Why Do You Need a Native App?

Better performance with bespoke app
A native app is a mobile application built specifically for a certain mobile operating system, thereby utilising the advantages of the platform to the full and providing the most comfortable experience for users of devices running that OS. This aspect is particularly important for the development of applications that use a considerable amount of data.
Great user experience
Both Android and iOS platforms have their unique features and specifications. A hybrid application cannot provide a seamless experience for both platforms at the same time, because it cannot be fully optimised for either one. A native application development service is thus the only option guaranteeing high usability and an amazing experience to your customers, no matter what device they use.
Easy access to hardware capabilities
Native mobile apps can easily access all the built-in capabilities of modern smartphones and tablets including GPS, camera, accelerometer, microphone, dynamics and so on. A one size fits all app is likely to fail when trying to connect to some of the features of different devices. There is no way to impress a customer with an app that has no camera access or crashes every once in a while.
Our software agency builds applications that boast a high quality and increased security for your corporate and customer data. As an app development company focusing on both iOS and Android, we use the latest technologies to keep your data safe.
Better visibility to customers
Leading app stores give preference to native applications. They have more chances to be easily discovered by smartphone users, get to the top of app stores and provide you with more marketing opportunities in the long run.
Cross-platform solutions always require a steady internet connection. On the other hand, native mobile applications can include offline functionality and services which are available to users without internet access.

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How Do You Develop a Perfect App?

Smartphone and tablet usage has been growing at a fast pace recently as mobile devices have become indispensable tools for business, online interactions and other areas of our lives. This is the reason why app development is a hot topic for large enterprises and small businesses that wish to keep in line with the latest trends and stand out among the competition.

If you are looking to design a first-class application, you need to understand the platform and technologies available to you. We have outlined some helpful tips about app development services that may help you make an informed decision and get the development process started right away.

Factors You Should Consider

Here are a few major factors you should consider when planning the development of your brand-new mobile app. Starting a new project, think about the following:

  • Developers: if you are looking to hire a third-party mobile development service, you should know what platform this company focuses on. If the developers of your choice work best with Android, go for it, and vice versa. After all, this is their area of expertise.
  • Customers: Google Analytics or other tools and services can help you determine how many visitors access your website from iPhones and iPads vs Android devices. This way you will be able to start with the operating system that is the most popular among your visitors to ensure that you reach out to the majority of potential customers.

Android and iOS are the two leading platforms accounting for the overwhelming majority of the mobile market share, so the choice of mobile app development service typically comes down to these two solutions. Each has its specific characteristics and challenges which you have to consider to be able to choose the platform that fits you best before proceeding to development. If you are not knowledgeable about Android and iOS markets, then you have an excellent opportunity to learn the major differences between the two OS and decide which to start with. Our experts have highlighted the distinctive features of these leading platforms.

On the global market, Apples OS can boasts many significant advantages over Android. iPhones and iPads are extremely popular in busy urban areas. Therefore, if you are targeting urban dwellers with strong purchasing power, iOS development will be the best choice. Other statistical reports indicate, that in-app purchases with iOS app services generate four times more revenue than in competitive Android applications. Additionally, iOS development is believed to be more secure and stable as opposed to the Android system, which has security issues because of its openness.

For startups and businesses only beginning to venture into the digital market, Android offers a number of advantages. First of all, the platform is open-source, which makes it less expensive for aspiring businesses. Secondly, you can benefit from the various tools, frameworks and services available on the Internet. Another advantage lies in the fact that Android is the most widespread platform in the world. It accounts for 85% of the global mobile device market, so you will be able to connect to as many customers as possible. Additionally, the Android operating system is more flexible, and the process of app submission to Google Play is much easier.

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Mobile Strategy Service

When you have decided on the platform your future application will run on; it is high time you thought about a mobile strategy, which our specialists will help you create by extensive market research and their solid background in the mobile industry. Having a full-fledged strategy for your mobile application makes it easier for you to set objectives and move forward to achieve them together with the help of our team of IT professionals.

magora app programming services

Mobile Consulting

Creation of a mobile app strategy is an important stage of app development, which cannot be ignored if you want the process to be smooth and effective. This is true for both small local businesses, big international companies and ambitious startups - a mobile strategy sets major cornerstones and motivates the team to work hard to achieve them. It typically includes the following steps and services:

The Principles of Agile

There are twelve basic principle that lay the foundation of the agile approach to software development:

Market analysis is essential for any business that wants to find its niche among thousands of other organisations. Our developers always keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry to ensure long-terms success for our clients.

Studying the strengths and weaknesses of competitive businesses and predicting how they will expand in the future, we will create a mobile strategy that guarantees your application is relevant and highly visible.

Creating a truthful portrait of your customer, their lifestyle, hobbies, habits and preferences, we can put ourselves in their shoes and adjust the app to engage them, appeal to them and provoke a desire to return.

KPI identification allows us to control the progress of the project and the achievement of the goals determined by the client.

Before proceeding to development, our experts discuss the requirements with the client and select the technologies, methodologies and app features to be implemented.

Another aspect of a mobile strategy is the development of a comprehensive plan of user acquisition and retention. Our specially trained experts utilise various tools and techniques to connect customers and encourage conversion rates for your mobile application.



Long-Term Support

Our software development company provides every product with a continuous support service aimed at establishing the long-term partnership with our clients and optimising the applications for the ever-changing business environment. Whether you are a startup or a long-established company, it is crucial to keep your product up-to-date to meet the needs of the enterprise and quickly respond to customer feedback. That is why hiring a respectable team of developers that follows the principles of agile is the best option to enable you to quickly adjust to the market and the demands of the customers. Moreover, our developers will monitor the app for bugs and errors to ensure its stability and security.

It Starts with Trustworthy Developers

Whether you decide to go for Android, or give preference to iOS development, or even if you are still not sure where to start, our mobile design experts are happy to navigate you through the world of mobile technologies from initial idea to product launch.

Our experts have all the skills necessary to create innovative and user-friendly mobile solutions that will bring significant value to your business. Learn how our experienced mobile development team can help your business establish a strong online presence within the mobile market. Get in touch with us today and let�s get started.

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