BarTrack is an IoT solution, a web-based, sensor-enabled inventory management system that tracks beverage quality, compares pours to sales, and gives bar owners real-time keg levels and warnings. It aims to boost business  earnings by keeping track of inventory whilst improving product quality.


Magora: Brief

Remote Management

The innovative BarTrack app empowers the staff to streamline day-to-day operations with ease. Effortlessly viewing real-time inventory and maintaining draft system quality by monitoring temperature and pressure. Accessible on any device, be it iOS, Android, Computers, or more, to stay connected and in control from anywhere in the world.

Actionable Reports & Expert Consulting 

Thanks to seamless POS integration, BarTrack reporting presents key performance indicators (KPIs) based on pours versus sales. This invaluable data allows management to pinpoint areas where, when, why, and how waste occurs. The user-friendly reports and management tools, complemented by readily-available consultants, elevate bar management efficiency, positively impacting your bottom line.

Magora: Solution

The collaboration between BarTrack and Magora began with a web app for displaying menu items on displays at bars in real time. Magora developed integrations between the BarTrack and many POS systems shortly after its initial release. 



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