be they a brand leader introducing a new line of cars to the largest agencies in the world or an individual entrepreneur starting their first technology agency and developing a unique and innovative software product.

Tech Development

As one of the leading players in the mobile development market, our agency has wide-ranging experience in high-tech solutions. We’re proud to make way for mobile, desktop and web solutions for your brand. Our developers and software architects have a broad range of understanding and talent units.

Technology is our passion
At the heart of our development agency is the technical team. We strive to take advantage of the modern requirements and best practices of all the systems we use. Our team has a well-structured software development process, follows a flexible program and is constantly improving its internal workflow.
Close collaboration
All members of the development team work closely with customers to create a software development workflow tailored to each task. Developers work regularly with their existing software development teams and technical support departments to ensure the delivery and integration of the final product are carried out in the most advantageous way possible.
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Mobile applications drive business growth

Since the agency's inception in 2010, Magora has focused on cross-platform mobile app enhancements. We have experts creating regular iOS solutions for iPhone and iPad and Android applications that work on more than 800 platform-specific tools, including for Windows Mobile. Our mobile developers have many years’ experience in Objective-C and C ++, as well as with Apple's iOS SDK and Java and Android SDK and NDK.



Advanced web-based solutions

Since before smartphones and mobile applications dominated the internet, backend engineers have been building websites. We are dedicated to user-friendly websites and database corporate backend web packages. Our company has experts in PHP, asp.Net / C #, Java and JS Node, as well as good frontend developers who use JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS technologies to maximise site compatibility on laptops, tablets and mobile browsers. While we prefer to write apps natively, developers have found that HTML5 programs created using PhoneGap can allow customers to publish faster than native solutions on a smaller budget. If you have questions about HTML5 and native apps, we'd love to answer them.

Mobile and Web

In order to be the most comprehensive multi-platform development agency, we also provide services to develop and launch Microsoft Windows apps, MacOS X apps, Ubuntu Linux and Chromebook web apps. Traditional computing device applications are often overlooked, though we’ve found that these applications are still a large market depending on your industry and that Microsoft, Apple and Google have an ecosystem of applications on their laptops. We believe a multi-platform launch of your product will maximise its viability on the target market.

Quality control

The delivery of truly special products is our number-one priority. In the modern world of portable and related devices, quality control is more important than ever.

Our testing team is here to participate in each stage of development, to ensure that each product we work on offers flawless features and bug-free operation.

Quality control is an ongoing process. Every year we see new hardware and browser updates that require seamless integration and app upgrades.

Continuous maintenance and support

Our IT team loves working with customers to identify an ongoing protection and maintenance strategy to ensure that their products thrive and remain applicable to an ever-changing digital world.

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