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Magora is a web and software development company based in London, UK. Our offices are located in a number of large cities around the world. We are recognised as one of the leading design companies experienced in business logo design, thanks to our attention to detail, amazing business logos and great client service. We can create a business identity from scratch, including business logo design, corporate website design,  web and mobile business solutions and much more. Magora cares for our clients. Our talented and enthusiastic experts guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience working with us and receive first-class products that perfectly fit into your business. Our design company have an excellent team of support specialists that is well-trained in client communication and are available to you anytime via live online chat, email or telephone.


Logo design is a complex process that requires much expertise, creativity and effort. Here at Magora, you will find excellent designers with extensive portfolios full of outstanding design projects. We never utilise off-the-shelf solutions like clip-art templates - we do everything from scratch, putting our heart in every logo our development agency creates. We treat our clients as business partners, guaranteeing an engaging, informative and mutually beneficial experience that aims at adding value to your business.


Of course, anyone can receive designs that do not appeal to you. There is nothing extraordinary in such a situation. In most cases, clients do not have enough expertise to describe what they want their logos to look like. That is why a good designer should thoroughly discuss the design concept and ideas for a logo with the clients, asking about their preferences, business identity and goals. However, even this sometimes is not sufficient.

What To Do If The Designer Delivers A company Simbol, You Do Not Like?

An idea that sounds awesome at first may appear boring when you look at the actual results of the work done. It is not surprising that you may be disappointed with the designs you are supplied with, but you should understand that when you hire a designer to create a company logo from scratch instead of buying ready-made products, there are always such risks involved. You should better view the initial design concepts, which may be far from perfect, as an important step towards an amazing final version of the design.

Review And Improve

If you hire a professional design company, there is hardly a chance that you will hate everything about the samples they delivered. First of all, you can pick the element you like - fonts, colours, graphics, layouts - and combine them into a new improved logo. Even if you think that the design is absolutely terrible, you have an opportunity to explain what exactly you find the most repelling and help them avoid further mistakes and misunderstandings. The initial design concept that you do not like is either a glass half empty or a glass half full - it depends only on how you see things.

Simplicity Is All-Important

These designs are so simple… My child could have drawn this better! I have just wasted a lot of money”. Another complaint designers often face is that the designed custom logo is not creative and elaborate enough, in the client’s opinion. But think of the internationally famous brands - Nike, Apple, Facebook, IMM, Audi, McDonald's - each one of them has a really simple logo. The simpler, the better - that is the rule any professional logo designer should follow.

Relate To Your Customers Through Your Logo

A simple business logo design does not mean that the creator did not put effort into designing it. There is an idea behind every logo. If you want to appeal to your customers, your logo should be based on a simple idea, which all customers can relate to. It does not mean that the executive should not listen to the demands of the client - the designer polishes your ideas and brings them to life in a perfect and simple form, keeping it in line with your tastes and business identity.

Why A Simple Logo Is Better

You should not be disappointed if you get some simple logos anyone can reproduce without any effort. Pay attention to the variety rather than to the lack of complexity. Logo design pros strongly believe that a good business logo design is the one that customers memorise, not the one that is extremely elaborate, smart or fancy. Remember Nike’s logo - it is just an ordinary tick - but it perfectly reflects the identity of the brand and is recognised worldwide. The one thought that comes to mind is why nobody has come up with such a great logo earlier?

What Is Clip Art

A logo that looks like clip art is not a good logo. Clip art is off-the-shelf images that are available to anyone and used to illustrate all kinds of media. “But how logos are different?” you may ask. Unlike pre-made clip arts, professional logos are created from scratch specifically for one single company. The most humiliating comment a designer may hear is “Your designs look just like clip art”. But what if the client requested it to be like clip art? The final product perfectly meets the client’s demands, but they are still not happy with the outcome.

Bespoke Logo Vs Clip Art

To avoid such issues, you should keep in mind that any picture that has nothing in common with your unique business persona automatically adopts the characteristics of clip art, or in other words, can be used to illustrate just any of the organisations in your industry. We always recommend our clients to think of how they will use their logotypes for business before ordering one. Who knows, maybe a clip art is what you really  need.


First of all, think of your company’s name. The logos of many popular brands are just a visual representation of their names - Apple, Puma, Shell, Hello Kitty, Twitter. All of them are based on the image of the object that identifies their brand. This method has its own advantages and challenges. The opportunities consist in the fact that it is easy to identify the logo with the company and that such a logo looks smart. Moreover, there are more chances that a customer will memorise it. The major disadvantage of the strategy is that there are maybe a couple of organisations with names similar to yours. How would you make your Shell logotype stand out?

A Sign With A Story

The second option is to go for a company sign with a recognisable imagery that is not directly associated with the name of your company. Look at the logotypes of Starbucks, Mortal Kombat, Heineken, Playboy, Bacardi, KFC, etc. These brands have an eye-catching image that does not reflect their company name as it is. However, the approach is exactly as efficient as the previous one and many internationally recognised corporations have taken advantage of such designs. Many of them have a story behind them or meaning that is far from obvious, which adds another dimension to the logo and makes it even more interesting and appealing - why is there a green lady with a crown on a cup of coffee, exactly?

Text-Based Brand Simbols

Another obvious approach to logotype creation is text-based images. There are lots of examples: Samsung, Amazon, Subway, Coca-Cola, eBay, etc. These logos are indisputably outstanding. Nevertheless, be aware that text-based logos are extremely hard to create. As you see, most of the companies with such logos have a relatively short name, which is the important nuance you should pay attention to in order to avoid heavy, elaborate designs. Another challenge that comes into play is to create a unique font that will look good. In general, it is hard to make a text-based design memorable. Often such brand identification images are no more than a regular font on a basic background. Of course, the main factor to consider is whether your company's name is fit to become a logotype.

Letter-Based Logotype

Probably, the most widely used form of company logos design is one or several letters from the brand’s name. For instance, McDonald’s, Facebook, LG, HP, Volkswagen. It is the most flexible approach to business logo development. It has the following advantages: you do not have to think of any unique imagery and it easy to apply different styles and interpretations. The primary objective here is to find the appropriate style that will represent the brand.

Freestyle Logotypes

The final option is a freestyle logo, which may incorporate any of the styles mentioned above. Take a look at Adidas, Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Fanta, etc. These logos are abstract images that are not related to the name of the company or any concrete object. It is based on an abstract imagery that represents the feeling the brand wants to communicate. For instance, Nike’s logo is a tick, which represents speed and sleekness. Fanta uses the orange colour that matches the colour of the soda and uses a funky modern-day font to appear fun and young. This style sets no limits for the designer. The business logo designer is not restricted to any objects, letters or words. At the same time, it may not be the easiest form of a logo for the client,  because it may be hard to choose between different abstract concepts.

Choose The Right Designer

In conclusion, consider all these different options you have before communicating your ideas to the logo designers. There is no ultimate style that fits any company - you have to find your one, unique identity that will make you stand out from the crowd. But even if your design idea is bad, a professional will work with you to find the best way to represent your business identity. That is why the most important part of designing your logo is to choose the right logo design company that has a broad experience and expertise.

Services We Provide

Our development company has worked on a great amount of successful projects for different industries includes. Our app developers can help you with:

  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • UI/UX design
  • Software testing
  • Web design
  • Mobile app development
  • Bespoke software creation
  • Mobile website optimisation
  • SEO

Our design and development teams can boast a vast portfolio of excellent cases, including logos, websites, internet portals and mobile apps. If you want to design your own logo from scratch, improve your existing visual branding or develop an online solution to expand your business, contact us - we are always happy to help you.

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