Real Estate Rental and Leasing Management System
Estate rental management system web application designed by Magora team

Estate Rental Management System

User interface for ERSM designed by Magora Magora's new case 2019: web application UI for ERSM

Our client, a real estate management agency which handles long-term rental services for commercial objects in the Birmingham region, came to Magora with a request for assistance with the automation of daily routine management operations, such as managing the properties, controlling the payment status and providing regular reports to the agency customers and sharing samples of the real estate objects with potential leaseholders.


Additionally, the profitability of each of the objects was manually calculated and shared via Google spreadsheets with the staff and business owners. Lots of data has to be manually controlled and a significant amount of time was spent on the creation of reports about profitability and ROI.

Magora recognised that there were three main concerns to be solved by potential new software: 

- development of a security system to manage all the rental objects, customer data and commercial figures;

- automation of the calculation for constant and variable expenses, as well as ROI for all the items of immovable property handled by the agency;

- organisation of a reporting system with data comparison and illustrative graphical visualisation.

Magora: Brief

Following market investigation and clarification of the client’s needs, Magora decided to develop a web application.

Available via browser on any device, such a solution is the best value for money option for the described task. In addition to the above functionality, Magora analysts suggested adding to the feature list analysis of the actual real estate rental prices, the better to let our client evaluate their offer in comparison to the competitors’.

This idea was approved by the client and implemented in the final version of the web application, alongside the automation of the tenant, owner and agent management system and the calculation of financial metrics.

Additionally, a lot of attention was forced towards data protection issues and conformity of the GDPR prescriptions.


Technologies: MSSQL, .NET Core, Angular 7

Magora: Solution

MPV was implemented by Magora within four months. Based on the customer’s feedback, we’ve polished some of the interface dashboards and filters to let the internal staff provide potential renters with a well-structured DB samplings. 

The management of this real estate leasing agency have thus been empowered with visualisation of trends and profitability figures. With the help of the flexible compilation of several filters, the most and least lucrative objects can be identified in seconds.

The project is implemented as an internal software platform for the company’s needs. It helps decrease the time required for routine operations by 30% and provides historical financial data in a transparent and convenient way. The company is now considering transforming this internal product into an independent SaaS.

Magora: Result
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