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Define the Purpose

The first step you have to take when designing a new product or starting a company is setting defining goals. It is very helpful to have a clear image of what you want to achieve, because it will motivate you throughout all the way and point you in the right direction.

Try to imagine this. Jack has got a eureka idea - he want to design a killer application to bring him extra income, but at the same time he does not want to leave his regular job. He realises that to make it happen, he will need to outsource the development, marketing, maintenance and support. But what if he had not planned everything in advance?

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Project Goals

Whether you are an individual enthusiast like Jack, a company executive or a professional developer wishing to design iPhone apps for in-house use, setting the goal of your project will ensure the success of the whole process. What does a project goal look like?

  • Develop an app that does not require constant support and maintenance;
  • Develop an iPhone app that promotes my business and grows the client base;
  • Design a solution that will lie in the foundation of my startup company;
  • Develop a program just for the pure pleasure of it without any financial goals.



What Results do You Expect to Achieve?

The question that is on the mind of most people who wish to create their own app for iPhone or iPad is, “ How much money can I make with it?” This may upset you, but there is no answer to this question. Each iPhone application has its factors that impact the return on investment:

  • How much it costs to design the app;
  • Its popularity;
  • The people behind promotion and marketing.
Who Needs Mobile Apps?
Pay attention to these things when planning the app design. People create profitable applications every day:
  • Idea people without experience in internet technologies like Andreas Illiger and his “Tiny Wings” app;
  • Independent designers like Vlambeer and Tribute Games;
  • Educational industry like Duolingo;
  • Authors like Sarah Young and her Jesus Calling Devotional app;
  • Entertainment companies of middle size like Electronic Arts;
  • Large entertainment and sports companies like HBO and MLB.
Revenue Projection
Revenue predictions for each project may differ a lot, but here is an example for you to get a general idea:
The Big Bang software will generate a profit of 30% in the first 120 days after release, based on the results shown by The Small Bang app, which is targeted at a similar audience and has a similar functionality.
Individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs build applications to achieve their goals and solve problems, but the app design process still lies under a shroud of mystery. That is why we will go into details of software creation process to give a clear understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

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Where To Start?

A couple of years ago you could release an application without planning too much and get directly to the top of mobile stores, but today the situation has drastically changed. The competition in the mobile industry is extremely large with only 1% of all publishers generating 94% of profits in the Apple’s App Store, according to statistics. This means that before you start, you have to investigate the competitors and analyse the market to find the most effective and creative solutions that will attract consumers’ attention.

Validate Your Idea

It may be hard to evaluate something that you are not very experienced in. For instance, someone who has had an excellent  project of a new design for a wheelchair will hardly be qualified enough to tell if the idea is viable.

They will look for someone knowledgeable in the design of products for invalids. Only the experts in this area will be able to evaluate and probably supply you with the recommendation on how to improve it.

Here are some people qualified enough to give you their expert advice on your idea:

  • iOS app marketers and business analysts. These are the perfect people to validate your idea because they have a solid background in launching apps of all kind to the market and know how they performed.
  • iOS application developers. Most developers will not charge you if you approach them with a request to evaluate your idea. They will give you a professional advice and tell you about the weaknesses and strengths of your project.
  • Individual digital entrepreneurs. You may know someone who has developed their app. Get in touch with them and discuss your ideas to receive valuable feedback.

If you find an expert who can help you validate your idea, you will find out:

  • Whether the app will have a heavy competition on the mobile market;
  • Which software design methodology to use to build it;
  • Whether the program has any technical issues;
  • How you can optimise and improve the idea to increase its chances for success;
  • Whether the app will be in demand among smartphone owners;
  • Whether your estimated investments into the project will pay off in the long run;
  • Whether your customers could give you the feedback on the idea.

This is the most important information to try and gather to estimate the validity of your idea. Once you have made conclusions, you can proceed to the further stages of the design process with a confidence that your idea is viable.

If you have no way of enlisting the help of an expert in mobile technologies, then you will have to validate the content on your own, asking yourself these questions:

  • Does your product serve a unique purpose? People use smartphones and tablets to complete different tasks on the go. Apps that are successful usually solve issues that other applications cannot address.
  • Does your app have a niche? Find a unique niche that has a large following (fitness fans, for instance), and build an iPhone app that fits into this niche.
  • Is it engaging? This is one of the easiest questions. Why do you want your software to be engaging? Because people share it a lot.
  • Are you reinventing a wheel? Investigate the market for apps with as miliar ficntionality.How can you make them better? There are chances that some other iPhone app developers have already thought about it, so try to be the first to release your enhanced wheel.
  • Is there a lot of interaction within the app? Most people are quickly bored when they have to deal with one task for a long period. That is why successful iPhone apps and games do not let users get bored, catching their interest by offering many engaging interactions.

Proceeding to Design

Once you have a clear vision of your future app, it is time to move to development, which is one of the most exciting ventures because you can see how your new design is becoming a reality. One of the most important decisions you have to make at this stage is choosing the creative team that will navigate you through the iPhone app design and bring their valuable professional input into your new Apple app. You have to make a thorough research of different design companies that offer their services and choose the one that fits best. Our iPhone app design firm will be glad if you single us out among hundreds of other digital agencies.

iPhone App Design With Professionas

At our iPhone app design company, we believe that successful projects are based on trust, respect and communication between the developer and the client aimed at building a long-term partnership.

Get in touch with Magora mobile app experts and we will happily guide you through the entire Apple app design process. As a result, you will receive a top-notch iPhone application that will appeal to your customers and become a steady source of income for your business.

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