Interactive test for Mobile Startuppers

Are You Ready to Launch Your First Mobile App? Check Yourself.

So, you have a great idea to create a mobile startup. You’ve worked something out that you think could be a profitable business model. You have fans among your friends and family. It seems you even know what to do next - create your own feature-laden mobile app with all the bells and whistles to impress everyone around.

At precisely this stage we advise, before launching a full-featured product, developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to test your idea - if this was the next point of your plan, then everything is going great.

Answer these questions to help you test yourself

Do the test to find vulnerabilities and find out whether you’re ready to start right now. It may sound strange, but everyone’s needs are already satisfied.

You can’t make people do something new, only offer the opportunity to satisfy these needs in a cheaper / faster / more convenient way.

Let’s count how many points you get. We’ve gathered all these questions into a quick test to assess, if you’re ready to launching a mobile startup.

  • Do you believe people will refute the existing means of satisfying the need in question and start using your service, and if so why will they do it?

  • Have you checked the level of competition? Are there any substitutes for your solution?

  • If within a month of the launch of your service you have your first competitor, what stops he or she from sidestepping you?

  • Are you planning to run an MVP or a full-featured version?

  • Have you calculated a budget for development and promotion?

  • Do you have investments to create an app?

  • Have you managed to sell your product/service to real users?

  • Do you have an understanding of where exactly you can find potential users?

  • Have you calculated the average profit from one customer?

  • Do you have a detailed plan with a clear structure and priorities, e.g. what functionality will appear at each stage and what can be improved after launching the product?

  • Do you have the budget calculation for the next 6 months, given development, labour and marketing costs?

quarter moon

Don’t give up! If you scored less than 50%, don’t give up! Download our guide and find out how to get ready for a mobile startup development from scratch. Contact our business consultant Pavel to help you set priorities.

half moon

Congratulations, you are almost there.

Share your thoughts with us. We’ll help you get prepared for your first mobile app and guide your through the development process from planning to launch and even further. Contact our representative Dima to help you gather all the details and set the priorities.

fool moon

Well done! It’s high time to begin development. Contact our chief business consultant James to implement your brilliant idea in reality.

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