Magora's Bespoke Application Development Services

You know what? Bespoke software tailor-made exactly to fit your needs can significantly boost your productivity and increase efficiency. At our app development company, we have a solid background in delivering a great amount of first-class IT projects to businesses of all kind. Such applications have multiple features to help you and your company’s employees in tasks that include data handling, content management, and customer relations.

App Development Services

At our app design agency we believe that nobody knows the needs of your company as well as the company's staff, that is why we start every app development process by interviewing the company's representatives. Our team of talented and enthusiastic experts guides you through the entire development process to ensure transparency and efficiency. Specially trained specialists ensure such services as app planning, wireframing, design, programming, testing, quality management implementation, and maintenance.

Mobile Technologies

Our designers and developers are proficient in utilising a wide range of tools, technologies and programming languages to create top-notch digital solutions. These include PHP, MySQL, Objective-C, JavaScript, Adobe ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL and more. These edge-cutting technologies enable you to develop a visually stunning and feature-rich app, and also allow you to integrate it with your existing solutions or any other services to automate routine processes, facilitate content managements and ensure easy data cross-referencing.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Programming Languages for Mobile Development

Our team is proficient in utilizing all the leading languages for mobile app development, including:

  • HTML5 is best for web-frontend apps for mobile devices;
  • Java is the most frequently used programming language. The advantage of Java is that it can be run in a browser or in a virtual machine that does not require a browser. This flexibility is very helpful when it comes to reusing code or updating software.
  • C++ if a perfect choice if you want to develop a complicated app for Android and Windows.
  • Objective-C is a primary programming language for iOS. It is very similar to C++ but also has some specific functions for graphics, display and input/output.
  • Swift is a language to write code for Apple’s latest APIs Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • C# is an extension of C that addresses many unique features of the Microsoft environment.

Which Language To Choose?

The programming language you choose to build your app on can make all the difference, leading you towards success or into trouble. That is why you should carefully consider all the options you have and choose the proper path for your project. So what path to take? Choosing the language is a typical problem for software development, to which the answer is always the same - it depends.


If you want to create a native app for iOS, you have no other choice than to go for Objective-C or Swift. If you need an application that will be future-proofed with a browser front-end and extensive media content, then your only choice is HTML5. For anything else, look at the experience of the developers you hire, as well as the preferences of your customers and your financial capacity.



Benefits of Business Apps

To sum it all up, a lean application development process carried out by experienced developers and designers is the primary component of a perfect business app that will add value to your business and pay off in the long run. Keep in mind that mobile and desktop apps are powerful tools to launch new business processes, promote products, grow client base and ensure a leading position on the market. Modern apps can substitute processes previously done manually and significantly improve overall user experience.

  • Stand out from the competition and drive innovation
  • Address specific business needs and demands
  • Practice new business processes, and offer new products and services
  • Replace manual procedures with cost-effective digital solutions
  • Supply your employees with high-quality secure software
  • Follow lean business processes and maintain high standards within the enterprise
  • Improve responsiveness and get your product to market fast
custom app creation services

Cost Evaluation and Risk Assessment

Our specially trained experts evaluate the approximate cost of app development and measure the current environment for possible risks, problems and constraints, as well as consider the possibility to fulfill the requirements of the business and define the tools and techniques that will be used by programmers to build the product.

We will handle the entire development lifecycle including project management, quality assurance, app programming, planning, business analysis, design, testing, and deployment. We utilise the latest approached to app development, innovative technologies and advanced tools to maximise efficiency and deliver the quality product within the shortest possible time.

Our app development company’s team uses agile approach to software creation, as well as best practices from other leading methodologies to accelerate the process and supply you with a relevant solution that will bring tangible value. Before proceeding to development, our experienced and ambitious specialists assess the effectiveness of the Agile approach towards your projects and set the guidelines to follow throughout development.

Our app design agency offers both B2C and B2B online business solutions integrated with back-end apps, payment systems, and online shopping cart tools. E-commerce platforms allow you to reach out to your customers and easily manage your products and services online.

Our team provides a wide range of quality assurance services based on a solid background in product testing, in-depth understanding of the industry and a time-proven methodology. The testing services we offer include the entire software testing life cycle, test automation, consulting, specialised testing, cloud-based performance testing, SOAtest testing and other types of tests. We have the most advanced tools and automated processes developed over man years of software testing experience that ensure optimal cycle times and high quality of our tests.

We focus on software that incorporates cutting-edge technologies, integration with popular channels of customer communication and handy tools. Wireless technologies encompass pocket devices like smartphones and tablets, radio-frequency identification, telematics, embedded systems and smart cards.

We integrate disparate applications into a tightly-aligned infrastructure to ensure a high level of usability. By utilising lean approaches and time-tested app frameworks we can tackle even the most complicated enterprise systems for content management, accounting and other workflow tasks.

App Development Consulting and Training

If you feel that you and your company’s staff need extra training to get an in-depth understanding of the new software, our experts will conduct all necessary training in a variety of formats including classroom lectures and video conferences. We can offer similar services to those who wish to develop applications on their own but require professional assistance and guidance.

Software creation services our agency offers encompass all stages of app development from requirements specification to design, coding, testing and post-launch support. Your company will benefit from a broad spectrum of approaches, frameworks, technologies and software solutions to receive a first-class bespoke application. Our app design specialists and consultants are experienced in the leading technologies, operating systems, devices, and architectures including open source developments, cloud computing, service-oriented software, mobile application design and responsive website creation to name a few. An in-depth understanding of the digital industry and technologies enables us to deliver groundbreaking business solutions that lead you towards success.

Our app design agency’s expertise and long history of success make us the leading developers proficient in app design, development, deployment, and post-launch support. A deep understanding of the digital market and the information technology industry enable us to implement top-notch technologies and utilise best development practices while focusing on the unique requirements of your business and your customers.

As one of the top software development firms, our team has broad experience in optimising existing business applications and creating brand-new apps from scratch. Our team of more than 200 developers, designers, managers, testers, business analysts and other specialists located all around the world posses the business and technology expertise based on research, innovation, and dedication to our craft.

Qualities of a Good Application

Our app developers guarantee you that the delivered app possesses all the following characteristics and functionality:

  • Social features (messengers, chats, phone calls and video conferences)
  • Integration with hardware facilities
  • Geopositioning services and improved battery life
  • Source code security
  • Flawless communication via Skype/email/phone/social platforms
  • Advanced data safety
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • App development methodology and processes

Searching for an experienced team of app designers for hire? We program, design and maintain first-class Android and iOS apps, and bespoke business software for desktop and web. Drop us a line and our experts will go all out to bring you the best solution that will perfectly fit into your business and lead you towards success.

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