The Development of Magora’s BackUP Software
BackUP software created by Magora



A European client came to Magora with a request to create a backup system featuring fully comprehensive file management capabilities. The system should allow users to create, edit, and delete backups, schedule automated file archiving, as well as manage and support full, differential and incremental backups.The client wished to develop a full scale system as a valuable addition to other bespoke digital products created and promoted by his company. Magora was his first choice due to our wide-ranging experience in creating complex software systems and we were happy to prove our expertise.

Magora: Brief

This project was a genuinely complicated task, but Magora’s development team nonetheless rose to the occasion.  We designed a solution that accesses user files on different levels, backs up the files that are currently open and enables the program to run in the background without affecting first-priority programs run by the user. In close cooperation with the client, who provided us with comprehensive software requirement specifications, our developers transformed the user experience of well-known backup programs developed by other companies into an entirely new piece of software which exceeds its competitors in speed and security.


Our Backup Software is available with two interfaces: a software program and a web application. The program solution we designed enables users to create Backup Sets for all files or a number of selected files with multiple schedules and options. We integrated cloud services into the system to provide users with a wide rage of destinations to store backups: computer drive, Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and FTP.


Magora’s developers used the following technologies to build the product: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, WCF, MS SQL 2012, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL Reporting Service.

Magora: Solution

Magora designed a commercially viable product which stands out from the vast number of backup applications available on the market, exceeding them in both speed and security.


The Backup Software is offered by our client company under its brand to businesses and individual users as a supplement to its other benchmark digital products. The price consists of a user licence plus a storage space subscription. The software developed by Magora has thus become a steady source of income for the client, who receives regular payments from subscribers. Moreover, our Backup Software has enabled the client’s company to improve overall quality of service and increase loyalty among customers, who now can obtain a full software solutions package from a single vendor. 

Magora IT company project: Video Integrator
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Video Integrator

Video integrator is a web application designed by the Magora team for a worldwide promo campaign planned by one of the leading TV networks to popularise their new films. It allows any user to insert themselves into the trailer alongside the famous cast members and share it with friends over social networks.

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