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We have made a brief outline of our services to let the clients know about the IT solutions we provide. We unite website inspiration with functionality and good intuitiveness. Our professional web designers and developers have a wide experience in building successful applications for various industries, so we can guarantee you that we will find a unique way to grow your online presence on the basis of time-proven strategies and development methods.

Website Design
The term “website design” does not reflect the full scope of activities behind web development. Web and app design is so much more than simply creating visually stunning designs. It is a multifaceted process that involves close communication with a client and requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, its goals and needs. Experts investigate your business to ensure that the software fits into your objectives, is in line with your business persona and, last but not least, meets your budget.
What Makes A Good Website?
A site should not only represent your products and services, but appeal to your customers, being user-friendly, engaging, amazingly designed, optimised for search engines and equipped with the latest technologies. As most internet users browse the web via mobile devices, mobile-friendly design is a must - not only your main pages has to be optimised for smartphones and tablets, but also blogs, social media platforms, email campaigns and other web services.

Mobile Commerce

Each year consumers spend more and more money on online shopping, and most of these purchases are made from mobile devices - so if you still have not covered the massive audience of smartphone owners, it is high time you developed a mobile solution for your business. If you have an existing online platform to sell your products and services, you can integrate all the items into your application or just optimise the website for mobile - the opportunities are vast. Magora has the qualifications to deliver a first-class product that will bring value to your business and appeal to your customers.

ECommerce Shopping Platforms

Our talented developers and website designers have built a great amount of eCommerce and mCommerce platforms for industries including travelling, clothing, healthcare, education, entertainment, food, delivery services and much more. We will evaluate the cost of the development on the basis of your requirements and financial capabilities and guarantee you that your investment will pay off and earn you much more in the long term.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions
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CMS Solutions

When creating a website or an application, you should always plan ahead to ensure that you know how you are going to manage your content and keep it up-to-date. This issue can be solved if you build a customised content management system for your online business platform.

An expansive website may require a lot of resources and many specialists in different areas to maintain it. Just imagine - your commercial experts are responsible for pages with product description; PR managers write news and post updates; marketers carry out promotional campaigns and manage social media account; and SEO specialists make sure that your site ranks high in search engine results. And what if your website has a guest wall or a forum where any user can comment and post pictures, which requires additional moderation and management? Magora will analyse your needs and design a strategy for content creation and management that will require a minimum amount of effort. We can either help you integrate your website with a ready-made CMS or develop bespoke solutions built exclusively for you.

App Development

What distinguishes Magora from dozens of other web and mobile developers in the UK and worldwide, is our brilliant team of skilful programmers and experienced designers who cooperate to create software that is visually appealing and functional. Over the years of practice, we have developed a lean approach to app development which enables us to deliver quality software within strict timeframes and budgets. Close communication with clients ensures that the solutions we design will perfectly fit into your business goals, enhance productivity and bring you increased income. Our web company app development process has been time-tested - it helped us to carry out hundreds of internationally recognised projects.

Complex Mobile Apps And Web Systems

We can build even the most complicated and technically advanced applications. We are not afraid of challenges and we always strive for perfection. Our ambitious and creative developers have created expansive platforms for fundraising, complex accounting systems, complicated point-of-sale software, delivery tracking tools and many more elaborate and highly sophisticated programs.



IT Consultancy

Digital business is a hot trend that is on the rise. Like with any other kind of businesses, you need to thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons, develop a comprehensive strategy and carry out market research before you move to development. One of the biggest challenges in app and web development is that there are so many types of software, operating systems and online channels available, that you can easily be lost, trying to find the right path for your business - that is where our web company come in to guide you through the complicated world of internet technologies.

Software Development Process

Magora is a London based web design firm offering all kinds of services in the IT area and introducing our clients into the world of digital innovations. No matter whether you are a big international corporation or a small local company, our specially trained experts will find the best solution for your business, develop a comprehensive strategy and implement it in a highly efficient way to reach successful results and add value to your business. Our number one rule is that we treat our clients as business partners - development is a complicated process, requiring the both parties to take an active part in software creation, that is why our design & development firm always keep our clients informed and welcome their feedback.

Online Marketing and Social Media Management

However great your app may be, without publicity it will soon disappear into oblivion. Therefore, we are happy to offer you our services in marketing consultancy and social media management to help you promote your business. Magora experts can give you professional advice on the best strategies to boost growth and get recognition. So what online marketing strategies are the most effective? The most important method to attract customers to your website is to do it by means of search engine results, or in other words, via organic search.

SEO Techniques To Boost Your Rankings

In general, there are three categories of search engine optimisation techniques that can help you drive users to your online platform:

An experienced web development agency should always pay attention to the quality of the code - a website must be well-structured in order for search engines to easily retrieve all the necessary information.

This SEO method requires more time and resources than the previous one, but can bring even more benefit in the long run. What you have to imagine is that you are the customer who is searching for a specific product or service. How would they formulate their search queries to find the most relevant information (you can use Google AdWords or other tools to help you out)? When you have identified the keywords and key phrases, all that is left to do is to incorporate them into the context, ensuring that it is readable, unique and relevant. The primary objective of this task is to make your web pages rank higher among search engine results on a specific topic. Our skilful SEO specialists will conduct customer research to identify the most popular searches and keep your website optimised for a long time.

Google, as well as most of the modern day search engines, do not simply provide the links to the relevant content, but they also ensure that the websites with the top results are of the highest quality. It does so by assessing the number of backlinks and the quality of the sites that provide links to your resource. As you can see, it is essential to encourage other websites to make references to your content. First, your content should be good, engaging and relevant, as well as useful enough to encourage back linking, and second, you should have an active presence on various platforms, social media networks and blogs in order to increase visibility.

Work With Us

Magora’s primary objective is to establish a long-term relationship with each of our clients and to supply them with high-quality products.

The way to ensure this is by providing software based on a deep understanding of your business and a mutual involvement of the developer and the client in the creation process. You can absolutely rely on us, because our development team is interested in achieving success no less than you are, and we are never satisfied with an average result - perfection is what we crave for. Please, feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss any idea you think we can help you bring to life. We would be glad to hear from you.
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