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What is the secret of prosperity for your service company?

I joined Magora for its values. At my last company we had a customer who invested everything in his idea, selling his house, car and much more. The company never discussed with the client whether they expected it to be a success or not. They didn’t, but to them a job was a job, so they did what they were asked to do, knowing full well that the customer was throwing all those resources at a project with no chance of seeing anything to match his investment.

After seeing that, I realized I needed to leave and go somewhere where customers are partners and are encouraged to learn about what they are undertaking. I found that at Magora. This company doesn’t just take from customers, but also invests in them. We invest our time, effort, and money to educate, inform and even convince clients to do what has the greatest chance of long-term success. And we see that investment return as fruitful projects, partnerships and referrals.

It also means we say no. This company puts its name on what we produce and we stand behind that name. We refuse even potentially lucrative partnerships, because we don’t start projects we believe will be failures and we don’t want to have any part in sending others down that path either.

We see ourselves as much as leaders in our industry because we do just that: lead others in the right direction

Who are your favourite clients to work with?

We have been refocusing our attention since we were freelancers, moving from small projects for students and hobbyists to expansive ones for multinationals, retailers, manufacturers and many more. We now look to even larger corporations and to increase their revenue by optimizing processes through mobile technology or overhauling internal systems. We work with businesses who share our goals of increasing revenue and decreasing costs through software and mobile applications.

What do you consider Magora’s most remarkable undertaking?

We have worked with a large automotive company, whose supply chain system requires orders for spare parts to be made three months in advance of their delivery. Buyers of these parts have to calculate prices using a number of diverse and volatile factors, such oil and metal costs. Based upon the markets in several countries, they must try to predict which manufacturer will help them cut the most costs in providing the materials. For example, low oil prices means the US is the best choice, but low steel prices means they should buy from China.

We helped add some automation to this process by creating software that uses a probability algorithm to more effectively make these decisions and has increased…

…successful prediction to 70% – 80% percent, saving 220 millions annually

The company was willing to take a risk by seeking a technological solution, and they invested €200,000 to €300,000 for this service, an investment which has paid for itself several times over.

Do any other ones stand out as special?

On another project, a large logistics company approached us, seeking a way to optimize the routes of their huge fleet of delivery trucks, vans and cars. Using smartphones, we were able to compile information on vehicle location, cross-reference it against traffic data and other factors, and determine the most effective routes for the company.

This allowed them to reduce the size of their fleet by 25%, equivalent to roughly two years of revenue

Does Magora have some techniques that make your approach unique?

Our goal is consolidation of functionality and aesthetics. We, of course, are committed to offering high quality visuals to our customers, but we are focused on creating effective solutions first and foremost.

We do this by communicating with our customers, seeing through their eyes and learning the specifics of their businesses inside and out to estimate success and return on investment. It’s much easier to start work with someone who can give you an idea what that collaboration will bring in terms of dollars and cents. And we bring everything to the table, sharing with you from the very beginning all that we see, and all that our experience shows us about your situation.

We work in figures and data, and we apply this approach to our planning through market research. We look at the whole picture of your business and industry, not just to see how technology might offer your business a solution, but where that solution fits best. Sometimes that means improving communication or delivery methods, and we see our software as the tool to reach the result you need, but it is ultimately through dialogue with you that we all gain the greatest insights. We think about business, and you think about your business. Our approach is to combine those views and channel it into development.

We have seen every part of the learning curve and have tried a number of approaches to overcome obstacles. We tried undercutting competitor costs, but saw that was a mistake. We then realized quality is king, so we brought more highly-competent and experienced members to our team. Currently our biggest challenge is finding developers and advisors who are willing to rise to that high bar we have set. We aren’t going to lower our standards just so we can say we are growing.

What do you think about Magora’s business prospects?

Our management and our investors have set a course for us that I see us realizing. We are opening an office now in London, and next year we will see our reach extend to the United States. We are moving westward across Europe and then North America.

But our growth is not just for growth’s sake: we are increasing our ability to offer our customers value. The more local talent we bring onto our team, the more effectively we are able to help local businesses, which is what we aim to achieve with our local offices in the US and the UK.

Recently Mikhail Chuprynski, our Director of Business Development, took a moment to speak about key factors for business growth in mobile and software niches.

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