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Our app development company delivers tailor-made business solutions that utilises advanced technologies. Our applications are build to meet the unique requirements of your business, bringing value and providing for continuous growth of your company.

We assist businesses in creating a full-fledged online strategy, contributing new creative ideas, conducting audit of your existing solutions, testing various concepts, validating your ideas and offer business analysis, market research and online promotion.

Our experienced team of dedicated specialists is comprised of talented developers, designers, project managers, analysts, testers and support specialists. We believe that the best way to ensure success of any project is to establish a close communication with the client, no matter what time zone you are located in and what language you speak - our multicultural team will find the most convenient way of communication.

We provide business consulting services that help businesses enhance productivity, optimise online strategies and reach out to new customers. Our expert analysts will audit your business to find weak and strong points, and propose an efficient business optimisation strategy.

Our vast experience in software development encompasses digital solutions of various complexity and scale including cloud solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, freelancing platforms, e-commerce websites, complicated enterprise tools and minimum viable product (MVP) development for startups.

We provide each of our products with continuous support and maintenance to ensure stability, efficiency and security, taking care of your digital products while you spend your time developing your company.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Our Principles

We are focused on result and advances technologies, that is why we carefully select tools and approaches that we utilise throughout the development process. Here are the three principles that our app development team is guided by:


We use lean principles to organise data, inner processes and development projects. The lean approach is an innovative iterative practice that ensures efficiency and success. It enables us to learn about your business and come up with suitable solutions in no time at all.


We believe that the agile methodology is the most effective approach to complex software development projects. This iterative method allows us to deliver project within short periods of time. Such iterations take one or two weeks, within which you get a working site or   app that you can continue improving or use as it is.

Team cooperation

Our teams cooperate closely throughout the project. Business analysts examine your company to come up with a business persona that our talented designers will translate to the looks of your software. Our programmers deal with the technical aspect of the project, writing code that powers the app.

This is the way we work, delivering software that meets your expectations and reflect the identity of your brand.

Custom VS Off-the-Shelf

Many entrepreneurs shun bespoke development because it is believed to be considerably more expensive than ready-made off-the-shelf solutions. Off-the-shelf apps can really cover your needs if what you want is basic software to deal with typical basic tasks. However, even in this case ready-made software often fails to meet your demands. First of all, you still need to customise it to correctly execute required operations. The cost of such optimisation can exceed the cost of tailor-made app development. Apart from cost, many firms choose custom app development because thus they have a guarantee that they will own the source code, which gives them an opportunity to improve and modify the program in the future to keep it up to date with the ever-changing technology and market environment.


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The Disadvantages Of Off-The-Shelf Apps

To use off-the-shelf programs you should pay a license, which cost can amount up to millions of dollars. Large software companies that distribute off-the-shelf programs often revamp their apps. It means that you you have to upgrade your customised product every couple of years to continue using it. Such upgrades may turn out to be costly as well, because you will have to stop your online operations until the software has been updated, which may lead to significant losses.

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Should I Build A Custom App Or Buy An Off-The-Shelf One?

The following aspects may help you decide whether to develop a custom enterprise app or go for an off-the-shelf solution:

  • Budget - this aspect has to do with both cost and revenue. If you are going to buy a license for an off-the-shelf application, you need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to check whether your investment will pay off. In the case with custom programming services, the chances that your investment will pay off are bigger because you can modify it as you like or even sell it when you no longer have resources to maintain it.
  • Developer - buying an off-the-shelf app, you have no guarantee that the supplier will remain in the business for long to maintain, support and update the app. With bespoke software, you can either hire full-time developers or outsource app development to third parties. However, if you choose outsourcing, you should carefully check the developers background and expertise to make sure that they have a good reputation and have the skills to build the software you require.
  • Time to market - you can use off-the-shelf solutions from the very moment you buy the licence, while with tailor-maid software you will have to wait until it is developed and deployed.
  • Implementation - off-the-shelf solutions, due to the lack of customisation, standardise and unify business processes. On one hand, it may result in savings and increase of productivity if different branches of one big organisation will start following these unified processes, on the other hand, the company will have to tune its established procedures to the app, not the other way round.

The Benefits of Custom Software

There are three typical solutions for a company that requires a software to cover its needs: using an Excel spreadsheet, buying a ready-made app or outsourcing bespoke software development. To chose the solution that fits you best, you have to take a look at the following key factors: development cost and timeframe, post-launch support cost, app efficiency, service improvement and flexibility.

Keep in mind that even assessing the efficiency of different options cannot predict how the solution will perform when put into practice, because there are many different hazards such as insufficient training, cost overruns, instability of the product, poor fit and so on. Therefore, to avoid them you should also take into account the industry of the company, its size, turnover and processes. All in all, think over all the possible ways the venture may take in the future before making a decision to invest money into one of the digital solutions.

First and foremost, tailor-made software prove to be more efficient because it addresses the specific needs of a particular enterprise, which an off-the-shelf solution may lack, thus providing for better productivity and customer relations. Another obvious advantage of custom software is that your can choose the approach to its development, for example, the agile methodology or the waterfall method.

With custom apps, you can build the software that your target audience wants instead of using products targeted at the general public. For instance, a publishing business may want a program that enables to print materials as quick as possible, while another company operating in the same area may focus on producing products of the highest quality. As you see, the requirements of the two enterprises conflict one another, and ready-made programs typically offer a solution somewhere in-between, while in the case of custom app development you can ask the developer to focus on your particular needs. On the other hand, spreadsheets may also be a good solution for smaller companies because they can be easily used even by the employees who are not experienced in the internet technologies. Custom software usually requires special training, but at the same time it provides for more flexibility and covers a wide range of business needs.

Work With Our Custom Software Development Company

Bespoke applications are powerful tools that optimise your companys processes, reach out to new customers and increase customer loyalty. If you want to create an efficient solution for your business, our experienced and skilful expert are ready to help.

We offer all kinds of digital product from native mobile apps for the leading platforms such as iOS and Android to responsive websites, web-based apps, custom software, branding and business research and development consulting. To provide you with the product that bring value, we thoroughly examine your workflow processes and give you our recommendations on how to improve the way your company works.

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