GoFjords is a leading travel company specializing in providing bus and boat tours across the stunning Norwegian fjords. The GoFjords mobile app serves as a travel companion, offering users an enhanced travel experience by providing itinerary details, travel guides, maps, activity purchases, and real-time feedback options.

GoFjords recognized the need to elevate user experience and engagement for travelers exploring the Norwegian fjords. The existing challenge was to provide a seamless, convenient, and informative platform that would enhance client engagement, attract more users, and garner positive reviews.


Magora collaborated with GoFjords to develop a robust mobile app that revolutionized the travel experience. The GoFjords companion app, available on iOS, emerged as a comprehensive pocket guide, allowing users to access their itinerary, listen to travel guides, track points of interest, purchase additional activities, and provide real-time feedback.

Magora: Solution

The measurable impact of the solution was evident in the increased number of clients, heightened client engagement, and a surge in positive reviews. The app's user-friendly interface and convenience became the key drivers, ensuring a delightful travel experience for users exploring the mesmerizing Norwegian fjords. Every trip with GoFjords became a journey enriched with information, convenience, and the joy of discovering new horizons.


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