"Magora's team provided valuable insights, and we were pleased with the overall outcome." María Fernanda Bianco, Project Manager, Focalyx


In the realm of prostate cancer treatment, Focalyx recognized a pressing challenge. They needed a robust solution to streamline the process of gathering, analyzing, and tracking patient data, medical history, AI software analysis, and treatment results. The goal was to establish the overall effectiveness of prostate cancer focal treatment and the Focalyx software. However, this task posed significant logistical and data management hurdles.



Magora stepped in with a visionary solution: a web-based application that would revolutionize how Focalyx and partner clinics manage patient information and treatment outcomes. The application would empower Customer Carers, Doctors, and medical staff to efficiently upload and access critical patient data.


Key App Functionality:

  • Data Upload: Customer Carers and Doctors can seamlessly upload patient information, medical histories, and the results of Focalyx AI software analysis.

  • Treatment Tracking: The application facilitates tracking of treatment results, allowing for comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of prostate cancer focal treatment.

  • SQL Query Capability: Users have the ability to make SQL queries to export data for in-depth analysis and reporting.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is intuitive, ensuring easy navigation for medical staff, even those without extensive technical backgrounds.


Magora: Solution

During the Discovery phase, Magora played a pivotal role in shaping the project's direction. We conducted a series of user interviews with doctors and staff, gaining invaluable insights into their needs and pain points. This user-centric approach allowed us to fine-tune the product scope and roadmap to align with Focalyx's goals.

Our contributions included:

  • Product Statement: We defined a clear and concise product statement to guide development.

  • Competitor Analysis: A thorough analysis of competitors helped identify unique features and advantages for the Focalyx solution.

  • User Interviews: Insights from user interviews shaped the app's functionalities, ensuring it met the specific requirements of doctors and staff.

  • Prioritized Scope of Work: We prioritized the scope of work based on user feedback and market research to ensure a focused and impactful development plan.

  • Product Rollout Roadmap: A well-defined product rollout roadmap and vision were established, providing a clear path for implementation.

The Discovery phase was a vital step in aligning the project with Focalyx's objectives. The scope evolved based on real-world insights, and the project is now in the planning phase, poised to enter development.


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